Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Desserts is the key to happiness.

Couple of months back, I had Haagen-Dazs ... enough said, don't have to elaborate where with who and that sort of thing, most important is ... it's de-li-cious alrighty, tschuss :D

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Meeting Pat

There are three steps you have to complete to become a professional dancer: learn to dance, learn to perform and learn how to cope with injuries. ~ D. Gere

This post is actually a pending post right from Chinese New Year.

Yeah it was the time that I met Patchay, at the same time, The Pig and Kylie. Seems that there are so many pigs around eh. My gawd.

Let me tell you all a story.

Once upon a time, Pat wanted to meet us. No problem, mo dai nai, as everyone's so busy, so isogashi so fine we made appointment for this particular day. You know, after working night shift, your biological clock is practically upside down and what you really wanna do after work is to head back home and sleep right away.

Guess what? The appointment was meant at 8.30am, I reached at 8am, it wasn't anyone's fault even if they are not there, like ... I understand. I really do. The clock keeps on ticking, seconds, minutes passed. It was 8.30am then. I saw my watch, it was exactly 8.30am. On a Sunday morning, there is no jam at all. I saw Pat, I was happy, there's someone ... like finally. Then, I could not stand the heat, the hunger, the thirst, I felt like a African kid longing for food so badly.
Still .. I could not see the Pig, and Potato. FYI, Pig fetched Potato. Finally, they reached ... half an hour late. I already emphasized on my SMS to be PUNCTUAL, and not to be late, see what happens. Know what? I don't wanna wait for people my whole life, like ... you get what I mean people? I know it's better than Dora, waiting for him can really die.

But, I already said be punctual, means be punctual lar, what the heck. That's why I ponder around these days, guys these days cannot be trusted, at least most of them cannot be, sorry guys. Wait a miniute, choto, is he a guy? He's a PIG, I forgot! Entshuldigung and I am sorry.

Like ... you know how to spell late rite ... it is L-A-T-E ... or L-E-W-A-T ... or T-A-R-D or S-P-A-E-T or D-E'-U-K ...

Enough? Oh my gawd! Oh schade

Monday, April 28, 2008

Countdown to the 30th

It's the 28th and I do not know how to describe my feeling. The fact that 30th is gonna leave us is just awesome. It's tremendous, it's brilliant, it's fantastic. It feels like a long wait for this day to come, to finally get freed from him, the torment, the torture from him., not to mention the irritation that we gotta bear for this whole time he was there.

I am sure I am sharing the same feeling with many others but words were unheard of. I am seriously overjoyed, as the day, is finally here, where I do not have to bear the existence of him, the irritation bug.

He is just another version of Mr J but this is not the softie, but the direct opposite. How cool he is, how good looking he is, which is all nothing but pure lie. Well, mirror does not exist in his dictionary I supposed. Puh-leez wake up, for Christ's sake.

Though he didn't really crap with me for the time he was there, as I got really really pissed with him for interferring with my conversation with someone else, well ... what else to do if do not ask him to just shut up. Starring doesn't mean that I think that someone is good looking okay. It is more like FUGLY, you know???? Just shut up.

So uncool, so unhip, so uncivilized, so uncalled-for, so unneeded, unwelcomed, undesirable and his misbehaviour is condemnful.

Like so whateverly barbarian. Get lost =.= Welcome to the babi family

Sunday, April 27, 2008

One day trip

I am back home, as in back to KL, it has been hectic really.

Thursday I was working afternoon shift, so I finished at 11plus, almost 12am and then I went down to Malacca for one night. Yes, like midnight, I know! And yes, I drove to Malacca, yes Malacca not PJ, it's Malacca. Don't whack me.

It was an unplanned thingy, so anyways just to cut the story short, I was back here at 1 plus in the morning, as of, Saturday early morning. Back to work, first day of work was torture and just exhausted due to my deprivation of sleep haha I know I asked for it.

