Wednesday, May 22, 2013

One Night Away

I was down to Melaka yesterday. We drove down on Monday noon for just a night stay. There's nothing much to do there anyway since it's just food and appreciate the peacefulness since there's no way we can experience that in KL. The heritage places we have visited many times in the past, so let's just leave that out.

It's nice to be tourists and foreign at times. That's where we were. We didn't do much there, except for walking all over Jonker Street and took the boat around Melaka at night.

Just the both of us in Geographier. It was a nice night, drank our night away with a Jazz live band. It was awesome! The ambiance was good, and you can feel it there, just great! I am not someone that appreciate jazz music, but it was good that night.

Met foreigners there, talked over the drink, and off we go. Goodbye and enjoy Malaysia. :D


Charles said...

HAHAHA, Challenge Accepted! I love that shirt.

Panda said...

hahahaa you saw that!!!