Friday, April 30, 2010

Farewell 2 Part 2

Ah Dong had transformed into a lobster haha

There goes our Mama ... and suddenly, he's so macho XD

Tarzan and I don't know what were we laughing about. One of our good times is actually laughing at people at clubs :P

The three of us ...

All in :D :D These bunch of people are people I am really happy working with and of course needless to say, they are real nice people to hang out with too! That's why this picture is taken haha

Honestly, we have shared so much things together for these 2 years. Never have I thought I could walk out from the door, bringing with me very valuable friendships. We shared laughter, tears, anger, happiness, everything under one roof. It really feels like part of me. It was a very touching moment when we finally parted ways, and these people are people I will definitely wanna keep in touch, even after I leave the working place. It stays with me forever. I love friendships.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do NOT push me

Genting was good. But, we failed to get drunk. In fact, we were so so sober. But it's okay, let's attempt again sometime soon in KL. Haha. Just wait and see XD

Anyways. Well. I had fun really, in comparison on the trip we had last year with two people who were desperately eye-ing on each other. But, nevermind. Need not say more. Friends are nothing. I understand ^^ haha.

We were in the lift in Resort Hotel, wanting to go to the carpark. This lady was at the right side of the elevator, and the friend was right behind, or more precisely, behind me. The one at the right side told the one behind me that they are supposed to get down on the next floor. Before the lift stopped, she wanted to get out already. Er, a bit whatever you feel, right? When the lift finally stopped, the one on the right got out already. Then, it's our turn to get out too. So, obviously I get out too, right? However, before the one in front of me get out, how could I possibly get out, you think, right? Common sense says, WAIT and be patient. This Ahjumma does not have common sense apparently. She kept pushing me. Even we were going out already, she kept pushing me. It's so effing irritating! I got so terribly annoyed, I "tsk" at her, the sound you automatically make when you're so god damn annoyed, and I looked at her with the corner of my eyes. I did not do that because I wanted to, but the cause was her. If only she did not push me in such a desperate manner, I would not have done so. When we finally got out from the lift, subconsciously I called her stupid. It wasn't out of disrespect or anything like that, but she does not deserve to be respected, so much for irritating me. For whatever reason it is, she freaking got on my nerves. I so hate it when people do so. Ahhh~~~!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Drunk Nite to Genting

I have not slept and I can't sleep the whole night

AH! In a few hours time, I need to start going already. It's gonna be a long day. I will be going up to Genting. It's gonna be the three of us, wind, lower temperature, jackets, chilling at Starbucks, breathing the air, red wine, rice wine, booze, and well, might be a K session? Wth. haha

Sounds good? It's gonna be a drunk night. Maybe. Drunk, not wasted. It's gonna be in the hotel room. We don't need to drive after drinking. That's the fun part. It so reminds me of higher diploma and degree days where clubs were just 5 minutes WALK from where I stayed. Or that it's 20 minutes away, but all of us shared a cab back. haha. And I would never thought about taking a bus to club until those days. Young days yo. Now, it's chilling out, no more clubbing. That's purely for youngsters, or for those who think they are still really young. HAHA at least I know I'm not. :P I'm self conscious, and I do self-reflection ... and leads to self-realization. Heh.

See you all tomorrow. Yup, tomorrow I'll be back. :D Happy getting drunk, yo.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Personal Taste - Lee Min Ho & Soh Yeh Jin

I am currently very hooked up with this drama called Personal Taste but some may call it Personal Preference. To all Lee Min Ho and Soh Yeh Jin's fans. haha.

Jeon Jin Ho is a straight guy who pretends to be gay in order to become a roommate to his female friend, Park Kae In. His hobbies include organization and ironing, and he’s known for his stoic poker face. He’s a stickler for cleanliness, but he also has a talent for figuring out women’s feelings. Kae In is very trusting even though she has a habit of being betrayed. However that doesn't stop her from giving people the benefit of doubt and Jin Ho is no different. How will Kae In react when she finds out that her gay roommate is not actually gay at all and that he has fallen for her?

I have so far watched until Episode 7 and waiting for the other episodes. It's really funny haha. But I somehow think the description of the drama is not that accurate. Anyways, just watch and you'll know. The rating for this drama is kinda high too!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Farewell 2 Part 1

So ... from office ... to the place we all belong, being the permanent furniture in the furniture shop that we are all familiar with - Quattro.

