Friday, March 28, 2014

2013 Seoul Day 5 Part 2

It's the fifth day after the visit to all necessary places. The King's palace and National Folks Museum.

Coffee time. Seoul and their coffee. It's no longer something that is needed, but it became their daily lives there, a necessity. Here I am in Myeongdong in a cafe called the Workshop.

What a nice sight to look at while sipping away my coffee

Here is where each travel agency will  bring the tourists here for shopping. If you're either a Chinese, Korean, or Japanese, you have no problem here. They speak these 3 languages here. I, am the outcast. However, I just don't like shopping here in Myeongdong as there are too many Chinese tourists around, and it's pretty expensive. Though you can bargain for a lower price, I just don't like it. It's not as low as I want them to be.

Here is the beginning of my hike towards Namsan Tower which is nearby Myeongdong. It's either called Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower, whichever that's easier. Here is the starting point of 1,200 meters up. Good luck!

I really like this place, it gives a very traditional feel together with a classy touch. Well maintained place. There's a cable car that goes up to the top. But, there were WAY too many people lining up. Omg, seriously? It was such a crazy crowd that evening. Unfortunate for me, I had to hike up with my 2 bare feet unprepared. Thank God, the weather was pleasant enough.

That's a mini waterfall, a little break before starting one whole long journey. Oh god.

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