Thursday, November 29, 2007

He's leaving me

It was my day off yesterday, and I have a bad news, very very bad stuff happened. A tragic incident I would say.

It was just like any other day offs I had. I was being my normal self doing my own stuff when suddenly, someone just passed out. I didn't know what to do. It happened so fast, so quick that I just don't know what should I do, how should I do to save it. I just could not believe it, that the time comes so soon.

It was really tragical for me.

I am still in disbelief. I do not know how to live without him. I do not know how to survive without him. Ever since it happened, I could not eat, I could not sleep and whole day and nite long, I am only thinking about him. All I have in my mind is just him, nobody else but him. Only if I have spent more time with him.

I know .... I know it's not the end. The doctor did not confirm anything to me yet, but I know it will soon come to an end and that nobody else can help him anymore but himself. I hope he is determine this time around, again.

I am talking about someone that plays an important role in my life, and it has to be Acebob himself, my lappie if you are wondering. It died on me, it cannot enter to windows. It stated that something is corrupted and need to re-install some stuff. I am no IT savy, in fact I am IT illiterate. Pardon me.

How do I type this out? I got it from Acebob's sibling. The sibling understands my situation, and thus ... offered to be there for me.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Going crazy over this

I am getting desperate, I couldn't get any more desperate than this. But, it is out of reach. Why, tell me why. Why is KL such a sad place, that we don't even have H&M. Even China has it, and we don't. WHY? Clothes might not be cheap CHEAP like C&A, but it's affordable for sure. Just imagine it, I got my cap for a mere 3 CH there once, and so many other stuff. Oh not to forget there are bags selling as cheap as 5CH! DAMNNNN!!! Sales going as low as 70% discount. Shoes costing 10 CH and it isn't some fugly stuff like what you get for 10 bucks here. You tell me how to survive. I got my necklace for 2.90CH. Why is it so unfair? WHY? WHY? and WHY?

Or can someone tell me where can I get those stuff here in KL? I have been looking and hunting up and down inside and out like as though I am hunting for food. I am so lost SIAL! I tried every possible shop, and even if it isn't possible, I tried my damn luck but to no avail. HAIHHHH ....

Even their very simple stuff can be very nice, and most important of all, it's CHEAP. 10ch 10ch . 14ch ... coz I only buy cheap stuff haha.

I like this, but .. there's a but ... hehe if it is just a little bit shorter then it will be even nicer

sialan betul ... I WANTTTTTTTTTT .... booo ... gahhhh

so now I realize, I am in the wrong place HAHA ... a place where I can hardly get stuff ... though there are uncountable shops and there ... I don't need many, I just need H&M, C&A, Yendi, Tally Weijl ... just a few as I shop in H&M and C&A most of the time. SIAL! Life is so unfair!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Geneve 12

Nothing last forever, good things come to an end ... with just a blink of an eye. One day, you will just miss those simple little things that what is perceived as a bitter memory for you. As bitter as it is, you will somehow miss it though during that moment, you feel like wanna end it as soon as you can. When it actually ended, you wanna have that kind of feeling once again. But, as a brutal fact, it will not happen. All are left is just what you have up at your head. Perhaps, you will not be able to meet those people again and not be able to step at the same place again, who knows. Maybe, years down the road you will be at the same place, but THAT feeling might not be there anymore. Truth to be told. What I'm saying is ... all about Geneve, the place I called hell, the place I call heaven. It's everything there, from bitter to sweet and gets sweeter. haha. J actually did training 4 times, and all in Geneve o.O I was quite shocked but I guess I know the reasons.

