Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Pili Pala...

Nothing much happened during the weekends ... err actually I couldnt remember what I did? Err well I did .. since there were 2 emo people ... then both accompany each other haha *pats SP*. Ohh and I erm ... met with Loo Hui and Irene as Onii was there. They are nice people :D

Monday nothing really happened too ... just that I went to check my teeth at the dentist located at Desa Jaya. Well, erm ... I could not really catch what he said to me. I had to think what was he saying to me. Well well ... I was so afraid that he would charge me so damn kau[bloody] a lot. Hehe ... all I heard was wisdom tooth here and there but I dont know. Anyway, Piggy did something ... strengten her braces I guess and that cost her 100 bucks wah lau eh [omg] ...

The next day [Tuesday] I went to my previous dentist. This one ... hehe can swipe card. I wanted to cabut[run away] from the dentist I went the day before coz they dont accept card, only cash. I prefer this dentist, the one I went before, much better because he speaks clearly.
According to him, I already had 2 wisdom tooth out, just that I didnt know about it at all and one wisdom teeth is still growing. After that, went to Yong Len and headed to 1U. Erm .. bought some stuff hehe ... one green top, sleeveless yes and it's exposed at the back hoho. Bought it from Blook for 40 bucks and one shorts until the knees from Romp. I guess that's all. Where else did I go? That's all? Omg ... short term memory lost.

Coffee Bean yesterday was the launching of Fooxion and I was late, felt so bad for not attending it on time but really I was tired because I was out whole day and Sammie had shooting yesterday. Nice to be there, can see different styles of shooting from different photographers. Every photographer has their own styles of shooting and nothing is wrong or right. It's personal perceptions, it depends how you shoot a subject and how you see it. Very subjective and everyone has their own ways of doing their own things. Though I was just the kuli[slave] there, but great exposure to observe.

Bye Bye :(

Hello all, tomorrow will be my last day in Malaysia before leaving for Swiss at night for one year. Hope that everything turns out fine and no obstacles along the way in the airport and all. All the best everyone and enjoy yourselves.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A day filled with sorrow

This happened last Friday .... so many things.

I went out in the afternoon with my mom bla bla bla ... KLCC then ate lunch with my dad ... shop a little while for my stuff bla bla bla then had my hair cut then bla bla bla to 1 Utama for bla bla bla then my uncle dropped my cousins there bla bla bla then babysit until nite bla bla bla

My mom had this ... Cuppucino ... SFC - 1 Utama

While this was what I took ... erm actually my first option would be Coffee Bean, I have always liked CB the most ... more than any other similar cafes ... just that usually I dont patron CB instead the competitors haha

I got this for my dad ... Happy Birthday :D

I went back to babysit for few hours then later at night, I went out because I wasn't feeling all that good already due to some stuff that happened. I just have to get out from my house to get the fresh air ... I'm not saying that my house is not nice and that I can't get fresh air, but the fact is if I stay at home, I'll be worse, I will keep thinking and my condition would not be any better. Thanx for the company everyone :)

This is us ... at Al Madina in Damansara Mutiara ... actually I gate crashed because it's actually a yamcha session for the drifters

After Sammie left, we continued taking pics

This time with Papa ...

Luckily it's not THAT close up, if not can see my swollen eyes

Oh shit .. this was what I meant earlier ... SP so nice wearing cap :D

Monday, June 26, 2006

Fooxion Launch - 9pm @ Coffee Bean SS2

Tomorrow is the launching of Fooxion, a Malaysian food community forum. It will take place at 9pm at Coffee Bean, SS2. Those who are free, are welcomed to drop by for the launch.

Btw, the site now is still close from last week due to some upgradings under progress and will be officially launched tomorrow at the stated time above.

At present, only the homepage is available

Tyre Punctured Day

This happened on the same day I went to Chilli's the other day ... *tang tang* bad news ...

It was actually on the way back from MidValley in Bangsar and there's this I dont know what you call that .. huge gigantic stone ... erm not stone ... ok ... something ... and dunno which devil put that something in the middle of the road ... then BOOM! ANgin[air] ... piu piu piu

See that? Gone case ... then went to Shell ....

Magic ...

Well, that was not my car ... but you know what? My car's tyre punctured on the same day ... such bad luck and now I declare that day as Tyre Punctured Day

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Finally, it was Thursday and on that day, I had passed Samantha, Rayleen's friend, a clayssories from MYB. Yah, lober, you will be getting it soon haha. Before meeting her, I went to see how does she look like in lober's blog HAHA.

