Friday, August 16, 2013


I know this had been the talk of the town now. You can hear along the streets, or even your friends would ask you "Have you watched Conjuring?"

This is a very stressful moment. Based on the convincing skills of some people, I actually tagged along to watch this movie. As this is based on a true story, I really wanna know what can happen.

The spectral feeling started at noon itself when I was thinking if I can just pull back or if anyone wanted the ticket. I was so frightened just imagining the situation I'll be in. Background story, my last horror movie was Ju-on which was a decade ago. Even the light one I cannot take it, what more this.

I can say, it's freaking scary. I was so stressed up that I almost walked out. I just couldn't take it then instead of watching at some point, I whatsapp-ed. Oh and not to forget I was using my jacket either to cover my eyes or ears. So basically I didn't watch the movie you think? Wrong. I know exactly what happened because most parts were too abrupt.

I didn't know there's something called paranormal investigators. 8 generations of family had died before that and as obvious as it had sounded, the farmhouse had been cursed. Ah the doll in the movie looks so freaking ugly but the actual doll looks kinda cute haha. Ed and Lorraine Warren not only investigate this episode, but more too such as Amityville and some others. However, this has got to be the most challenged investigations.

What I was really taken aback was the exorcism that Ed had conducted though he has no prior experience hands-on. He only assisted during the past experience. It looks really creepy and horrifying that it will go down the spine. Now I know that this will exhaust the victim to the max. Oh, I really didn't know that those that had not been baptized are not allowed to have the Priest/Father to have exorcism conducted on them. Instead, they need to wait the approval all the way from the Pope himself. Woah! That's really an information.

If being asked again, despite watching it once, will I go the second time? Upright NO!

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