Thursday, March 30, 2006

In the process ...

More pics as requested, it's not clear because it's from PDA

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Eye brow... Gong Gong must be damn happy

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I think this is enhancing double eye lid

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Helpppp ... my virgin face

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It's raining, so have to go to the shed

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Is she drawing eye liner? I dunno haha

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Waiting ... hehe

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Doing my eye lashes ...

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Monkey backside ... blusher hehe

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Look like what? I dont know ... maybe calling for ABU

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My lips ...

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I'm done ... tadaaa

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*salute* so da powderful ne ...

Before ...

These are the pics with PDA but ... before it all started ... We were having lunch in Setapak ..

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Oi ... dont take my pic

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Boohooo ...

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Stone ...

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Caught being stone ...

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Boohooo ... I want to sleeeeeep ...

In Gombak ...

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SIgh tired deh ...

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Poor Kassie ... but I memang pressured leh .. wanted to sleep so badly

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Got up already ...

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Kassie finding the stuff .. get reaady ..

Gong Gong da bullier!

I have a confession to make. The confession of the day/week/month/year/decade/century is that Gong Gong is a real big bully.

AIyerrrr ... photoshoot today, hmm no it was yesterday. I am nobody okay, I am just a plain fella in town. Expect the worse from me. Papa was supposed to reach here at 11am but he eventually reached at 12pm due to trafic congestion. Still, I did not sleep since 5pm the day before. I have not slept until now though. Hmmph ... met Gong Gong and ate lunch and I didn't want to go into the car. Mengada I know but I could not help it. I was very sleepy okies. When we reached, I refused to get down. Haha not throwing tantrums leh ... just that I was ... tensedddddd. Not my fault hehe. Gong Gong ... are you? :p

Then I got down, bla bla bla ... aiyerrrrrrrr make up time. My poor virgin face. At least Kassie did it haha. Of course I trust her, rite :p Actually, damn lucky to tell you the truth. Later on, I saw my face in Pali Pali's mirror and for a minute, I starred and could not recognize myself at all. I really could not. It's like a totally different person. The magic of make-up adoi.

Start shooting lor ...
Gong Gong, I honestly telling you that I don't know how to pose. I really really do not know. I seldom tell the truth to people, but I am telling you this very seriously and honestly that I do not know.
Hehe when Gong Gong was shooting me, Kylie got caught and it's make-up time for her, which means, she is going to be shot as well.

Later on, I have to go to one corner to change to my tube. It's a park okayyyy ... but anyway don't care. What I mind is ... gua punya tummy besar leh ... hehe ... then started shooting again. After me, lend Kylie my spaghetti and jeans and it's her turn. I tell you ... she really pose maut okay. I almost died there and then. Luckily, Abu came to save me by donating his blood to me. That's why I am blogging now. While Gong Gong was shooting her, I was sampating around ... as usual hehe. Hmm ... last episode is da two gurls scene.
Again.. Gong Gong I'm telling you that I do not know how to pose and please trust me for once okay. Thank you.

Yada yada yada went to dunno what pageant in Kuchai Lama then yamcha. Fooiyoh ... you know what? I saw an animal there!!! Honestly!!! That's why I smelt something which was so disgustingly and freakingly smelly to the extend that I can throw up. But of course I did not because it's not worth it. Funny thing is ... don't understand why that animal was showing the back to us.
Are you scared???? HAHA!
Tell you the truth ... she was asking someone to look at us. I can't blame that animal seriously, because it is retarded. If that animal is a nice animal, I will feel bad for it but fact is ... this animal is not worth all that and is a tragedy to all living creatures. What a sad sad case.

But then ... dont understand why I got that card from Jersey. I'm not interested to take part in pageant ne .... aiyer Gong Gong lu jangan sampat. Some more since when there's people take vital stats in mamak aiyoooo ...

Now, get ready for interrogation later at night from my dad. He was panicked to know that I actually brought my bags out in the morning. If it's not my aunt then who ... right? Hah! I'm in trouble. Wish me luck everyone. Thanx. Not the truth please, he will kill me into pieces!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

New Phone ...

Hehe ... I got my phone yesterday. Thank you to Papa, he got the phone for a so much cheaper price. 270 bucks instead of a market price of 399 bucks. What a difference ... WOW!

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Hheeheh ... love this ... good enough for me and it's so naish. I don't need a camera phone since I already have a cam.

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In the other hand, I got the sim card from Nick. Hhehee .. sank you arr ... dont worry, you are under my protection hehehehe :p It's free instead of 50 bucks with the police report. Oh gosh! So damn naish! Supposed to get the card today [Tuesday] the earliest, but I got it yesterday night. WHoaaa ... efficient deh ...