Right after that, it's MidValley time. SP was there to meet her friend from UK. Basically, it's a hi hi bye bye thingy. Thus, we met her in Chilli's. Erm ... I was out of cash, so ordered something err ... reasonable.

Not long after we sat down, her friend left to avoid the jam. We continue hanging out in Chilli's but it was cold there. This it is ..

This was what I ordered ... ate until jelak

This is us ...

Me lar ...

SP had to go around 5 plus ...

Hmm ... I didnt really eat in Chilli's before. All I have eaten before was just finger food and nothing more. Oh maybe a drink then. I dont think I have the cash to do so. So, I shall just eat in economic place haha.

This is my normal toilet pic ... but this time was without Nyakk

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sushi King tsk tsk

These few days, been busy ... going through some stuff that ... erm ...

Okay anyway, few days ago, I went to this place called 1 Utama. And in 1 Utama, I entered this restaurant called Sushi King, located in Ground Floor, opposite of Yum Yum Bak Kut Teh owned by Datuk Richard or something like that.

Each time I want to eat sushi, I frequent there. It has been a long time I have not eaten sushi, and Piggy have not eaten since last year as she was in Scotland. We entered ... la la la .. eat ... la la la ...

OKay I know this is a bit sesat ... coz ... coz .... ok I better dont say it

Then, as we ate there, we wanted more Ocha [Green Tea]. So we asked for it and one fella, named Tini served us. Btw, she isnt thin. You know that her legs are so precious until she cant even walk further to pour the drink, instead she waited for us to give her our cup. Oh her hands are THAT heavy as well. I have to stretch out.It's the same goes to another idiot, working at the same time. The time then was 3.55pm, Tuesday, 20th June, 2006. While we were paying, she smiled but it's too late. And yes ... 10% service charge for this. Outrageous!

The next day, I met up with Elaine and Papa ... and went to watch Tokyo Drift in Cine Leisure? Yah the new one in The Curve, forgot what is it called. Well ... the movie itself ... what can I say? Storyline sucks ... if you are just there to see the cars, then I guess it's fine. If you go for the storyline .. better you stay at home and sleep. The sound system isnt good, I prefer GSC so much more as well as TGV.

And oh ... this is one of the last pic I took before I had my hair cut :( sedihnya ...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Busy Busy ...

As I said, I was very busy over the weekend here and there. After I got back home around 3 plus in the morning after the party, I had to wake up as we were going to Low Yat on Sunday itself. I picked up Quack around 2 and went to Sammie's house and went in one car with her mom.

We went bla bla bla ... reached there, walked around, and started to go hunting for Sammie's laptop as something happened when she just got back here. Finally, she found hers ... previously it was JackToshi and now it's ToshiPiero. Now, AceBob has a new pal already :p by the way, AceBob is my lappie :D

I got myself a 2GB pen drive, few CD-RW and one head set. I forgot how much is the total .. let's see pendrive costs 175, eh ... I forgot the other 2. Nvm haha. After that, went back, sat in Sammie's house for a little while then I went to 1U to meet SP as there was a drifting event there.

I saw Meow Meow's car and he was drifting away when I just arrived, Serena C was the emcee for that night and there were few dancers. The guy is quite cute heh ... there were 2 girls ... the others are all quite short :s By the way, the entrance was only for invitation. I had no choice but to sneak in. Haha ... it's been a long time I did not see group dancing, so the feeling is definitely nice.


While Quack was talking with the guy, this was what we did haha

It's the same, but this is without flash

In KFC, after we ordered food and waiting ....

This was the day after that when I went to Piggy's house ...

Sorry, no pics from the drifting event ... did not take, SP took some though :p

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

HiHi ByeBye

Continue from the previous post ...

As I have mentioned earlier, I went home only at 10 plus in the morning, which means I can have only a few hours of sleep before the party. Btw, it's a hihi byebye party. Yah, my SP is very creative, dont you think so? She was the one who thought of this idea, it is her that the party happened. Yeah, of course there's some reason behind it. The Hi is for Sammie, welcome back to Malaysia, while the Bye is for me, bye bye my friends.

Supposingly, I fetch Quack at 4 pm, but then, sigh .. I was sleepy so was taking my own sweet time to get prepared. In the end, I reached there half an hour later than the expected time.