Yes I met Jason, as in this guy here, call him Ee ya ee ya oh XD HAHA

Ee ya ee ya oh, nice meeting ya and thanks for bringing us around ya, see ya next time ;)

Don't have to wonder why was I there. As I said, it was unplanned, just a break from KL life, the hectic life, the stressful life. Just to taste the life outside KL for one day. I had fun, I enjoyed myself really, the food is just priceless.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Une année

Dancers are a great breed of people. And they really want to dance so you don't have to beg them to work. However, dancers sometimes build walls around themselves because they are presenting themselves all the time: dancing is very much a confession.~ Suzanne Farrell

I remembered .. it was around this time that winter and the coldness was slowly fading away, and replaced by spring, followed by summer. It was this time of the year that I first met Kim, like ... just like that, I already know her for one year. In a different note, something something somewhere was also taken place and occured and it has been one year too lolz.

Now, looking back at those pics that we took one year ago, is just hilarious to see how we looked like back then. When we were still round. Yes, I meant ROUND in comparison to now, as, to date.

Yeah this was in Moevenpick, Geneva! Anytime better than any other ice-cream in Malaysia, even if they are imported. Best ever ice-cream.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I dreamt again yesterday >.<

I dreamt that I was still working in my previous restaurant, though it was very physically demanding, but I enjoyed. I was in the bunk room sleeping and with all the sound and noise that was made by my colleagues, I could still dream about it.

I dreamt and dreamt and dreamt ... and it never stopped. From one person to another person, shifting places, things that had happened before, it came back to me, it came into my dream.

Looking back, it seems like a dream to me, just a dream and time flies so fast, like as though I just woke up from the dream when in a matter of fact, it did take place and the fact that I was actually physically there, experienced it, hands-on and it was me, I could not believe it, one year gone.

I just wondered ... two guys ... both Europeans ... but one is like super nice, like really nice, treated people darn nice and another one is like one of the most useless person I have ever come across. Both the boss, but the level of differences is just humongous.

It was just ... THAT moment ... that will not happen, ever again.

Monsieur Michel, Vous manquez cher ... Vous êtes les meilleurs chef :D bravo!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Once upon a time

It was last week when I got this SMS coming to me while I was asleep. It came to me with a shock and I was stunt. I thought I was dreaming, and it was so surreal to me.

Never did I know that I was actually receiving that SMS from this person, whom I have lost contact with for 6 long years. Right after we departed from high school, we lost contact, until that day.

She SMSed me, saying how she misses me and all, just like any other conversation, especially it it is that long. Right. Then she said how happy she was to be able to contact me again, coz she thought we would never see again, ever and that she was overjoyed and didn't know how to contact me, even when she wanted to so so badly. She then bumped into a friend of mine, and so we got in touch and that's when she messaged me.

Then, she went on saying how much she misses me again and that she even dreamt of me. LOL.
SP, I promised and I promised I never send out the wrong signal. 6 years ago I think I was straight, or at least I thought I was HAHA. At some point, it sounded kinda lesbo-ish HAHAHA. Still ... I am still very surprised with that SMS which lasted for one whole day. YEah ONE whole day, we smsed each other o.O

Dede, I will stay loyal to you :D

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Disgrace to human race!

Too much of shitty things had been happening, and they are just happening too frequently.

One fine day, when I had my day off, I decided to go dating with my dede after her work. We dated in nowhere else but KLCC Park. WHAT! Why cannot date there! DIAM.