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Hehe ... the balance of it ...

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Image hosting by Photobucket

Enough ... and no more ... :p

Nokia 1600

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This is Nokia 1600 and market price is RM399. Most probably I'm getting this phone. What do you think?

Key Features
  • Color screen with up to 65,536 colors
  • Simplified menu and navigation
  • Icon-based phone book
  • Sleek, executive design with chrome details
  • Speaking alarm/clock
  • Polyphonic ringing tones with MP3-grade sound
  • Graphical demo mode for phone features both with and without SIM card
  • Full-size animated color screensavers
  • Wallpaper and themes - personalize your phone
  • SMS and picture messaging
  • Over the air download of ringing tones and logos (over SMS)
  • Speed dialing for SMS sending
  • Large SMS storage on phone - up to 60 SMS
  • Easy erase for SMS - easier to sort stored SMS in the phone
  • Undo item in SMS editor to avoid accidental deletions, improving SMS efficiency
Phone Features
  • Demo mode for phone features - application that displays basic phone functions and games with or without SIM card
  • Changeable Xpress-on™ color covers - refresh the look of your phone occasionally
  • Large contact storage - up to 200 entries in built-in phonebook, with up to another 250 stored in the SIM card (SIM card dependent)
  • Displays color wallpapers and screensaver
What do you think? :p hehe ... the link is at the title, just click on it if you want to see hehe .. :p

Depression Signs

Back to the depression topic, the talk wasn't all that boring actually. Although I did not really listen to what they are saying, but I was reading the slides and there were some phamplets and brochures given to us. And you know what? The symtoms that mentioned were actually sort of described me ... hehe. This is what I can remember.

1. Can't sleep/Sleep too much
2. Can't eat/eat too much
3. Feel tired
4. Headache
5. Giddy
6. Abdomen pain
7. Chest pain
8. Lose concentration
9. Change in behaviour

OKay, that's what I can remember hehe ... kinda true muahahhaha. Dangerous ... so dont make me stress okies :p dont break my heart and I'll be fine.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Anti-Depression Campaign

Thursday's Event: Go to the anti-depression campaign [support my boss]

I was supposed to meet Zoe, Kylie, and Kerry at 10am in dunno what building is that. However, unfortunate event took place. I was supposed to wake up at 8am, Papa was supposed to wake me up then ... yup unfotunate event took place. Apparently, the alarm clock did not ring (uh-huh). In the end, I was woken up around 9.30am. I told Papa to sms Kylie to inform that we were going to be late because I woke up late and please don't curse me.

Then, being too hungry, we went to Restoran-whatever-it-is-called. Still in my dreamland, I was very quiet as usual eating roti bakar. As soon as I walked out from that restaurant, I saw one bloody creature in blue writing something beside the jeep. I ran immediately but who knows, I got the love letter from him already. Too late, my dear! I don't think I will pay up because it cost a bloody 100 bucks. Dream on!

We reached there, parked our car and now it's time to find where it is located. Hmmph ... called Dr Liew but knowing this cipalang doctor who is THAT busy, she did not pick up the call. Only few minutes later, Papa got her. We headed there, saw that sampat and we went to "class". Saw Zoe, Potato and Pali Pali there. Some performance there, have not heard about the band before, but I did hear of one of the songs before. Later on, it was a talk given by a psychiatrist and oh my oh my ... it was freaking boring. I kept complaining that I was sleepy because I was really sleepy hehe could not help it, followed by a talk given by a doctor with the name of Dr Chris. Ended there and Sarah kept pestering us to go ahead for either the Intelligence Talk or the Beauty Talk. Zoe had to go for class, but we were caught stranded. Looking at our surrounding, Sarah was nowhere to be seen so we ran! Who knows! We saw her near the exit door -_- potong stim! Luckily, somebody interrupted her and we ran for our lives hehe.

We headed to Sunway Pyramid then and had lunch, sat down there and yada yada yada. That's all thank you. Speech over hehe.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Very unfortunate

As I said that I was going for medical check-up, I did go ahead with it. Well ... it was torturing trying to wake up and the alarm kept going on and on and I only managed to REALLY wake up more than half an hour later than expected. I know that the appointment was not that early, but I still feel it is early for me.

I drove to the KTM station, as there is no point for me driving to the hospital when my mom can send me back after I finished. I tell you, the weather was bloody hot okay. I was lucky enough to be able to find that parking space inside the station itself, with the ridicolously small parking spaces.

Ok fine, nobody was at the counter and luckily I had change to buy the tix with the machine. Train came, got down at Putra, which is 2 stops away from Kepong. Walked all the way to LRT to take to Titiwangsa. Again, walked all the way to Sentosa under that bloody freaking hot weather and conclusion is, I was BBQ-ed by the sun. There was no shade at all okies.