Then, we went to buy some stuff and all. You know what? We had a big problem, problem is I know the amount of people who are confirmed, but some are not confirmed, I dont know whether to include them or dont. I just dont know. Quite stress ne. Quack and me prepared the mushroom soup, sandwiches and I ordered pizzas as well as cake. Others brought some stuff there as well. In the end, we had extras, as Onii and his princess didnt turn up, as well as Gong Gong and his people. Sigh! But luckily Papa came with his brother, if not I am so going to screw him up. However, Meow turned up later.

Ahhhh ... my SP is so smart. She actually brought board games there coz knowing the condition of the house, without telly downstairs, no Astro, no nothing, it's damn boring, yes I know. So she brought a few games but we only played one which is called Pictionary because it was so fun. Looking at people's drawing and laugh is not something you can always do. I know that I am a bad bad bad artist, but then, aiyoh dont la laugh until like that. Aper ler ... [what ler] dont make me shy ok. As a result of the laughter the night before, my stomach actually cramp the day after that haha but it was all worth it. As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine

We had a break and then we cut cake ... clean up and it ended around 3am. Quite a small group but it was fun. Thank you everyone who attended.

I went back home and I kantoi on the bed until the next morning without waking up at all, that was a really nice sleep

Attendance: Quack, Sammie, Darren, SP, Meow, Papa, Papa's brother, Boss, Lulu, Joanne

Pictures pictures

It's the Dede fingers

Actually not bad but with flash ... :( I've always liked pictures without flash

muahahha :P

Monday, June 19, 2006

A Moment To Remember

Ooh lala, Nyakk, here is the update you are waiting for.

Last Friday was quite a hectic day, a day fully booked with things. It all started with the meeting with Onii. Hmmph ... but, something happened. As I wanted to leave my house, Sammie called me and I thought that she was already there. But nope she called to ask me to fetch her as Commander was involved in an accident :s Aiiii ... then yah, we were late there, not THAT late, but late. To our surprise, Cheesie was there too :O Fine ... then we had a hard time deciding what to eat. At last, we went to the Fish Market located in Ikarno near to Gong Gong's working place.

This was taken before meeting Onii ...

Then we dropped by at Gong Gong's shop as Sammie wanted to say hie to him. He then joined us for lunch.

I dont know the name of this ... dont ask me, but it was filling and damn full k. Damn broke after that.

This is the combi of Nyakk and Nyokk haha ... and Ringo

Later on, we went to the Cold Storage upstairs .... dont know why already.

Sorry my hands are not long enough hehe

Next Station : Pet Safari

I know that I am not a fan of cats, but this fella is cute hehe, oh Meoww~Are you Quack 5's friend? If you dont understand why are there so many Quacks around, then let me tell you. There is a Quack family here. There's a commander, I'm Quack 2, Lulu is Quack 3 aka King of Kok, Jo is Quack 4 aka @lien, Iskii is Quack 5 aka Meow and Gong Gong is Quack 6.

We werent supposed to take pic but here it goes, the workers weren't looking at all so we snapped heheh ... :D

This guy here is incredibly adorable man ....

After that, we went down to StarBucks to wait for Onii and Ringo as Quack was already there ...

Yay! This is us again ...

And more of us ... this is what to do while bored ... or when the feeling is there

Hahaha ... this is my Nyakk :D :D

and me ;) quite a candid shot

Erm ... I know this is like as though I am being forced to smile ... haha

This is definitely a candid shot ..

While this is the last pic before we left Tesco or Ikarno or IKEA or The Curve, whichever you want to say haha

Then, bla bla bla Sammie went back to have a shower, waited for her then we went back to Tesco haha .. spend pratically the whole day there, my god!

As I was in Tesco looking for parking and already found one, these fellas who arrange those trolleys were so irritating. People wanted to park, they cant even wait a single second before pushing the trollet and had to block my way. They made me waited for them, but they asked me to reverse instead, they were so bloody annoying. So so inconsiderate k. Babi! Stupid jungle! Brainless asses -_-

See those trolleys? How am I supposed to reverse with those stupid trolleys there? Made me go forward and reverse for so many times. God dammit!

