Wednesday, September 30, 2009

That's the way

There is one thing in this world that can never be taken away from anyone.

People can try to bring you down, they can try whichever dirty methods to bring you down, to thrash you, to say stuff about you so that you look bad, and they, good. There are all these funny and weird people around, don't blame them, because, they are just, well, retarded.

It does not really matter if they are people who you know personally or just at the surface because in the end of the day, you gotta protect yourself. It is your spirit that keeps you alive, it is your principle that you gotta hold on to, until the day you die because that is your value, your pride and your dignity. Some people do not have their own dignity, well, who cares anyway.

So, keep your cool, because they look stupid, not you. They might be your so-called friends, they might be people you don't like, whoever it is, the most important, you can't fall because of them. You can't fail because of them. You gotta prove that you are strong to stand on your own, that they are not that important afterall to actually bring you down.

People might misunderstand you because you are not some gold class oscar winners actors or actresses, you are the real one, not the hypocrite, not a façade. Let them win in this way because true colours will eventually exposed. You gotta remember, the devil is you, the angel are them. Words to describe, misunderstanding, misconception, whichever they are, as long as they are happy thinking this way, it is definitely cool. Don't be them, because they do not have the courage, they do not have the guts, to confront, but speaking you-know-where. Hobbies are hobbies anyway, we shall not care.

But if they wanna play it, you gotta play along, real hard .... that's the principle ;)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

He's such a retard

So yeah ...

I will try to sound as nice as I could. I will try as hard as I can to control. But, whatever you do, just do not deserve my niceness towards you.

You know, when people hold a party, especially in a club, don't you think everyone contribute to that? And .. not the birthday person sponsor everything? And no, I did not decide on my own to open the bottle. We have decided it together, I got the consent of others, except you, because do you remember that you were not invited? It's MY party for your information, not yours. I can do whatever I want, without your approval because I have not invited you in the first place. You, gate crashed. I shall remind you if you have forgotten about it.

You got that bloody face to tell the whole world that you bought me a sportscar when clearly it was Dede? Do you think I was that stupid and blind to even tell? She doesn't have to tell me, nobody have to tell me, and I know you are lying. If you wanna lie, please do it in a more professional way, because obviously, nobody buys it.

Please, get a life. Nothing comes free in this world. I am not a rich kid either, even if I am, I will not go sponsoring you a night out, never. I am not retarded yet. Even though I have to buy for the whole world, it will never ever be for you, because species like you do not deserve to be sharing the same oxigen as me, even.

Well, knowing you I should have guessed you are thick-skinned and I know you are, what I didn't know it was until THIS extent. Your retardedness has gone to the extreme. Do not accuse me or she or us for anything. You drink or you don't, pay it because you went in under us as we opened bottle. You think you could run away, just like that? Never. Pay your debts or else face the consequences.

You wait. A bull dozer will go over your house at 4am, leaving you flat down underground and you will never be able to get up to this world again. Or ... you will be suffocated, followed by some whackings by some people til you're paralyse and you gotta suffer for the rest of your life, main point, you gotta suffer, you can't die, it will be too lenient to you then. Not to forget, you will be burnt alive, but not leaving you dead. :D

You are sehr scheisse. You really live up to your name :D Saying you are a jerk, bastard, asshole all combined, is still an understatement. Nothing could ever describe how retarded are you. You shameless scum.

Beach Wear 2

There goes another set .... my hair then I think it's so manageable compared to now o.O

Finish for the time being. Okay, this proves, something, I am so damn lazy to blog and type haha.

Meeting old-mates

Lately, I have been meeting up with old mates, old friends. Especially lately, people that I have not kept in contact with for a long long time, just came up, met up, and stuff like that, and it's just weird because ... only lately. haha.

HS, maybe nothing to feel funny about because I started meeting him since last year, the year that I have come out from the shadow, finally after 6 years being missing from the world. Ex-boyfie, tad weird because I usually don't meet up with him, except for dinner with Dede quite a many months back already, Snail, for God knows how long and the next one will be QY whom I have not met for ... er ... *counting* 7 years. But when I bumped into him last year, or was it this year, I could still recognize him and now. But I think, we will definitely meet one of these days. Again, the world is so small because HS was my ex-classmate and QY was my ex-tuition mate, and who knows both of them knew each other in the park in Menjalara as both go jogging there and have the same birthday, and tadaaa ... and at the same time, they were also surprised how did I know the other. o.O WHY not? Do I look like I do not know people at all?? eesh. Not to forget Fatty Bom Bom whom I have not met for 1 year over. Haha.

No matter who I meet, who I bumped into, out of the entire population in this world, I only do not wanna bump into 2 pathetic people haha. Don't ask since they are already pathetic, it's useless to explain because ... they don't worth more than a trash at all. :o We call this hebat kudasai haha.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I am officially 2-5

Officially, I have turned 25 on 25th September. Yes, I finally joined the 25 club. Old age is just right in front of me now. A vampire do not age, since that I am a human version of vampire, I do age, unfortunately. I gotta start using anti aging skin products now to avoid wrinkles haha ... er ... in fact, I don't really use skin products anyway ... and even if I have it, I seldom use it unless I see pimples coming HAHA.