Fufu, my biatch ^^ haha ...

Haha Gongkia ...

Can you feel the blissfulness of each of our faces tho Tarzan was drinking Coca Cola :P

The friendship circle forms with our legs

Us, the main cast haha ... this day had finally come ...

I'm amazed

One month ago, I met this guy that I have not met for 10 years now. He's no other than one of my ex-classmates, precisely, an ex-classmate that I prefer to keep a distance away. I do not wanna dig my own graveyard to be stepping in front of him to say HI.

I could still recognize him after so many donkey years. But, he could not, because we practically walked past each other without anything in between us, just spaces. I thought he did, but he did not. Phew! For someone who has been acting weird in that 2 years was bad.

I didn't care what he did then because in the end of the day, we will all go in our own separate ways in the end of 2001. When we first stepped out of Form 5, he would contact almost everyone of us, without any motive. It's like the male's CNN. He calls up, to ask for you, even though it's your phone, and he will say your full name out. Like d'uh.

Once the convo in 2003
He: Hi, may I speak to "XXX Toh please ar hehe"
Me: Sorry wrong number
He: Oh sorry, it's XXX Quah haha
Me: Speaking

Haha ... it's not my fault, he said my surname wrongly. I wasn't mean, I was just answering. I know it's him though, his name appears on my screen haha. I just pretended I don't. How can he even think about saying my surname wrongly? It's the last thing he can even think of doing. So he called to tell me about boring things like what are the other classmates are doing, this this broke his leg, that that shifted house. Honestly, I didn't wanna know o.O Now that he doesn't have my number, he kept on callling my friend to ask how's she and keep on reporting to her like how's the traffic in his place, where is he going, what is he doing and stuff like that. o.O OMG ok! He actually has my number because I have never changed my number, maybe he deleted because twice I was out of the country, he thought I would have changed it. Well, not like he knows I left anyway haha. So after a few times, I'm sure he will then assume that I have changed my number.

Ah and there were a few times we went out, the few of us many years back, before I can even drive. Each time we go out, he will ask my friend, to drive. Smart right, for always sitting in a girl's car, expecting a girl to fetch him all the time. Reason? Oh because his house has only one car, his parents need to use it. Oh I See. Once, he drove, and you know what? He actually asked for parking money which was RM1 and toll money which was RM1 at that time. o.O You tell me how amusing can he be?

I am honestly ... amazed! Thank God he deleted me. I feel so honored.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The dying convo

JM says:
in love?

- (michy quah) [v] - Hanguk says:

JM says:
ur nickname lol

- (michy quah) [v] - Hanguk says:

JM says:
u getting married?

- (michy quah) [v] - Hanguk says:
i got married already

JM says:
u serious?
when?whos d lucky one?

- (michy quah) [v] - Hanguk says:
uh huh

JM says:

Friday, April 16, 2010

Our Farewell 1 Part 2

The second part of our farewell, where we took pictures around the hotel, on our very last day. It was late, where there were hardly people around the hotel then. I got 5pm-1am shift.

It was the last phone call I received, and no, I wasn't acting it out, I was really on the phone with an external guest

This is our Daddy. Haha. The mafia one. He used to be my DM, but transferred to Security. Sigh, he's the only DM you can rely to when there are fights, or big bully guests.

Lao Zhang haha .. damn kns with that look again -_-

The both of us ^^

This is the Korean society HAHAH :P

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm back from Korea, An yeung Hashimnika

An yeung Hashimnika. :D

I'm back from Korea. My 7 days of dream finally reaches the end. It was such an experience, a wonderful one. Now, it's time to go back to the boring Malaysian life -_- haha wth

Mission accomplished.

Well, hi friends. -_- though I wished I could have stayed on there hahaha ... but I decided to come home. Well, DoraKhai, in the end, I listened to you, I did not get married there and I remembered my home is here hehe


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bai Bai, KL

The day is finally here, the day I am leaving. Don't be too happy just yet, because I am not leaving for life :D


Where am I going? The country where my beloved was born 20 over years ago. I guess it's time to pay him and family a visit now. I gotta carry my duty and responsibility.

