Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Accept or deny?

It was announced that the plane MH370 had ended in the Indian ocean. I know for a fact that it's an official statement released at the press conference on Monday night and there's no denying, it's a very sad moment to know there are absolute no survivals there, but part of me still refuse to believe so.

I do not want to believe, I keep on denying and I am living in denial, until I see evidence and proof that really it had gone into the ocean.

It's not as simple as just believing it even though it's an official statement and things like that. But, these days, you just don't know who, what and where to trust any longer. It's also because it affects the family members of 239 people in there.

There are so many stories that came up right after that, in which you don't know which is the truth and which is not. But one thing for sure, people are so engrossed into the news, not because they feel sorry for the family members of the people in the plane, but the fact that they feel that the truth has been hidden which they relate that to politics. Therefore, speculation started. It's a very sad sight to see of the human race. People became so insensitive, they became so selfish, so cold-hearted that I no longer want to regard them as my fellow countrymen.

With the lack of resource to search for it, it's not surprising that we took such a long time to get the idea that it's at the ocean. Though it has been confirmed, I will only believe it once the plane is located. Anyhow, hopefully the plane magically appears with survivals.

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