Monday, July 29, 2013


My life is always filled with some very interesting people that I will not have a chance to actually say "I'm bored" as I am always entertained by these people.

As interesting as they are, it makes me wonder sometimes what happened that they become like that, or they are naturally like that? You may be naturally be in a certain way, but it can be changed.

I realize many many girls have the tendency to get validation from their bfs or the close guy friends. "Am I pretty?" "am I fat" this and that. The second question is a very dangerous question though. You may want to play around with the words before answering her because tsunami is just about to happen.

I see they have been putting so much into beautifying themselves, dolling themselves up so that they stand out in the crowd. But, what they don't realize is that they have put too much in their appearance. They have forgotten about being interesting, being someone with qualities, instead of just being another pretty girl.

You will not be able to compete in that world. For sure, there will be someone prettier, someone taller and etc. What makes you feel worse is that, they do it so effortlessly and you need to spend hours in front of the mirror daily. Is that worth you time and energy? Putting layers and layers of make up will not make you look better. It's not a competition of the thickest layer of make up you can put.

Well, okay let's just say you are the prettiest girl on earth. But, if you do not have the characteristics, the personality, the confidence, that is completely not justified. Look at a flower, it's pretty, it's nice, people look at it. After awhile, they get bored, they will look at another flower. It's the exact same thing with you. If you cannot carry a deep conversation, and all you talk about is a surface kinda thing whether you are a guy or a girl, people's interest will eventually fade off. Think again.

This is not so much of an issue with the past generation. However, it's not a complete zero percentage. There are some who are in their 30s who act like that, STILL. It's shocking but they exist. It's just so common with the ones from Generation Y, sadly.

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