Some classic ... and olden stuff

Walking in ... oh Schweiz Oh Genf .... or .... Oh la Suisse oh Geneve ... or Oh Swiss Oh Geneva! haha

Let's splash water ... these times never come again .. it's like an abandoned place there but it was still kept in a very good condition, neat, tidy, clean and you just feel very calm there

Knock knock oops nobody's home

From high above ... this is how it look like :P


Feeling quite bloggy at the moment ... hehe

Sitting at the corner of the place having dinner, suddenly one guy approached us. His strategy and tactic or so-called pick up line to woo customers are SO lame.
Have I seen you somewhere before?
That was what he asked. Like obviously no. Do I look like I am convinced =.= Zuerst and firstly, he looks like a duplicate copy of Ken. Really much alike except the fact that this guy here is a smaller version of him. Whatever Ken had said in the past, nothing I believed, nothing I am convinced. haha. Bad vibes. soorry. Everyone knows that he is a Libran failure and what level of mind he has with him.

That's not the problem, looking like Ken alone already is a crime itself. Trying to get me to donate is close to impossible even I have lots of money with me. Smart-ass. Alright, he was trying very hard, a file with him and all. But, no ... wrong person. Personally, I am against this, people going around asking for donation. Even if I have all the evidence, prove, stories, ID card right in front of me, I outrightly disapproves this. Entshuldigung.

Crooks and conmen are all around the corner, eyeing for the victims and .... ATTACK.

Just wanna wish everyone good luck for today for those who are going down town, massive jam is awaiting us LoL.

World Peace

People say WORLD PEACE, I say otherwise.

It doesn't mean I oppose to world peace, but world peace in a different form and the formation is like that __ + __ + __ + __ = world peace

-Ban barbarians motorcyclists on the road
-Ban drivers using superbly bright light
-Ban donkeys rushing into the elevator where I work
-Ban part timers who act like some uneducated pests =.=

Everything added together equals world peace and everyone will be happy and most importantly I will be happy haha.

The posts here is so inconsistent ... depends on my mood, when I feel very bloggy mood then I will have more than 1 post a day, if I don't then once every few days heehe

Today, some police dude were having road block and guess what, he checked The Lorry like any other cars, then he smiled o.O I thought I saw wrongly lolz ... omg a police giving a damn good hospitality to the people? I thought they only smile when they get you-know-what. Woahhh .... either is he way too bored ... and I think that's most definite.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


I survived the battle, of 6 days overnight. The final one was real shitty, everything goes wrong, very wrong. Everything was screwed. If I was given a choice that night, either to go on for another day like that, or get shot, I will choose to get shot instead. It was a nitemare in reality. Serious shit.

People lately are getting so sick so stupid. Leave that out because of some nuisance stupidly retarded and over dumb ass drivers around.

City life sucks. Country life is too quiet. So what? In-between is the best, see the cows or cars whenever you wish to. Happy stuff are slowly fading away here haha ... coz I seldom go out any longer. Best to sit sleep and eat at home.

It has already been a week since the Part 4 of Angel and Devil story and I am just wondering if I should continue. I have lack of ideas and some writing skills. Right now, my mind is not here, it's rusty, need some enlightenment.

I need something new. Life is boring. No excitement no nothing, it's pure boredom, monotonous is the only thing.

Few nights ago, I just wonder why there are some biatchy people around that they just can't behave themselves. I'm a regular here, can I have half price. SO? Do I know you? No then just get lost. I'm staying until the noon only the most. Do I care? No rooms, go and die.

No mood to blog~~ meditation ... orm ... orm .....

Monday, November 19, 2007


Everyone say SCHEISSE! :D

One idiot and superbly retarded arse called up to ask me if I am asleep and said he has been calling since don't know what time and all. Bloody hell, phone did not even ring, and I was all along beside the phone. Who was he trying to kid I wonder. This guest I tell ya ... shitty brain he has or probably brainless, it's all the same. Imbecile really. Dummkopf-lah this arschloch.

I'm so happy that my fave bell, sec will be working today hehe together with me waaa.

Another scheisse is an unrelated incident.

Some people love blaming others for their inability to act decently and blame you for not telling them. For example, this dummkopf here has the tendency to stare at people and ask him why, don't ask me I will not know. People get really really annoyed and yeah they talked about it and all, and he did it again, he then said I told you to tell me on the spot and I don't think you did. What will others reaction be? If for me, I just feel like giving 2 tight slaps. He wanna push the blame and his fault to other people. It's either he feel insecure, like damn insecure with some attitude problem or he is just one nut that are afraid to admit. People like this .. I think it's better they stay in denial than to push the responsibility and blame others for his actions instead. Perhaps he will then react by NO LORRR ... whichever it goes, I guess this person is always right and never wrong. Everyone in this whole wide world is wrong lolz.

