Thursday, April 23, 2015

I know I wouldn't

Over the years, we have our own friends come and go. Some stay for a longer time, some shorter. It's either they are there for you, or they teach you a lesson in life. Both are beneficial for you to grow as a person.

You always hear people saying that you know who your true or real friends are when you're down, when you needed someone, they are there. Maybe, that does not necessarily mean the case all the time.

Recently, I come to realize something new. Perhaps, we shouldn't measure things in that old stereotype way anymore. It can be measured in other means too.

I get very irritated when you're down, when you're blue, when you lose it in life because of some stupid break up, you go to people. Saying stuff I cannot live without her, without him, without all that shit. Then, you start thinking bout committing suicide regardless how much people cared. You only have that one person, even putting aside the family ties and the friends. How self-centered people are.  Nowadays I'll say, if you wanna know if that's really your friend, he or she will come to you regardless if it's a down time, or an up time. They don't leave you there. They share things with you. It's not about being an attention-seeker. It's more like if you cared, you want them to be there. It's as simple as that.

You can try saying it's the bf or it's the gf, like screw you I don't buy stuff as lame as that. Tell me something new. People like that wouldn't remember you anymore. You can put them aside and move on with life. Probably they will then appear when they finally get married. Or maybe not. Let's just say, they appear. Question, will you be so kind to bless them by going to his or her wedding?

I know, I wouldn't. I have many more things to do in life, such as drinking coffee.

And, that's not hatred. More like I live looking forward to the future, I've learnt my mistake from the past and I shall not repeat the same old mistake. I come, I see, I go.

That shows what kind of person are you. Never mind being busy, or first few months of honeymoon period, but anymore more than a certain timeframe, it's over. Things like that can neither be accepted nor forgiven. It's not even close to harsh. This is what friends are all about. They leave you when they do not need you anymore. I rather, I do not know you. That's when, we are all strangers that we probably had somehow crossed path at one point. That should then be left at how it was and never look back anymore.

I'll probably change how I think one day, but as of now, that's how things work in my brain. It's the principles of a basic friendship. It's your call. You choose how you live.

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