Sunday, October 13, 2013

Konichiwa Day 5 Part 2

Alright, so after the mini shopping in the cold weather, we went over to Otaru Canal, northwest of Sapporo, 25 minutes drive from there.

Otaru is well known for its beer and the freshness for its sushi. Arts & crafts, such as studio glass and musical boxes belongs to this place :D You can see the river is so calm, and filled with street lamps, it will be so beautiful at night. The wind was rather strong at that point of time. Well, it was winter haha.

It was then dinner. This is the thing, the most expensive stuff I've ever eaten in my whole life. This is the famous Kobe beef from Japan. It's known for its tenderness, flavor, and the texture. These cattles are stress-free, they are fed, massaged, given jazz music to listen to. I would say, they are like the royalties in the cow families.

Of course, the night cannot end without any alcohol. That's the expensive Asahi we get here. Honestly, I don't really like Asahi in comparison with other brands.

Ah this moo moo is so cute haha

Daimaru is a department store for branded shopping. They have a few branches outside Japan as well, such as Thailand, Australia and Hong Kong.

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