Monday, December 3, 2012

Guys holding a lady's handbag

The generation is definitely changing. Just by walking in a shopping mall or anywhere else that has people, you can see guys holding their gfs' handbags.

As conservative as I am, I don't believe in guys holding the handbags for the girls. My reason behind this is that you are a guy for a reason. You are born as a guy so be like one. That includes not being all feminine by holding a lady's handbag. This isn't fashion.

To the girls who ask your bfs to hold your bag, do not blame me if I start laughing at the both of you, for, you deserve that laugh. Thank you for entertaining me.

Please stop all these stuff. This isn't fashion, this isn't cool and this isn't loving. This is called wanting to be the opposite gender. Just by doing this,it shows how un-man are you. You might appear to be the most macho guy in the world and the moment you are seen holding a handbag, this will ruin everything you have. Showing your love? That's bullshit. This isn't the way,

So, the next time before you offer to hold it, or the moment you are asked, please think carefully before doing so. It shows your manhood. Think properly which gender you belong to. Thank you.


lpj said...

wat de... i wud use a stik or pole 2 hold d bag lor if sum1 ask me. den stik it out lyk 5ft away :D

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you on this one dede -.-

I would not like to see the gf or in my case my friends get drag on the road by snatch thieves. As friendly as I am, fortunately my size intimidates people with bad intentions.

Recently a lady left her bag on the seat to go pay for her shoe I guess some lucky thief got 1.3k richer that day. LOL! If u ask me the lady was just ignorant.

Dude its not about being macho, in fashion or acting cool. It's about doing the right thing. We all know women cannot live without their handbags god knows what junk they carry inside lar..

Plus it is also about having a sense of courtesy, I'm not saying to carry their bags all the time lar but when situations demands the need for it. Plus it makes a good whacking tool for a guy since there's alot of junk in there that could be used as defense. Win win situation I'd say =P


Panda said...

Lpj: haha

Brian: it's not bout that, if they are ignorant, then it's just them why leave your bag at the seat, a place so exposed. Plus, knowing its so dangerous, why go walking at the streets like its some runway model show? They gotta be street smart and it's not anyone's responsibility to ensure their safety, but it's their own. We are always be reminded to take care of our own belongings, so if a handbag is so essential for them, them take care of it properly. Happily hanging on the phone, walking like some diva, flashing out the branded bag, this case who is asking for it ^^

lpj said...

walau dis brian dude lyk sum macho guy ah.. wei u macho stand nex to gf no 1 dare 2 go near ur gf la. usualy if u c fren got buli, u juz nid to giv dem de luk. dey wil pis in de pants.

Anonymous said...

LOLL exactly! and the poor lady was so confident that her daughter sitting beside would take care of it. We learn that danger lurks everywhere and one can never be too cautious nowadays. Don't be like that la, I think its better to be more responsible for everyone's safety, especially friends and family. I may need your help to hold my bag awhile for me one day leh ^_^V

lpj: you mean this look? -___- I think Panda's rawr>my look


Panda said...

Brian: lolz I still can't stand guys holding bags for girls. Some very nicely hold it like girls on their shoulder too. Omg kill me please. We are always responsible for ourselves no matter what. La la la la haha what look cis