Friday, October 30, 2009

Movies I hate and I love

I was a movie addict before, many many years ago, when I have never ever ever missed a movie in the "Now Showing" list. I go to movies few times per week. Later on, I went becoming a drama addict, but that's only for a short period of time. Then, out of a sudden, everything stopped. I am now a Facebook addict? LOL.

I usually love retarded movies, movies that I don't have to use my brain to think what is happening, what is going on and stuff like that. I hate to think. Movies are meant for relaxation, a way to de-stress, not to give me even more pressure, as if I do not have enough of that at work. Movies like Harry Potter, LOTR ... is really not what I like to see in movies. When I was young, is okay to watch these kinda genres of movies, because I only have classes to go to, so .. it's good to use my brain, using my intellectual, but it's not my preference still. These days, I can hardly find time for myself, and what's more watching a movie, even more I gotta really choose a good movie, well at least movies that fits my preference.

The last of the list should be horror movies. I hate and I meant I hate horror movies a lot, because I am not those that after the movies, I get scared, or I laughed about it, the next minute I forget about it. I am not at all like that. I start imagining what happens in the movies happens in real life. Sometimes, I think ... imagining can really take a toll on you, so conclusion, don't involve yourself in anything creative, such as, imagining is also one part of being creative. LOL. For instance, I watched Ju-On .. and .. guess what, the next time and next few times I went to shower, I freaked myself out big time. Other than these, there are also retarded things I thought about, such as, in Transformers, when I was coming home, I saw a car speeding, I imagined it could transformed. I know, I know, it's all nonsense, and I know I am imagining, but I can't help it. Sometimes it's funny, but .. sometimes, I just freak myself out. like .. a lot. No horror, a big NO.

I know this guy, Mr Lim, whose favourite past time is by sending me links that has gotta do with horror stuff, ghost, and all those kinda stuff, just to scare me off, and I didn't like it, but he thought it was funny. How ungrateful boyfriend friend is he, don't you think? Each time he sends me stuff, I did not want to open, and I just refuse. The starting days I did not know, and I, being silly, went to open it, and ... tadaaa ... I get scareddddd. Until now, I don't open the links he send me. :D Ain't I smart now, Mr Lim? haha.

Retarded movies, comedies .. is MY type, but no, I don't have time for those. :( Unfortunately, and my temptation to watch movies isn't there anymore. That is why, I only watch movies less than 5 times per year. The ones I have watched this far is... Transformers, The Night in Museum II, Batman, Madagascar 2(was it this year or last year) ... haha .. gone case.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Letto - Sebelum Cahaya (Before the Morning Light)

Ku teringat, hati,
Yang bertabur, mimpi,
Kemana kau pergi, cinta
Perjalanan sunyi,
Yang kau tempuh sendiri,
Kuatkanlah hati, cinta

Ingatkan engkau kepada,
Embun pagi bersahaja,
Yang menemani mu,
Sebelum cahaya
Ingatkan engkau kepada,
Angin yang berhembus mesra,
Yang 'kan membelai mu, cinta

Kekuatan, hati,
Yang berpegang, janji,
Genggamlah tangan ku, cinta
Ku tak akan pergi,
Meninggalkan mu sendiri,
Temani hati mu cinta




[Chorus] (x2)
~ 'Kan membelai mu, cinta

I remember a heart full of dreams
Where did you go, love?
The silent journey
That you've been through alone
Steel your heart, love

Do you remember the humble dawn dews
That accompanied you before the morning light
Do you remember the smooth breeze wind
That always caress you, love

A steelheart that always keeps its promises
Hold my hand, love
I won't go away and leave you alone
I would guard your heart, love

Thursday, October 22, 2009

25th Birthday P1

Almost a month after my birthday, only I have decided to put up pics. What do you expect from someone like me .. the ... laziest ... ever.

Gong Kia, my colleague, and the other two were my classmates, Piggy and Ah Fui ... for 2 years in Form 4 and 5.

Now ... we have the colleagues. Dede, Te and ... Ah Dong. haha..

Chic Kut Teh, it's your bf ... haha. Ah Theng aka Moo ... also left already, I wonder when's my turn :P

Hon Seng, my ex-classmate too ... in secondary. I find it very funny each time he says he wanna go home because .. his home is balai polis, until today, it's still as farney hehe

Let's start .... drink! :D

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm smart enough

So .. you came with your guest, you asked me to print the bill, and I know what are you gonna do next after he leaves. Before that happens, I left the place for somewhere else. LOL.

Ah funny thing enough, it happened exactly like how I see it. He left, and you just left it there on the table, and ... expected me to check out? NO thanks. If it's something like just pressing a few buttons, and it ends there, I don't really mind, but ... nah, not for you at least.

You have not enough people, we ... are critical too. So, you want me to go and dig all the bills for you, do everything for you, just because the bills is down here. Ah sorry because I have my own stuff to do and I don't need to entertain you anyway. It's your guest not mine. Do you think I'll do it just because you brought him down here? I saw you coming from the right side and no folder in your hand, so it's definitely not a bump. Don't give me bullshit. I don't buy it.

Though you might be some you know someone with a position in somewhere so secluded, I still will not do as being told because ... I don't work for you, remember? Wait a minute, haha ... you have not told me. But again, even if you did, I will not do so, no matter what. You wanna take an easy way out heh. I remembered ... do you actually know how to print a bill? HA-HA. Only if you talked to me in a nice way, I don't mind going through all the trouble. Or else forget about it, I just do what I'm best at, ignore because in the end of the day, it's your people who are gonna do, not me. Why would I wanna get in trouble with the transaction people later on, right? You think I'm THAT stupid? NEVER. Listen, NEVER.

