Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Stop Praying

We can no longer believe and trust someone is all good when they go to church / mosque / temple. Regardless the religion are you, it teaches you good things, be kind to people, do not do anything against a human's conscience, all in all, to the right path.

It doesn't wipe all your sins away just by praying. You don't even have to go to the place to worship, because everything is from within. People will be happy for you, friends will be glad, if you pray and regret all your wrongdoings. BUT, if you keep on doing things that is against a human conscience, yet go to the place of worship, you think you will be forgiven and all your sins will be wiped away? Stop joking. Don't kid me that way, that's an insult to a human's brain.

I do not care the religion you belong or the belief you have. I care how you treat people, pray, and victimize yourself. That's a brilliant way of living. While analyzing and thinking the past, I realize, perhaps, you're another sociopath in our community. I feel sad for people around you.

Those who care only for their own personal needs and desires, wanting to be the centre of attention all the time, with an abnormal social behavior. S/he may have many friends, or acquaintances, but just a few of close ones. People are leaving your side one after another. If you're not careful, you will be left alone very soon.

Conclusion? Stop praying if you're continue to step low, way down into that level of society when you can even bitch behind a friend's back. What makes one think that they can trust you? They obviously don't. With that attitude and the kind of luck in your life, you have my greatest sympathy, yet, I will remain my distance because I do not want to be that another victim of yours. Thank you so much. Again, there is a reason why one's life turned out this way, again and again, there's no luck in things he does. Why? it's just karma, dude!

I do not wanna have a friend and yet I have to becareful with my words.

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