Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Live the lie OR Get hurt by knowing the truth?

There's a saying that goes "live the lie or get hurt by knowing the truth?"

Which would you choose? Sometimes, the truth is too painful and people in that situation will rather opt for the other one which is less painful. Though they have to live with it as long as they are alive and as long as the other party does not bring that up, then they will pretend that they do not know about it too.

How can you, as a human, live by days knowing that your partner has been going to brothels? This is not about being great, or understanding or anything of that sort. This is just plain dumb. In no situation can his actions be justified. Never in his entire life that it can be justified or explained no matter what he does in his life thereafter.

You, knowing that he had gone to dirty places as such still are accepting his way of things. So, you can't live without money, without a luxury life, you choose to ignore degrading things as such. How worthwhile and how deserving this woman is. Tell me if I'm wrong. Just because you can't live without him, just because you can't live without his money, and just because you can't live without Prada, Guess, Louise Vuitton and etc? Well, you are pretty impressive eh with such great personality.

It's definitely his fault for having this kind of life. However, I feel that it's also her fault and it's she to be blamed for tolerating this kind of unforgiving actions. She had allowed him to have full control of their lives in such a negative way. It's because of her greed that had led her to have such a disrespectful life. It is built from such actions that may extend to the bitterness and resentment and congratulations people, I can foresee a very happy family after this.


lpj said...

sumtime pipel's destini lor liv lyk dat. cant help much but oni c lyk how a tri rot n riten 2 erth.. sad huh

Panda said...

Damn pathetic coz the girl can't live without his money ^^so even if she knows she pretends she doesn't know and slowly rot inside

Anonymous said...

Yah =\

While all the girls go for the bad guys. Here I am foreverarone. Ohh man! another lousy x'mas approaching fast :(


Panda said...

Trust me, knowing that kind of girls is better off being foreveralone. They will rob you in any way they can ;)

Anonymous said...

That's why my scanners have been upgraded to the newer version.. Its called the golddigger edition. Works wonders I kid you not :P