Oh scheisse und fickst du, cochon

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Volcano erupts

Volcano erupts when it is triggered

The same goes to humans. Once triggered or provoked mentally or emotionally, anyone can explode at anytime anywhere. Perhaps, the damage that it is caused will never cure, never heal for months, years or probably it just leaves a permanent damage eternally.

When things are still very raw and fresh, it is advisable to leave it alone to cool down and all, not go on screwing more things and provoke deeper in. If one has the intention just to provoke it, then nothing can be said. One month of cooling off equals to no cooling off at all.

When life is peaceful and happy without any disturbance and interference, people will be content. However, once there are some parasites, people will not be glad and I guess they will be somehow annoyed with it and wanna push all these parasites away, far away from them.

If someone can only mean it well, it is not always the way things go and it is not always how other people perceive it. If you know that people are just very irritated with you, then stay away especially if you annoy people ... consistently and continuously.

When there are astonishing and bizarre people around, you can never predict their actions. What they say is not always what they do though they can wholeheartedly convince you their words are for real.

Do not provoke people .... particularly those who are hot-tempered. This is a friendly advise brought to you from Michystudio. LOL.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ein zufrieden Tag @ One happy day

and TODAY ... has been a weird day for me, not that I am complaining but I feel damn nice and damn happy.

Almost everyone treats me so good and I wonder why? Yesterday someone bought McDonald's for me and treated me. Thank God, because the food in the cafeteria sux to the max and it's so god damn disgusting. Then, someone came speaking French to me lolz and that is totally out of topic I know but I feel damn happy and someone actually lived so near to me when I was in Geneva and I know that street!!! and a few others too!!! oh dang :p Then, someone asked if I wanna eat at 3am, but I was too busy so ... nevermind. Then, another one walked me to the carpark in the morning o.O Besides that, of all people, mein vater at work treated me superb good today lolz ... omg weird to the max

A nite out at Rum Jungle ....

Friday, November 16, 2007

Road never ends

It was taken in a far far away place called Switzerland and it was a raining day, approaching winter, already autumn when we were walking to Dorni's bus stop to go to Horw, to Otto's to be exact.

Well ... people might drift apart, but .. the road never ends for us to meet someone new. Sometimes, the old one is not the best one. The new one might have better connection with you. One person closes its door on you, doesn't mean that everyone else does. People always say the old ones are the ones that understand you the most, but all these things can be developed in new ones too and I guess it depends on both individuals on this issue. Some might chose to close their eyes and ears and being oblivious about you, but say and talk as if they really DO understand you but in fact they don't. Well, some people they don't say and talk like they understand you, but deep down inside they really do.

Funny heh?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bakerzin @ 1 Utama

It was my day off last week, and coincidently the same as Yu Wen. Off day is not about staying home doing nothing and it goes to waste.

Thus, there we went to 1 Utama. I know, again! At least it isn't KLCC ... phew. I see that 6 days a week is more than enough. I don't wanna see and go there even on the days that I don't have to work. =.=

Anyways ....

Do you like cakes? Desserts? Craving for sweet things to indulge in? Or just to make yourself happy after a stressful week? There you go, let me present you .... BAKERZIN.

I had it the other day with Yu Wen

All the selections of cakes are displayed at the entrance and man, it was such a hard hard and HARD decision to make. We were standing there for 10 minutes just to decide which to take, for, it all looks so dang good! Like ... we want everything but .. we only have one stomach :(

This is Yu Wen's chocolate amer ... it's really nice, not too rich in chocolate, and it's just nice. Flourless chocolate sponge layered with bitter chocolate mousse.

Then it's my mango mousse. Fresh mango mousse with light finger sponge. Topped with mixed fruits but I got the strawberry. It was so soft, not too soft, strong mango flavour and omg, it feels like heaven!

