Sunday, August 18, 2013


Human greed is really atrocious and incredible. There are just so many people getting cheated, yet others fall prey. Therefore, sometimes, you can't blame the culprits, but the victims too.

It's of course the culprits to be blamed, but how bout the victims? One will feel they are the victims, they get cheated and scammed, yet they are being blamed? Why? Simply because they are being themselves - greedy. If they are not greedy, they wouldn't fall victim to these people.

If you think that certain things are too good to be true, 99.999% it really is. Nothing comes free in this world, and regardless where you are in the world, the same theory applies.

If something is offered to you, is there a reason a complete stranger will wanna award that to you? Obviously, they are getting something. If you feel doubtful, do not ever hesitate to research. But, even at that point of time, I'll say to withdraw whatever you have been intended to do. Feelings are most of the time right.

It's amazing that people actually pay thousands of money to someone they don't know. How many companies in the world had been focusing on fake emails. For instance, you login to your bank account, you see security alert at the front page as a stern warning. That's just ONE of the many that I can name of. After hearing these horrifying stories, I wonder why do people not learn until they become the victim themselves. What is wrong with RESEARCH? Everything requires research now. If you don't, that's what happen. Lose the money and the best part is you don't know who you have lost to. If you use anything instant, you don't even know who this person is or where they are from. They take the money and good luck to you. All you can do is to make a police report and hope for a miracle. You know how often miracle happens, right?

"Prevention is better than cure" dude. With all the emphasis, importance, and highlights being stressed by different parties over the years, this is still happening. Guys, girls, use your mind, use your eyes, and use your feelings. You wanna get back the money? Really, this is purely your own stupidity. You can't blame anyone.

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