Hehe so anyways we were just dating there, and as usual we took pics. Guess what? As we just started walking there strolling there, these morons just had to take our pics. Like ... HELLO? Fine fine. We left. Another one ... same thing happened. Like ... what the hell is wrong with these fellas brains? WAIT! Do they even have a brain? I doubt so. Then we were enjoying entertaining ourselves this fugly dude were walking passeed us starring and even after he left he kept turning back. He wanted his picture to be taken, alright will do, and so we did ... with ZOOM IN. Right, thought we already had enough of those freaking bastards, it never stopped there, the worst had yet to happen. It came to a point that we wanted the Twin Towers pic, so went back to the starting point. HAH. We were taking pix as usual and these 2 freaking brainless jackass took pics and as well as some bloody video. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE. They said bye but all I did was ... I told them something like ... bastards, get a life. I forgot what was the exact words. I doubt they understand anyways, since they do not even have a brain or perhaps the brain is just empty, just like an empty can or tin.

I thought we already had no life, but they are worst. Hello? I just had nothing to say about them. Just get a life man stupid useless piece of shit. They are such disgrace to society, they are one humongous humiliation to the human race, to all the homo sapiens of today. They are so not worth living, just wasting the earth's space. Can't they just bang their head until die coz they are so not worth living. Why don't they give their life to someone who need it more and someone who has something to give and offer to our society. Tell me ... why are they so hopeless and useless. Male species ... and I call them the grey male species. Why grey? Because I don't really like the colour grey and it can only be found here, as in here, if you know what I mean. All the BABIs. Uncivilized barbarians that have nothing with them except shit. Oh shade, what a pity heh!

C'est putain d'accord, putain putain et putain!!! Das ist sehr seht scheisee, fickst du, dummkopf! Holen Sie sich ein Leben

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hair cut

Wireless is down. Therefore, blogger went missing ... sadly.

I had a hair cut the other day ... for FREE. Yay yay! =.= just the fringe it's shorter now though and the background is so whatever I know, I had nothing to do OFFLINE! Nope, it's not because I know people working in a salon or whatever, but I be my OWN hair stylist which means I cut myself lar, of course it's FREE. Few hours ago, I cut again, even shorter hehehe ... sorry backside itchy. Probably it doesn't really show a difference but to me it is. Before this, I do not have any fringe, now at least there is okie. HEHE.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Tell me why are there such species that just love irritating people, like ... to the max?

Just a small kid I tell to myself, a small kid will always be a small kid no matter what. The more I see, the more irritated I will be. Don't try acting cool coz that is so uncool. Talking to people in sentences like these e.g.

"You are so freaking hot"
"Hey beautiful"

Right, perhaps some people might love all these, but I seriously not only dislike, not only hate but I DESPISE! Read it, DESPISE if you idiots don't even understand. Calling people baby is such turn off. Call your gf that and not other people alright!

So pissing off, feeling so stressed up talking and dealing with people like these. So whatever okay. He might be funny to some people, but to me ... he is such a retarded idiot. It comes to a point that he is capable of becoming a barbarian =.= though as little as I would like him to be one, he is approaching there, and ... I am not feeling very ajar about this whole issue. Hopeless!

Sehr scheisse-fying

Out of nowhere

Dance is so important in the world. It needs no language. Our bodies speak a language of its own. ~ Robert (Bobby) Ibrahim Farrah

There is a culprit that I wanna catch and just slaughter. I know that all along I don't receive many calls, but not that I am DYING to receive calls from anyone and anywhere because recently I am getting this call from some nut. The nut is nowhere else but Celebrity Fitness and he actually persuaded me to go and get the 7 days free trial and all. Right, at that moment, my mind was all blurred out and I actually forgot that my schedule is so hectic and that I actually forgot that I am working now, and not studying HAHA. Now, since then, I have been getting more and more calls from them, though it was all left unanswered. Not my intention to ignore calls, but most of them were ignored because I was either sleeping or working. I'm sorrrryyyyy I didn't mean to do that. But then again, the culprit please step out =.=

In recent days, nothing that I have been doing except work, voila day off and work again. Nothing different, nothing special and nothing whatsoever. Just doin the same old thing, day in and day out. Yeah ... my hair is curled now, a little bit.

