Friday, September 27, 2013

Konichiwa Day 5 Part 1

After leaving the beautiful ski resort, we did some exercise, some activity more like it. Of course, when you go on things like that, it means money. You need to pay additional cost from the money you have paid to the agent. This is a separate thing.
This is called the snow mobile. It's damn cool. You need to have a mini license to drive it. The guy will give a brief lesson on how to drive it, the do's and the don'ts. Though at other times there are still a lot of snow, but this place is only open for snow mobile in January and February.

Yeah, so after all the tiring activity, we were given Sake to drink from the cold snow we were in haha. It was snowing when we were driving it. Also, there's quite a breath taking view. Again, don't remind me I have lost all the memorable pictures. I feel oh so warm, like a burning sensation.

Tadaaa ... this is a musical shop and apparently it's quite famous. There are so many things there and the things they sell is really ooh la la.

Oh a snow man I saw

Ooh at the streets, they were selling cream puff that cost 160 yen. But, this is not the famous one. The famous one is down the street that cost only 80 yen haha.

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