Friday, November 9, 2007

Dinner @ Secret Recipe

I know that this comes too late, the mood is probably even over already but it is better than never at all. So everyone, Happy Diwali to all of you, for those who are celebrating and those who are not, have a nice Diwali, enjoy to the max.

A couple of weeks ago or was it last week? Sorry I have memory loss for a moment and the information has been thrown into the trash. It takes time to retrieve it and probably will never be haha. Alright so anyway, I had a little small dinner with Piggy at our used-to-be usual hang out place called Secret Recipe. I know that people will ask, why secret recipe. Food might not be great, service might not be excellent. But, all I know is that we do love the cakes and the ambience is good enough. It's quiet and peaceful and not much distraction from other people there. I only blacklisted one outlet, and only one so far due to its terrible service there and it is none other than the Secret Recipe of The Curve.

This is the cake that comes in set with the main course and a drink, cost almost 20 bucks which is more worthy than taking individual dishes. I have yet to eat the chocolate banana which I am so waiting for ... one day.

This was hers, and I did not try. She said it isn't bad ... so yup.

I got this, the black pepper chicken. I am not a big fan for this, just an average, so-so-la-la. In fact I don't really fancy having meals in Secret Recipe, but just cakes. Not tasty enough for my liking. I do have a brownie which comes in set with the black pepper chicken. I just do not like their brownies in Secret Recipe, it's a close call to what I call as tasteless. Probably not, depends on individuals' taste buds.


Anonymous said...

*recites to herself* food is evil. food is evil.

Iwan said...

hmmm, personally i tink SR malaysia is diff from SR in singapore..

but nevertheless, i agreed with u, the cake rocks!!

there was once i bought a whole cake there for mothers day and i swear my mum loves me cos the cake was membafying sedap!!


Panda said...

clod: haha yesh food is indeed very very evil ... esp sushi in London!!! :P

Iwan: hahaha i guess it's different hehe membabifying pulak LOL I had chocolate indulgence ... 4 of my friends had the same cake same size on their bdays... on 4 consecutive occasions, so jelak

tIcKLeMe said...

eh is that the prawn macaroni cheese or something? i really didnt like that when i tried my colleagues'. ;(

Panda said...

lolz yes it is that's the name i was lookng for but couldnt remember now i do!!! Haha she said isnt bad, not from my personal taste so i cant say anything :p