Thursday, March 24, 2011

Krabi Trip 2

These was what we ate for dinner

POser dog

As we were at the beach, we were approached for massage by this lady

Before I even manage to enjoy myself, I got stung by something called jelly fish there. It was so painful that I remember that feeling until now. My legs and hands got swollen almost instantly. For life, I will remember that new found enemy.

Then, we went for massage ...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy White Day!

Today is the 14th of March ...

It's another Valentine's today.

Happy White Day people, it's celebrated in Korea in tradition. It was on the 14th February that girls will express their feelings for a guy by giving them gifts. One month later, the guy will respond to the girl with presents. This day resembles the purest of things, such as white clothes, white flowers (is it) and etc.

haha. Enjoy~

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Krabi Trip 1

This was a very impromptu trip to Krabi, Thailand. Ticket and hotel was booked lesser than a week prior to the flight date. SP, Meow and yours truly decided to fly over there for a short vacation.

Welcome to Krabi. I have not stepped into Thailand since 2000 if am not mistaken. It's 10 freaking long years.

On the flight flying with Air Asia, I bumped into this dude. What a small world. My ex-colleague during our previous job.

For the next few nights, this is our so-called home.

And, the first thing to do after checking into the hotel, it's to find some food to eat. We ended up with pizza. Yeah I know this is Thailand we should be having some Thai food instead. But hey, there are many hybrid restaurants there, like Italian Thai, German Thai and etc.

To walk along the beach after dinner is breathtaking.