Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oh no!

For the first time this year, I fell sick last Saturday. It was just minor sickness, just sore throat and a nose block. I wasn't a fool for April. I indeed fell sick.

On Sunday, I was down with the additional fever with cough. Despite being rested, it got worse on Monday morning. My body aches like hell. That was D sign to tell me I have officially fallen sick. Of course, being in situation like that, you will say, bravo can take MC. But, I'm stubborn like that. I will not. haha. My colleagues kept pestering me to go to the clinic. I guess my face told them a thousand words.

I waited til the end of the day to see the doctor. It's a viral fever/flu that was told by the doctor. Just not sure which one is it. I think it's the season because when I was in the clinic waiting for my turn, the medications that were prescribed to most patients there were this sort.

Tadaa ... my medication for the next few days

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