I'll be flying tonight ETD 2320 hrs from KLIA.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Adui Pictures

Wedding dinner, finished. It started at 8pm finished at 10.30pm. Ok, it's camwhore session. I don't usually post these kinda pictures anymore but ... asp request from beloved SP, I shall do so. Just for you okeh. Paiseh-nya =.= Ah today is the make over day too by the way, in 1 Utama, Concourse area. That is the main reason. Super paiseh. :S

No more. Ok. =.- adui. *swt*

Friday, April 2, 2010


Ah. I am finally done with shopping, to shop an outfit for this coming Saturday's wedding dinner.

Why is it so difficult. Why must wedding dinner be formal. Why stick to that tradition of having to wear glamour clothes.

Why not do something different. Like, dress in punk. Haha. Or hip hop. Or beach wear. Go to a wedding dinner with slipper is uber cool okay. Right? Right? Then people like me do not need to have a tough time figuring out what to wear. Right? Right?

I believe if there is one in this world, there are many more :P Time has changed, think outside the box, we don't need to always follow all these, right? :P haha.

Looking at pictures earlier, it reminded me of something not so funny. =.= Once upon a time, there were rules in the house, whereby stupid was not allowed to used and instead it was strictly prohibited. Just like the MOP, never say no, find alternatives. So, I found alternatives. Since I could not do it verbally, I could do it on paper, right? The rules did not say I am not allowed to write. So, I wrote. But only to know that my spelling fail big time, I wrote "supit" Nvm, I am smart enough now, I can spell it. XD That was then. I think I was a born hotelier, even like so many years ago, I already know about MOPs :P
Also another alternative when you are superbly mad and not allowed to use stupid again, is ... orang ori. This is just an alternative of the alternative I used before. It does not mean that they are but ... the slang.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our Farewell 1

I still remembered, on February 27th I was working 5pm - 1am, the last working day.

If you have been wondering what have I been busy for this past month, it is that I am busy getting my life back that I have lost to the hotel I was working for, for the past 2.5 years. I have been recharging myself, relaxing, getting my life back on track, instead of just one word all the time - exhausted.

And yes, I have resigned from there. Reason is only for me to know. It IS a good hotel to work for really. It is a good foundation to build. I have learned so much things there. I went in when I was 22, a fresh grad, know nuts about reality. When I walked into this company on my first day, my face was plain, without any make up. Not that I did not want to, but I am clueless about grooming. I was bad in grooming. By the time I walked out from there, I at least know how to do a full make up set. Not professional, not excellent, but ... can make it lah. I learned so much things I did not imagine I could.

Of course there are certain things that made you unhappy then, you decide to move on. I was not unhappy because of my colleagues. I was really happy working with them, except those few bad apples of course. It will not affect me that much but to think about it, the effort you put in, I think we deserve something better. For so much time and effort, you get peanuts, is really not worth fighting for a company. It is somewhere I have come to love over these short period of time. It might not be short, it might not be long. But, it is long enough to see things clearly in a hotel industry. I shall continue this aspect in the next few entries hehe.

My AFOM. The one that we refer to if any problems arise or when we face any challenges. She is our protector! haha. Well, she is like the only one we can depend on.

Ah my twin with a different surname. Well, both are my twins haha. I don't know how to put it. Dede, is actually not my twin, people treat us like we are ONE body, ONE soul. So yea haha. She resigns the same day as I do. So, we are practically ONE body. In the middle is Michelle from Kiosk haha. By now, she must be having fun with her Latin. haha.

Deng deng deng ... our farewell cake. More like the first farewell cake. Thank you for those who organized this. The main person who arrange is of course Kak Ina from Room Service. She is like the only Room Service person I am close to.

"XXXX, what happened to you? I know la this is your last day but you don't treat me like that. See, your guest called to complain already saying why are you not giving corporate rate and he's a return guest"

"No he's not, I asked if it's his first time, he said yes then I offered lah our Delight rate. PLUS, they have 3 occupants inside, deng"

I wanted to laugh there and then. I knew it was a prank. It's the sixth sense baby. But, nvm, we shall all act together gether alright haha

This is Kak Ina. Kamsa Hamida. I have handled my vampire title to her. Beware of her, she is the next in line to suck your blood. Since I have left, she is the first one. haha.

Hebat-nya. Calling for cab also can take pic, this panjang. =.= haha. Well, didn't get a chance to really work with her. I think she was there for like 2 weeks only then it's time for me to leave but anyhows, 2 weeks is enough to know and disturb her in future :D