Medical check-up was okay, but seriously I dont like it. This is my first time getting my body checked and ewww ... not nice. In addition to that, it's even worse when my mom works in the hospital ... boohooooo. Trust me, it's not nice feeling.

My mom sent me back to my car in KTM Kepong, I got down but my bag and hers were tangled at each other. I drove home only to realize that my phone was not to be seen. I thought I left it in my car or something, but I did not. I went to search high and low for it, but in vain. I did search in my mom's car as well, no result. I tried to call but it's engaged. I tried and tried to call and that person switched off my phone. So sad.... but I'm ok no worries. Funny thing is I don't feel depressed. I can still laugh at it. I don't know why.

Boring ....

Nothing happened, very uneventful life lately, but quite nice, relaxing and soothing because I'm stress-free. It's so much better compared to last week coz of certain reasons.

Today wasn't that interesting, was supposed to have breakie, but it turned to be lunch instead. Hehe Burger King ... yum yum yum.

As soon as I finish my lunch, Uncle Chua called me hehe. Long time that I did not hear from him and heard that Chiyo-san has finally got her car haha. Prolly one of these days will be yamcha-ing with them.

Medical check-up tomorrow .... boohoo ....

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

dim sum breakie

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hehe ... went with papa and tkj joined us later on :p

Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Doraemon Day

Happy Birthday papa Dora ... :D :D

32 .... 6 years more and he will be 38 ... really sampat then haha ... hope you like what you got from Sammie and me hehe and also your title hoho ...

This was how he celebrated:
Saturday, with so many people. hehe ... should be happy :p ahem

Sunday, with TKJ, Quack 5, Lulu, Potato, Pali Pali, me in Delicious. TKJ Becky is so so mean, she ate quack. My gawd! Imagine? Quack! Heartless ....Later Quack, and Gong Gong joined mamak later on.

Happy Birthday to you
You are born in a factory
with the other robot cats
Happy Doraemon Day

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Hope you did enjoy yourself :D

Saturday, March 18, 2006

2nd Month Anniversary, Blog

Today, marks the 2nd month for my blog. HAHA! Ok taking pics in dim sum there was quite da ... candid shot

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Totally no idea he took this

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Look sampat I know ... soli la

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No more sampat partner to take pic in toilet

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Candid too ... :s

Actually I have a lot more ... as well as ex-papa's and gong gong's pics but then I'm afraid that if I put up, they will slaughter me. Be on the safe side, be good and dont post.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Touch me not

I used to have this friend who love to touch people when he is talking. When you talk to him, there is a lot of body contact. Even until now, I don't know the reason of him doing so and it is not like I am very close to him, we are not even close. Rephrase that, I wasn't even close to him. At that time, I only knew him for a few months. Ouch!

Well, I was not fond of him before, never was. However, he thought that I do like him very much as a friend. Fact is, I don't. That's sad yes, but ... he really thought so. I could not be bothered what he thinks but for goodness sake, don't touch me when you are talking to me because I don't like you.

I warned him for few times but he ignored and neglected my warnings. Again and again I told him and he couldn't care much about it. I was pretty much agitated about that. My guy friend told him the same thing, again and again, and he refused to change. I was pretty much frustrated, annoyed, irritated and got very pissed with him because he has been touching me too much. He was just too extreme.

One fine day, I could not take this any longer and I told him not to touch me. I was clearly angry at him and he should know that, doink! He took it as a joke I supposed. I didn't care if he take it as a joke or seriously, it's not for me to say. I gave him a last warning that, if he ever touch me again, I was not going to talk to him EVER. I did not see him for that few days after that, but on the day I saw him again, he did the same old bloody actions. That's it dude, you are out from my life.

I insisted I was not going to talk to him. Just after he did that, I told him straight and just walked away. He was left standing there with some blurness on his face and mind. He was confused for the next few days of why didn't I want to talk to him anymore. He asked my guy friend and he told him the reason. Padan muka!

I didn't talk to him for the next few months and when I accidentally bumped into him, I will just walk straight as if he is not existed. That's the best way unless he change. No matter what he did after that, things could not be the same again. I just could not accept this act and I gave him too many chances but he neglected and ignored. Moreover, he did not respect for who am I, did not respect my privacy.

Conclusion, I have not been keeping in touch with him since then. I don't have to and he is just history and he is not part of my life since. That's the end of the road.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bored bored ...

When you are bored, this is what you do

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Actually, I have more but then better not, if not Gong Gong will say that I'm hiao -_-