I love the deco and the settings. The lighting isn't too bright which is good, there are personal space unlike some places. I love this kind of lighting. Environment is good, ambience is so nice, music that they play is really soothing and it suits the environment. It's just the perfect place to be in. A cozy place ... I love it.

Bakerzin is originally from Singapore and it can now be found in other countries and one of them is definitely Msia haha ... and it is still expanding :) The price range is from average to above average. For one piece of cake for 10 bucks or more is a little pricey for me, but once in awhile is alright. After having this, I feel that Secret Recipe is nothing.

They don't only serve cakes and desserts, as well as main courses, beverages and stuff like that. Check it out and experience it yourself.

The one that I had was in ...
G312 Ground Floor High Street, 1 Utama Shopping Centre
Contact Number: 03-7729 4493

Yumzzzzzz .... *drooling*

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Angel and Devil 4

To be continued ...

One fine day out of the blue, Angel went up to Devil to question about them. Devil was practically surprised and taken aback by that question as, for such a long time they have not been talking and suddenly going up to her asking question about them. Stunned was the word. She answered what she thought. Angel suddenly said that there are some things going around about them and that it isn't just one or two, but a whole lot of them whom she doesn't wanna mention who. As curious as one is, Devil knows very well that no matter what, Angel will not tell or mention anything to her anymore. Both knows the status roughly and knows where they both stand for the other. Friendship had turned sour, tremendously.

After knowing that friendship had turned to the bad side, Devil thought that maybe there's some way that it could be saved. She tried her best but it wouldn't work when it's just one side. Months had passed and there is no progress. Obviously, I guess both doesn't enjoy each other's company anymore. Everything was kept to Devil herself, and none of the friends know about this and people just thought that they are just as close as before, or probably not as close but still are while for Angel, her friends know about them and I supposed it is obvious how do they know about it yea.

Devil was already on the way back and it left to ponder if she should get something. Yes, for returning the favor. What favor I don't know.

Now, the drama begins when both are in the same place same country. So many things were hidden previously from her. Friends around will eventually know. One day, they will come face-to-face with each other. How do they cope?

... Til the next episode

.. TO be continued

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

MYB Bash 1

Date: 29 September 2007
Who: MYB members
Where: Baze Club, Renaissance

It was the 29th of September when this event took place. It was the 2nd MYB Bash as well as the MYB Icon Search. Wanna know what's MYB? MYB is a forum to bring all Malaysian girls together under one community no matter where you are in the world. But, nowadays, there are guys too lolz. haha anyways, the link is at Malaysian Babes. Check it out if you're interested.

The first MYB Bash and the 2nd one is very different. Same founder, but of course minus one. There were 2 before but now left with one, which I think is not a bad thing altogether. Reason being P&C.

I think the focus was on the MYB Icon Search which sad to say ... I don't have any interest on that whatsoever. I have indeed a lot of things to say on that part but ... I guess things are just better left unsaid especially on Q&A. Anyways, still kudos to the organizers and those involved in making this event a sucess.

There comes the MYB Bash where all you could see was just new faces. It's so difficult to see an old face, a familiar face there. As what I have said, the first and the second one is one hell of a difference.

A group pic

This is one of the old members hehe ... but actually we already asked each other lolz ... as in all the old members hhe who is gonna go :D such a long time I have not seen him o.O

Yohoooo kerry came in the pic BUT ... our background zzzz

heheh ... :D

C'est moi et Blacklabel ... sante :D That's me and Blacklabel ... cheers

I actually have another pic with an old member. HOWEVER, that pic is so superbly FUGLY that I just don't have the guts to put it up. In the end, just burn it away haha :D I don't mind :P

Sunday, November 11, 2007

BLOODY ASS tried to rob me!!!

I went to work really early yesterday, had to be there at 6.45am as usual.

Would you believe me if I say that I got robbed? Or rather a very close call to become a victim of snatch theft. o.O

Alright, so this was what happened.

