Monday, January 7, 2013

She's Out

I am following the current show Asia's Next Top Model. From the name itself, you know that it's an adaptation of America's Next Top Model.

It was the last 7 in the competition yesterday before the winner becomes Asia's Next Top Model in several weeks later.

There's this Malaysian girl there whom obviously is not a top model material. Here we don't talk bout models but TOP models. She showed a bubbly personality whom the judges like and perhaps may be one of the reason why she got til this far.

Those who follows that yesterday was the bottom 2 of a girl with an attitude problem but with talent or someone who has good personality but with no talent. As far as I dislike the one with attitude problem, I still wish that this girl gets eliminated instead.

First, physical wise she's not even a model. Second, seriously she gets on my nerves every single week. She's trying way too hard... Way too hard. Smiling every single time and trying to be nice all the time is just so annoying.

This is not about being the nicest smile model but it's top model. Thank God she got eliminated.

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