Anyway, it was a Friday and I was working morning. It was something I regretted. I should have taken leave on that day, as my heart was still in my bed, sleeping, and the fact that the first guest I got has left me with some shit things to do. Everything did not go as smoothly as I wish. But, it wasn't that bad, minus my mood in the morning. haha. Yes, bad mood. I should have learnt my lesson this year, not to work during birthday. I shall do that next year instead. Anyways, I have four days leave hehe. So it's a good thing too.

Dinner ... was cancelled due to my steam got potong-ed. My plan was to go for dinner and head to Quattro. Since already plan for dinner, and she cannot make it for Quattro later on, I felt so lazy to even go for dinner. It's best that we all save money and stay home instead. I did just that, I was having my real quality sleep, until my father called me, saying I abandoned him because he had blocked his precious time for me. So, I gotta drag myself up and crawl to the WC and bla bla ... and deng, I thought I was slow enough and who knows someone called me to wish and sing a birthday song, and ... it slow downs the process of preparing myself haha.

And after dinner, a very quick one, I flew all the way to Quattro. Yes, flew. And tada.... it started. And ... I had fun, it was a blast, a blast that I meant. Haha. It has been some time now that we have not drank until like that, and partied til like that. This is the only time and only God knows when will be our next party til dawn session with this amount of people. :D haha ... it is both the secondary and the colleagues combined together, minus the college mates, or else it's gonna be ... every phase of my life. LOL.

Happy Birthday to myself, and also to PH, Jen, Pauline, Mr Buerki.... haha ... all celebrating the birthday today =p

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2 people drinking & Strangers

It was last Monday when we went drinking, so not to waste our day off just like that. It was also Merdeka. Yes I know it's just the both of us. If you think it's pathetic, maybe to others haha .. but we enjoyed :P

It was Quattro after at least 5 months without stepping our foot in there. From outside, it looks rather quiet and it doesn't look like a club at all. It was a Monday, though it was a public holiday but the day after, people gotta be up early to work so that explains it all. We shall see if it's gonna last the whole night like that. We were at the entrance, greeted by the hostess and we were brought, or rather escorted to the table. The service that night was perfect, yes perfect, we didn't even ask for tissue, she brought us that. Anticipating our needs, we were WOW-ed. This is called Quattro-WOWed. haha. Later on, this dude gave us the menu, and he recommended, or didn't he ... I was kinda high then but one thing that he almost took extra 10 bucks from me, coz I gave 10 and realized I don't have change, so I gave 50 and he left, came back with the drin, gave me the change, but without my 10 bucks, so .. yeah I asked it back of course haha.

Throughout that whole night, funny things with funny people keep on happening. First it was this guy with the funniest ever, and I meant ever .... line .... "Hi my friend wanna know you" HAHAHA ... then when he got Dede's number, I think I just potong-ed his steam by giving him McD's number o.O then this foreigner don't know from where saying if we need dancing partners, we may join them o.O haha .. and this girl claimed lesbo but actually not ... and .. basically the whole night was filled with funny people doing funny things.

We only drank one Long Island Tea, Flaming Sportscar Lamboghini and Mango something. Night ended with two happy people. HAHA.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy 52nd Merdeka Day people

All Malaysians know ... that the spectacular date falls on 31st August. 52 years ago, we gained Independence from the then called Malaya Union, and later on, its name changed to Malaysia in 1963, more precisely on 16th September.

For so long now, we have been hearing people saying and reiterating this and that, to have that patriotism spirit inside of an individual, to have that spirit institute in the new generation so they remember how much have we come to gain that freedom.

On the Eve of Merdeka, I saw this car, or van, or whatever it is called, has flags all over that vehicle, just to show how patriotic they are? More than a hundred flags for sure. But, isn't it too over? It's just extreme. Like E-X-T-R-E-M-E. I guess patriotism is a rather subjective. Personally, I think that it does not need to be shown to the whole world that you are, but what you have deep down is good enough. I believe not tarnishing your country's image, protecting your country's name, is sufficient enough, unlike people who do everything against how a Malaysian should, such as telling how bad this country is to a foreigner who does not know anything about it. They first think this country is good, everything is good, but ... after that statements, how would they feel. It also shows as a person deep down, that person who do so is nothing good in him or her anyway, for putting the own country down, the place s/he was born, lived, bred, raised here. I believe that whatever happens, and however much you do not like, there is always something you should not say. I have no freaking idea what s/he is trying to prove, that s/he is er ... more powerful and superior over the others? Answer is no, answer is ... that person is such a trash, that is not worth having that person is this country to begin with. If that is how they think, why not pack the bags and never come back, and don't even mention we are from the same beloved country. There are so many good things to say but s/he chose to say the dark side. Well, s/he doesn't realize s/he is bringing he/r self down, like DOWN.

That alone ... is already ... considered patriotism for me.

Happy Merdeka Day people