I was there around 6.20am, parked my car at Vater's office. I asked if it's safe at that time, he said yes so okie. The street was practically empty at that time, what would you expect from that hour, right? As soon as I crossed the road to the road same row as KLCC and I walked further a little bit more, I heard some stupid motorcycle sound. o.O Alright, so at that time I was holding the property's pen and I was basically holding on to my stuff already as I am very sensitive towards motorcyclists coz to me, most of them are evil stints and this will not be an exception. They were 4 stupid bastards in 2 motorcycles. Both of them looked behind and I already knew something was very wrong and amiss. I took a step back and stopped walking completely. I remembered how that bloody orange shirt fugly guy looked like. Like a combination of a retard ass and a piece of shit. The guys who were sitting behind got down from the motorcycle. I got panicked ... like d'uh obviously. I took the pen I was holding, pointed at them, and shouted "WOIII" and somehow the pen went flying at the air. Then they stopped a little while, a little bit panicked too. I don't know if I should say I'm lucky ... or unlucky. There were a bunch of people who was passing by at Rum Jungle and I heard them shouting at those guys "OIIII" too. They got scared and both guys jumped up the motorcycle and sped off because those bunch of guys were running towards the place I was in. I waved at them and ran all the way to work. See, I didn't sleep the whole night, and already feeling very exhausted and totally out of strength, I should really thank God that I was as alert as when I am fully awake.

The one in Geneva is considered nothing compared to this, I HATE this!!!! A stupid rubbish bunch of useless asses trying to rob moneyless people like me on the streets. If you want, please rob a richer person. Really a sore to the eyes and this is what we call as sampah masyarakat. A disgrace to society.

PHOBIAAAAA ... considering I already have some stupid motorcycle phobia, it's even worse now!!

and now, let's all say FICKST DU, SCHEISSE DUMMKOPF, GOHFARTHAM some ai loo kee idiots, real Arschloch to the max, and putain higher than the sky, please vermiss dich

Don't judge a book by its cover@!!! = me.

Judge a book by its cover@!!! = them = stupid asses.

And deep down, I was so afraid, very afraid but CANNOTTTT ... and I don't know why did I use the pen to point at them as a weapon o.O

What a day to start with, a tragic trauma

There are still helpful Malaysians out there .... danke shoen

Lalang was so kind tho, he woke up and jumped up after he knows about it so sweeet sial :o

This is base on a true story, not a creation

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wish me

Wish me luck people, I didn't get enough of sleep or rather I didn't sleep at all and I gotta go to work now. Oh man, how can I survive, I need your well wishes BADLY. I will feel sleepy when work starts. I need luck!!!

Dramatic or boring?

Not being able to sleep, let's blog, again! Someone's gone totally insane, singing in the shower at a freaking 2am!!! WHO ELSE if not my retard neighbour. Hello? It's 2am, everyone's asleep =.= d'uh. Someone entertain me please I'm dead bored. I'm bored bored bored and bored. Sigh. WHY? Tell me what can I do :( Membabifyingkan bosans!

Some updates, met up with Yu Wen, haha basically I meet her like almost everyday and looking back it has been already more than a year since we got close to each other, then met up with Kylie - once a week kinda thing and surprisingly met up with Ah Fui the other day too. It has been like what, 6 freaking years since secondary and so many people had changed since then. Some remained the same, but most of them went from medium to XL. o.O Nice meeting up since like what er .... I can't remember probably 2 years ago or something.

HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP .... BORED sial. Real sialan.

People say not much drama, you will feel apathetic in life. That's true at times but at other times, they are not. I feel really glad periodically when my life is at peace. Though not much drama means nothing is interesting and it eventually leads to boredom but it also means that I don't have to be stress over nothing. Dramatic people are interesting when you are at the sideline. I genuinely love peacefulness. Too simple equals boring, too dramatic equals stress. Which do you want? I rather want a simple straight line life. No worries, no fear, just pure fun. Though boredom is somewhat depressive, but then, it is you who decide how you wanna take it. I enjoy the simplicity of life, no longer the dramatic happening interesting life. It's like without the ups and downs of ringing tone of a mobile phone.
People can be as fake as what you perceive as and beyond. Life is just like it is. We meet people everyday, different people, different background, different beliefs. At one point of a time or another, you know who you can rely on. Some appear to be really nice in the beginning and it's just like a routine for so many people you meet. Sometimes, I really believe that distance proves everything, yeah every single little thing that you need to know and need to find out, I really do!! Some people I call them as dumb ... sorry to say but they really are for believing what they are not supposed to and can't differentiate the differences. So to those that are, sorry to say but I just can't resist. Don't pretend innocent and naive when they are not, I cannot take it. People can be so shallow heh. WOAH~~ Okie I am seriously bored =.=

