Monday, May 13, 2013

The Unwritten Rule

Babo told me the other day, it's so rare to find a girl who pays for a vacation herself. He has not met this kind of species before. Here I am, telling you, Babo, I have.

I'm not even sure anymore if the "normal girls" appear to be materialistic or the "rare girls" appear to be too naive or independent. I just can't figure out which is the right one anymore these days. Even genders are hard to determine these days!

Yeah anyway, I always hear things like "my bf and I went for xxx place. Wow it's so beautiful." Then, "woah so rich?" "oh no lah my bf paid." That's a common conversation. Seriously, it's very common. So, one can't help to feel envy sometimes. But, most of the time, I don't. I feel so much more secured to pay MY vacation myself. That's very very much more satisfying.

How often do you find girls saying "omg I am so broke, I just came back from xxx country with my bf!" and the friend will surely ask "If you went with your bf, why are you broke?" The answer will be in a very shy way "I paid for him." How often? I know a few like that. It's rather sad to know guys had become so useless and these numbers are growing.

It came to a point that it supposed to be half but of course, there's going to be a party that is going to lose more. Surely, you think it's the guy but you're wrong. They eventually ended.

If you still consider yourself a guy, you should, at least lose it equally. As a girl, it was offered to pay the hotel back. AND, as a guy, not only he did not offer the same, but he's going ahead with that from the look at it(maybe). I have culture shock. I'm seeing this for the very first time because none of my friends are like that. None of them had gone to that level. I'm amazed in some ways.

There's an unwritten rule that when you go for vacation, it's only not right to get your gf to pay for it. Even though in some cases are not a complete trip being paid for, but, choosing the cheaper one? Err. That's all I have to say. There's a friend too who has guys like that as her bf. I just don't know why. I guess it is totally fine if it is an AA vacation, but the girl paying for you is a bit too much? I'm sorry, but I just need to look down on guys like that.

As a person, it is important to have a conscious mind. If you are happy and if you don't feel it's against your conscious mind, I believe then you don't even have one. That's called, USING and TAKING ADVANTAGE!

For all that has been said and done, the guy is an absolute low life. He's definitely an effing idiot.

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