Remember, you dealt with someone who has been working there, for the last 2 years, not 2 days. Obviously, I know your behaviour, obviously, I know the culture, obviously I know the skill you possess. Just take your own shit alright, I'm not brainless, thanks a lot y0!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Two weeks

TWO weeks left before you bid goodbye

Usually, I feel kinda heavy-hearted but this time, I am just waiting for that moment to come, the day you leave is the time for us to celebrate.

Considering we gotta suffer more without sufficient manpower, I don't freaking care because even with you, there's no difference. Really, waiting for that day to come, to open champagne, to celebrate for the time you step out from the door, and not with you for sure. I actually feel excited, I feel the ultimate satisfaction considering the fact that I don't have to see you, that blardy face of yours anymore, is a very happy ending.

This is really a happy ending, for us. That's the reason for my deteriorating eyesight in the past, but from the day you leave, I strongly believe my eyesight will improve tremendously. Damn, I so can't wait for that day to come.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ever since ...

It has been months since the time you forced-resigned. To be honest, I felt something. It isn't because I felt it's such a waste, it isn't because I felt that your service with the hotel could be extended, it isn't because I felt uncomfortable because someone close to me had resigned, it is more like I felt relieved because finally, I am able to live a life without disturbance.

I have told you countless times that we ... are not friends and we .... are colleagues. Whatever you feel is really none of my business and I don't intend to know because when once I treated you well, you did funny things. I drew a very clear line on my limitations, and unfortunately you could not see or read it. You turned facts around, and I don't really bother. You backstabbed my friend, in front of me. You pretended you knew me inside out, and whatever you described me as is something contrasting of the real me. You, threatened ... and that is the real turning point.

For so many things that you have said and done, there is absolutely no way anyone could forgive. Maybe, others, yes, but definitely not me. How could I forgive AND forget. You must be kidding. No matter how regretful you feel, no matter how sincere you show, but everything I see is only the surface and guess what, it came to a point I don't believe in anything you did from then on, or say in a matter of fact. What I feel and what I do, is up to me, myself, and not you. You, do not even mean anything to me, could come and ask me not to be too harsh on you, and don't be so bitter hearted. Well, guess what? I am like that since the day you know me, and for you to do certain things and calling me as your friend is very uncalled for. It is something I do not believe until the day I die. I am not sure if you are having some challenge mentally, but it does look like it.

I made it crystal clear what I don't like people to do and you just tested the water, you did just that. Congratulations. After all my ignorance, you could have that face to come to me to ask me to be more soft-hearted. Well, I can be, but not to you. Thank you.

All the backstabbings involved, all the threatenings involved, do you think I can trust someone like you anymore? None. The day you threaten ... is the day everything will come to an end, and you just do not realize it eh, even after I have told you. How ignorant can you be. How skeptical things are at times. My actions proved it all, that I don't intend to have any contact with you, in any way. Why are you so desperate. I wonder how people like you could father a kid.

You have made it all wrong. I trust my own feelings, my own instincts more than anyone else, more than anything else because whatever I feel came true, especially for these past few years. Damn true. So, when it comes to you, I trusted with all my heart too, without any exception because ... you don't deserve anything, and I just do not have to waste my time re-considering our non-stop misunderstanding and miscommunications between us. Full stop.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Daring Bastards

Our country is getting more and more dangerous, more and more unsafe to go around. Patrol cars are there, more police personnel are around, but ... things still happen and occur.

I was having supper with Tarzan at Valentine's earlier and it wasn't that late, like what 2am. Everyone were talking away, chilling out on a Saturday morning, and we just mind our own business. The ones at the outer area got up, like all of them, and few of them started running to their cars, so logic speaking, I thought was the police. Who knows it wasn't the police, it was some burglar. Guess what they did? They stole a car o.O

These bastards are so daring these days. They ought to be abused physically throughout their lives. No, don't shoot them dead. Torture them, make them suffer, til they know it. Once run, not all the time they could do that. One fine day, they will definitely be caught. If they wanna be bad, why they wanna steal cars. Go out all there, be the leader of the underground or something, at least someone big, not some small fellas like that. Ah ...sad.

Imagine ... with even people around, they dare to do so because they know once they do so, they can get away with it. What are that people doing? Nothing. Do they realize the fear we have? NO, because they have the bodyguards, and what do we have? Only wallet. What if we are poor? Your chance of living ... will be in danger. If any of us have a chance to leave, will we? Ask anyone, the answer is yes. We don't even feel safe in our own country, we are so not protected, instead abused in one way or another. How can we put our own life here. How can we trust them? There are so much things they could do, but they chose to ignore and neglect, and only see S 11.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

We will survive

Something to declare - depression.

We are now facing a trauma - financial constraints that eventually lead to depression. It's just a matter of time. A pay cut of more than a thousand bucks.

The last time I went out was on my birthday 25th Sept and .. it ended there until further notice. Right now, we are saving like something big is gonna happen tomorrow. Touch wood though haha. With that amount of salary, I am staying home, eating in hotel and etc. Probably, this is a good time to feel how others survive with that little amount. o.O but of course if given a choice, we do not want. But if we don't, we don't appreciate our normal salary haha.

The moment it was announced, you could feel the tense, the depression, the trauma, the tragedy in the people's eyes. Nothing like that happened before.

My shampoo, eyeliner, lotion, conditionar and now .. even shoes has already holes in it, everything has to be put on hold. I prefer not to go out at all too, because it means, I gotta spend money, which I don't want. We never expected it to be that bad.

We don't go out, but we have other ways to enjoy life okay. HAHAHA .... =p it's okay, I could survive with 500 bucks per month, so what makes it I can't do that this month, right? right? XD hehe ... ganbateh, zuzu zutai, we can definitely survive :D