Friday, November 9, 2007

Dinner @ Secret Recipe

I know that this comes too late, the mood is probably even over already but it is better than never at all. So everyone, Happy Diwali to all of you, for those who are celebrating and those who are not, have a nice Diwali, enjoy to the max.

A couple of weeks ago or was it last week? Sorry I have memory loss for a moment and the information has been thrown into the trash. It takes time to retrieve it and probably will never be haha. Alright so anyway, I had a little small dinner with Piggy at our used-to-be usual hang out place called Secret Recipe. I know that people will ask, why secret recipe. Food might not be great, service might not be excellent. But, all I know is that we do love the cakes and the ambience is good enough. It's quiet and peaceful and not much distraction from other people there. I only blacklisted one outlet, and only one so far due to its terrible service there and it is none other than the Secret Recipe of The Curve.

This is the cake that comes in set with the main course and a drink, cost almost 20 bucks which is more worthy than taking individual dishes. I have yet to eat the chocolate banana which I am so waiting for ... one day.

This was hers, and I did not try. She said it isn't bad ... so yup.

I got this, the black pepper chicken. I am not a big fan for this, just an average, so-so-la-la. In fact I don't really fancy having meals in Secret Recipe, but just cakes. Not tasty enough for my liking. I do have a brownie which comes in set with the black pepper chicken. I just do not like their brownies in Secret Recipe, it's a close call to what I call as tasteless. Probably not, depends on individuals' taste buds.

Angel and Devil 3

To Be Continued ...

No matter how spotty, how acceptable one is, everyone wants to be called for what they are. The same goes to Devil, no matter how much she doesn't bother about something, when it goes way over the limit, she just could not take it already at one point of time. There it was, the time to change something that do not resemble Angel anymore.

Everyone that knows both of them would see their friendship as eternity and infinity. Perhaps, the same goes to them as well. We don't know, do we? Only those involve will. Being in someone else's shadow is not a fun thing at all. In order to get out of Angel's shadow, Devil needs to do a drastic change to come out and stand on her own feet and not under the shadow anymore if she ever wants to be known as herself, the individual, and not as Angel's friend. Thus, something was done and perhaps, though it was not something big, but it is big enough for people to notice the changes.

Perhaps, both are pretty busy themselves. As time goes by, they no longer hang out and stuff with each other. Probably, distance was an issue as well. Did I mention that they aren't near to each other at one period? It was due to some responsibilities. They spent lesser and lesser time talking to each other, online. The friendship had made a U-turn and I guess both of them can feel so? Both do not tell each other stuff that they used to anymore. Angel is forever busy and never seem to have time to talk online anymore, while Devil has free time but rather talk to someone else instead.

One fine day ...

To be continued ...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A big thank you

I started working since August and I have gone through night shift using the old system. I just have another week left to lead a normal human life of Malaysia before having to go through the graveyard shift once again, but with the stupid new system. I have worked for 7 consecutive days and it's my day off today, oops it's still tomorrow considering the time of my blogger settings has remained the Swiss time and not KL time. See, my blog also misses Swiss so much. Umph~ I do not know how many days I have to go through this time. Travail! Allez!! Ganbateh!! Zuzu zutai and mai dtai kon zu!

Birthday had passed for so freaking long and it felt like 10 years already. It's time for a little tiny update of that.

This is my first birthday gift this year and it is from none other than my beloved SP and Meow, danke viel mal. SP, I will buy more turquoise stuff okie lolz.

