Sunday, July 13, 2014

Being Alone

I'm sure, we all know one person, at least one, to be constantly in a relationship. They jump from one to the other. Before they break up with one person, they are sure that there's a back up plan before breaking it off.

I know that one person. It's actually very sad. It's actually good that she's finally getting married. She does not need anymore back up plan. We have all seen her over the years. No matter how terrible the guy treated her, she knows she has to bear with it because there are no other guys then.

The most she's single is not even a week. That's her. That's how capable she is to get into a relationship or how incapable she is to be independent. It depends how you see it haha. After it was called off, this person can go on and on about getting back to him. It's not because she's really into him, but the fact that there are no other guys back then.

It's always nice spending time alone, without that other person's there and the focus is all on yourselves. It's time to reflect what you want, how you want, what suits you and what does not. This is the best time to learn more about yourself, not so much on others. Logically speaking, before you can accept another person in your life, you must first be sure of yourself. When everything is almost perfect, that is the time you allow a second person into your life. If feeling insecure is always a problem, that is going to continue, with another person. Picking up the pieces, dealing with a break up, that, nobody can ever help you, except yourself.

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