Ok that ... can be dreamed ... for a million years from now and still that will not take place

Thursday, April 10, 2008

One World Hotel II

Dancers are a great breed of people. And they really want to dance so you don't have to beg them to work. However, dancers sometimes build walls around themselves because they are presenting themselves all the time: dancing is very much a confession. ~ Suzanne Farrell

Now, I am seeing changes. It does not appear to me that changes will take charge so soon, and it is happening right now AND it happened as I wanted to, or maybe not. Probably, one might just say that it is not that bad. Well, everyone is bound to have their own perception and view on things.

Conclusion ... One World is a typical city hotel ... that accommodate business people ... and only business people. The facilities and the concept is very into the business style and it's very obvious. I heard bad reviews before, but I am not gonna say what, as well, I heard good things too. So if one really wanna know, experience it yourself. I am not gonna elaborate much because I have not stayed there before myself too, I only stepped my foot there like .. once or twice for visiting purpose, not visit people but visit the hotel lolz.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Pics from Azli's bday

Last pics from Kim's darling's birthday which is pending like foreverrrr ...

Tralalala ...

I'm bored ... coz I gotta go to work like ... now? 5.45am so sehr scheisse =.=

Friday, April 4, 2008

A happy day out

Dance is so important in the world. It needs no language. Our bodies speak a language of its own.~ Robert (Bobby) Ibrahim Farrah

It was my day off yesterday, and it just gotta rain Supposingly I finish work at 6am and since that I want breakfast I waited for Moo to finish at 7am. Hence, overtime for one miserable hour. Haha anyways, I got home, I rested and eventually I slept for just a few hours before I left home again, with the agenda of shopping. Yes, a total different place this time, in Bangsar. The weather was really a killer, I melted and I almost died of dehydration and skin cancer. I am seriously not exaggerating whatsoever. It was so freaking burning striking hot that it came to a point of feeling like a boiling water and it was frigging unbearable. I really do miss autumn at that point. It was so dang hot, and just a blink, the cloud started to gather and in no time, it came pouring down. Oh btw, when I was about to cross the road, Dede was on my right, I saw this car that seem familiar to me, and I had that feeling, it was Dora's car and who the devil knows, it was really him and he .... so whateverrr =.=This was the 2nd ever time I stepped my foot here, as the first time was for Kim's birthday lunch. Anyways, walked from the new wing to the old, wandered around and not knowing what to eat, we ended up in this place, called Marco Pizza. So, we thought it will not be that bad, who knows that we overexpect them, it was that bad. Like ... sucky? tasteless? My spaghetti bolognaise was a total failure. Same goes to Dede's one, like ... indeed a sad place to dine in.

The whole point of all is not that it was a horrendous lunch. We asked for the bill, yeah l'addition hehe or kep tang whatsoever you wanna call that, something caught our eye. The total amount was RM43.01 and it was already 2nd of April. Don't they know about the Government's ruling on the roundup mechanism where 1 and 2 cents will be rounded down to 0, while 3,4 will be rounded up to 5 and so forth. Sigh, so shamefully behind time. If do not know, can ask Moo to give training, hor? HAHA We continued shopping outside again, as ... the rain had slowed down, and it was just some drizzle, until it came to a point that there is no way we could shop anymore, due to the fact that it was raining very heavily.

That's the restaurant in Bangsar Village and the one highlighted in read is 43.01 and it is against the roundup ruling, where it is supposed to be rounded down to 43.00!

We reached a place, half way through and there was no more boutiques nearby there anymore and coincidently, we were right in front of a spa and massage place. Guess what? We entered and had a massage for one hour, like so damn cool, okay. I know I'm quite jungle-fied to be feeling this way, as this is my first ever time having a full body massage and it is from a stranger not someone I know. I miss having my Thai massage in Swiss like crazy.