I wondered why she gave me this until today but have always forgotten to ask each time I see her haha. Anyways, yeah ... something which opposed to me but it is something I need hehe so anyways arigatou gozaimasu hehe and also to Kerry

Last but not least, OMG OMG!!! a pressie from across the ocean!!! Merci bien Frère Iwan hehe. Sehr sehr suss. haha sorry direct translation.

I have other pressies too ... too lazy to take pic of, but thanks a lot for those who gave and appreciate that lots, as well as those who attended the dinner. DANKE mitenand!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Angel and Devil 2

.. to be continued ...

They are already very different in personality, character as well as their attitudes, what do you think of their outlook? It's completely different as well, and did I mention they are very different? Oh yes I did. Hehe. So .... perhaps one will wonder, if they are like the complete opposite of each other, what brings them together. There must be something similar in order for them to click and associate with each other, innit? That's right, there is one particular thing that brought them together and bond them together as good friends. Both love something, that many people do not like, probably it's an interest that had grown personally in the both of them.

Judging from the outlook, Angel is the one that attracts people with just the attitude she has, she is like the apple of everyone's eye. A very fashionable person she is, with that attitude that people love. Devil is a little different or perhaps very different The style is a complete different. Not many people can accept it, because it's something that she came up with personally. Not many girls that you see on the street has style like this. Yet she still does not care and bother bout people's perception while Angel is a little self-obsessed. In the other hand, you need time to get to know Devil. I must say that you will like her only when you know her, or else you will think that she is some arrogant fella. But, she leaves an impression too, with a different way.

By hanging out together so often, and basically going everywhere together, people call them as a pair, a pair of best friends that people so frequently mistaken the both of them. Obviously, Angel stands out, with the personality she has and she wanna be the protagonist in everything. Devil allows her and doesn't wanna compete anything. Thus, people so frequently mistaken Devil as Angel and never Angel as Devil. This gets a little bit frustrating when so many people having done so.

To be continued ...

Monday, November 5, 2007

Waffle World @ 1 Utama

Do you know what can boast your life spirit when you feel that the whole world is against you? I'm sure you have this kind of feeling at one point of your life or the other. It's not your friends, it's not your family, it's not your colleagues, it's not your dogs.

It's one of my best friends.

It can't advise me on things and issues that is bothering me, it can't listen to me, or perhaps it can but .. not for long.

Because .... in order to make me happy, it sacrifice its life for me ...

... to be eaten by me :D :D

Life is short, eat more ice cream!!! :D

Few weeks ago I met up with Elaine and I had this at Waffle World located in 1Utama new wing 2nd floor. It sells pancakes, waffles, hotdogs, limited meals and more desserts. I had hotdog there before, coz I miss having hotdog!!!! and I miss having ice-cream during winter!!!! Booohoooooo!!!! I saddddd .... so I need to have ice cream now hehe :P

I will not say that it's awesome, and I can't say that it isn't good. I have not tried many of the desserts there, so I can't actually say if it's good or isn't. I will rate it once I have dined there enough.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Angel and Devil I

I wanna blog something and I have nothing, so I came up with this ... tadaaa

Once upon a time in a far far away land, there were 2 buddies. One name, Angel and the other Devil. They were very different from each other, like heaven and hell or ying and yang, whichever you like. Both hang out and spend time with each other like there is no tomorrow and talk everything under the sun. Their conversation was never-ending. Sounds so fairytale.

Angel loves attention, in fact she needs it, it's a necessity while Devil doesn't really care about it, as I said earlier both have very different personalities. For normal people, they will like Angel more. After all, the lovable, friendly and approachable one is Angel and the Devil is less than what Angel has. But again, it's not a problem for Devil. Devil is a type of person that doesn't really bother of what people thinks, what people say about her while Angels cares too much about it.

