Saturday, July 20, 2013

한국: Day 6 Part 1

I honestly do not know when can I finish with this trip. It's ending and it also means I am procrastinating even more than ever.

This is where the king and other officials hold their ceremonies here. This is called the Chong Jon Hall (main hall) within the palace's premises.

Ahh so green I likey

This is inside the Secret Garden. Secret Garden is the most treasured place in Korea. It's called Yonkyongdang House, the servant's quarters. It's separated by genders of course. The settings of it inside is different too if I remember correctly.

It's one of the pavillions around. It's amazing how the kings used to walk so deep in just to enjoy the nature. No wonder people these days are so unhealthy with all kinds of sickness and illness. It is also said that the king came here to the Secret Garden to do some meditation whereby he is not disturbed and interrupted. Wow.

Just before we left the place, one last pic of us three

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