Right after that, yeah knowing the fact that my hair look so stupid, we went ahead to Shereton, yes yes it's Kim's place. SMS-ed her ... oh slotting bills, something that I hate the most in the end of the shift. I saw her, in uniform haha, she went to change and so we headed over to the coffee house and I don't even know the name. What can I do if I have a tour guide there >.< Oh mein gott, I saw retarded chef aka pakcik there! He was the one who asked us to go if we ever have the same day offs. He was working, just like a retarded chef haha. My gawd I felt so bad, he paid for us, the both of us, buffet dinner, not to mention, Kim stole some food too haha and her M&M's >.<

So anyways, a long day and I felt so dehydrated already on the first day of work after my day off =.=

Thursday, April 3, 2008


To dance, put your hand on your heart and listen to the sound of your soul. ~ Eugene Louis (Luigi) Faccuito

I had a little convo ... with someone that I know for sometime now, but not someone that I hang out with one on one, and definitely not someone that I can get along with for the first time itself. It needed time and more time to adapt and all. Bottom line, he is not someone that I can talk with comfortably, not someone I can hang out with one on one, and definitely not someone that I have common interest with.

He was telling me that ever since I came back, I never really sat down and have a drink with him, in a sense of a friend. Speaking of which, I have not even sat down on one table, having a nice meal together, never. Each time he asked, I rejected big time, even from before, from the first ever day I know him. I have no idea why though, there is something in the attitude and the vibes that I have I guess. As how he put it, "I know that I am gonna get rejected for a date, so I'm just asking as a favour of a friend" HAHA ... and he then added on that because it is due to the fact that I have very high requirements on guys. Like ... hello? First of all, I don't, it's simple and straightforward, don't be an idiot, don't be a jerk and shallow like what I encounter every single day. He then went on saying that now he knows that he is an idiot to me. Well, I told him straight ... if he ever hopes that I will go on telling him that he's not an idiot, dream about it, I will not do such retard things.

Conclusion, why must someone be attached =.= WHY? Not like these bunch of species are worth the time. They are just troublesome as they seem to be. Some are just nothing but like an empty can, they don't use their brain. Dumb blondes Asian style and male version is so not my cuppa tea.

"You don't allow me to know you deeper as a friend"

Oh Schade! If I am not even comfortable with you, what is there to say? I don't need everyone to know me, I don't need to know everyone I meet either. We meet so many people everyday and it is not that we get to know all of them. If we are fated to be friends, then we just are. If it isn;t then sad to say, then no. Friends are friends, it is different from this bunch that I classify them as of someone that I know somewhere

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cipar for driving me nuts

Dancing is very important to people who play music with a beat.I think that people who don't dance, or who never did dance,don't really understand the beat... I know musicians who don't and never did dance, and they have difficulty communicating. ~ Duke Ellington, The World of Duke Ellington

There must be something very wrong with the world right now, the clock does not go clockwise anymore, the needle is ticking anticlockwise these days.

I am deadly serious that those unexpected phone calls during some ungodly hours is just driving me up the wall. Blame me for picking it up, yes I know, I am SORRY I picked it up. I will condition myself not to. I am actually an understanding person, as, if there is something important to tell, and no matter how deep sleep I am in, I will pick it up and talk to you in a normal manner minus the stone response. I will definitely not be irritated. However, if you call just to crap rubbish, I'm sorry, please screw yourself. If you know ME, as in the REAL me, you will not do such nonsense, for ... I love to sleep. Don't do stupid things to get me irritated. I know it is not being a threat, but why? Really that nice to make people feel like shit? Oh well, a sadist perhaps.

What will you do if you called someone and you got to know that the person is asleep? If it is important, you will make it short and simple, and if it isn't you will just wait for the next time, isn't it the way it should be?

Plus, what is the thing of being aggressive towards your friends and all. If you are a freaking guy and you are behaving aggressively towards your girl friends, you got absolutely no respect from me. SORRY. I know it isn't important, but yeah. See, though we said that gender these days are equal, to me it isn't still. There is a fine line of a male and female, where how they should behave and how they should not. PEOPLE ... oh people.