Anyway ... to be continued lolz ... when I think more I will blog more okie haha

Alles gute zum geburstag @ mich

It was that day when I hung out with Piggy, that I celebrated my belated with her. We have been hanging out together more of late, when our time coincides. It just so happens. How do we know? Well, the purpose of the invention of mobile phone is to call and communicate. It's just another few months, just few more months then we can celebrate our 10th year anniversary since we know each other hehe .... yeah yeah I know it sounds funny so ignore it if you feel so.

Birthday in Starbucks =.= Ich bin funfundzwanzig September neunzehn vierundachtzig geboren. Und ich mag kaese kuchen essen. Yum yum! Bonne Anniversaire!!! Sam nuk gin cake!!

Look like siao zha bo haha :P and we call it as verrueckt, meine lieber Freund verrueckt hehe

Alles Gute zum Geburstag .... dreiundswazigster Geburstag, sehr sehr schnell, oh mein gott!!

Das ist unsere getraenke. Mein ist Vanille und schoggi ist fuer meine Freund. Alles zusammen trinken. D'accord.

A belated birthday was celebrated in Starbucks, and it was a continuous from one of the previous posts, and I turned 23 too fast, way too fast. Yeh it has been some time I have not eaten any cheesecake so it was definitely a good indulgence that day.
Later on, when we wanted to go home, it was raining so heavily, and we just couldn't get back to our car as everything was closed, so we had to run under the heavy boom boom bang rain from carpark 3rd floor to the roof top but it was fun alright. Yoohoo!

Friday, November 2, 2007


I had a very surprise text message today from an unknown number (not in my phone book) but it seems really familiar. Then I found out, it was Ah Fui, my ex-classmate in F4 and 5. Woah damn long.

I know that people are busy, are being pressured, stressed with work, studies and surroundings and sometimes we forget to take a step back and relax. Some people are too kiasu that they wanna win everything and don't wanna lose anything, and cannot afford to lose in a matter of fact. But, we gotta relax, or else I think the next word to describe is totally lunatic. No matter how busy, but relax .... chill. Health is important and will always be. Chill and don't get so worked up with the smallest ever thing. Caught in the darkness .. perhaps but can still chill if things cannot be changed. If thinking and worrying doesn't help, then put it aside and learn to let your hair down ;)

I'm so sleepy nites

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Manipulation and HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Only God knows how long I have not bought any magazines, surprisingly I did the other day - reason being as a means to de-stress. It's a good tool I would say. So, this article caught my attention - BIG TIME.

It was about manipulation and it's some big issue these days. Let's list some of them out here

Refuses to admit he's done something wrong, "playing innocent" and wants you to feel that your accusations about his behaviour ae unfounded and unjustified.
A: Stop being so lame
B: No lorr .. I am not lame

He "plays dumb." Ignores your warnings, pleas and wishes
A: Do not be late
B: Since when am I late

Works best if you are good at it
A: What's your reason for not liking?
B: I don't know, it's just the feeling ---- FAIL

Just 3 of the 12 that they wrote and examples of course are given by yours truly.

Btw, it's already the 1st of November here but hey, it's still 31st October for the time that I am using for blogger. Thus ...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN'S DAY people ... enjoy and have fun, party hard yea because .... I can't :( One year Halloween had passed that I remembered we had a student bar that night, with people dressing up for the night, some extraordinary food on the pool table, drink all the way, Mr Galih was spending hours in his room with his make-up, and later followed by a little photoshoot session, and we stole Uncle's bed to sleep lolz. Many people got wasted that night hehe. It was this particular day that some retard guy came over knocking at Winnie's room and all of us pretended nobody is in the room hehe. Jove did a very impressive performance. The first time that my roomie drank and got drunk lolz. Some awesome drinking, some great parties, good companies and everything was fabulous. Halloween during 2004 was even better, got to see both side of the world - the devils and the angels. More people dressed up and I just love the bunny, so cute with one girl attacking some guy thereafter haha. There's also people dressing up as cops HAHA. The funniest part was ... everyone were still in the room, taking their own sweet time, just getting up or still asleep when it was already 10pm and the fire alarm ran off, everyone had no choice but to wake up and evacuate the building and .. after everything was cleared out, everyone just started partying, the night was really young. Miss those days!!!