This is us ... after parking and arriving there .... tang tang

After that, we waited for I-Lulu .... a certified KOK ... kaka and then went to err ... what do you call that Pancake House ... to meet Onii again haha but this time with a bigger crowd. There were Excalibur aka Arthur aka Onii's boss there, RIngo's friend, Albert and another guy. I dont know why but that time I felt like my brain was frozen. I mean, you know the feeling when you are already feeling cold, and you still consume very cold food, and you felt as though your brain is freezing? That's the feeling. Something like migraine but a bit worse than that. Erm ... not going to comment on that night though.

After sitting for hours there, we went to Baskin Robin in which Onii treated us ... so paiseh ne

Only after that, we cabuted to Murni. But, tell you what ... we should have gone to Murni earlier ... seriously, it was so much more fun though only the three of us. The ambience was so much better. I felt so comfy there and watched the Holland game which was absolutely exciting. Oh My god ... we sat there until quite late, 4 plus I guess, then off we went tata Murni, so it was a camping night at Murni. It's a seasonal kinda thing that I didnt stay home. Well .. erm ... actually it happened before the last time Sammie was back here, I stayed over at her place, not sleeping for more than 24 hours and that day, the same thing happened, but we were in somewhere else haha ... without sleeping for 24 hours hehe, looking damn stoned and damn drunkard kaka ... you know why? This is the result of Baskin Robin's and 3 Teh O Ais Limau consumption.

But, only when we were awake that night, the dede fingers is born :D Prolly, if we did not, then there would not be any dede fingers haha ... damn funny damn hilarious laughing at nothing, I went back home around 10 plus and slept for few hours, I had to wake up to prepare for the party already ... til then stay tune for party time babeh ...

This is the day, in which, I would not forget, it's A Moment To Remember

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Haha ... this is a receipt when I ate at Lit Heong the other day. I ate Sting Ray, Deer meat, and drinks [100 plus and chinese tea] costs us like RM22.70 [dad and me]. But ... you know what? The woman actually counted wrongly because the stingray alone cost 17 bucks, it's 17!!! Damn expensive and it's so the superbly small. So, the actual price should be RM32.70, haha got a 10 bucks rebate. Guess seldom we can have that kind of discount hehe.

O.o yesterday was one hell of a night, erm ... blog later as there's a party going on later. Tata~

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Welcome back, Nyakk!!

It was a busy busy day yesterday, and no, I wasn't busy of anything important like work and stuff like that, instead I was busy going out here and there.

See, Elaine asked me to meet at The Curve at 3pm because there's a class, okay so-called class by her koko, the web whatever class, in which I dont know anything about it. Since, I have no lunch here, so okay no problem I went to fetch her. But, I was doing something until I forgot the time. Thus, I was a bit late. Then, someone said that change the time to 4 instead -_- Alright, fine, then we reached there I had my I dont know what meal is that. Brunch? Trunch? I dont know. So anyway, I had my whatever meal in Tesco, located at a corner lot, err ... forgot what is it called, recommended by Elaine.

This is Paprik Ayam, cost err ... RM4.50 for this and they are such smart asses because they charge you seperately with the rice[RM1.00]. Damn teruk okay. Then fine, I ate, quite nice but look at it, the portion is so sibeh small. I ate it only to tahan my hunger coz I dont feel anything eh, didnt even touch my stomach

After that, we can even walk arounnd for more than an hour, STILL ... he wasn't there yet. Elaine managed to buy a skirt, I managed to buy my socks as my legs were hurting. The shoes bit me :( Luckily, it was like RM9.90. Do you know what time he finally came? 5 something -_- so it's around 2 hours plus. Nevermind, let's just say the appointment is at 4, but still he was late for 1 hour plus. Papa .... go longbia

After that, Papa send Elaine back while I left my car in Tesco. Later on, we went to fetch Pali Pali from Sunway College, as she's going back to Malacca today. Then, we were supposed to meet up with Quack, Lulu and Nyakk in Murni at 9.15 ... aper lerr. I have not met with Nyakk since she was back on Monday. FINALLY ... WELCOME BACK NYAKKKK.

Then of course, hello nyakk bye bye pali pali ... here it goes, pictures time

This was before Nyakk came ... so we took pix first

Hahahha Pali Pali's one eye hidden ...

Of course this is not all because I cam-whored maximum with Papa's camera, so nice so clear okayyyyy .... I wantttt ... for mine, I only have a few good shots, but then again, I didnt really take with my cam, as there were err .. so many cameras around.

After Nyakk came ..

Yay ... picture of 3 of us together :D YaY!

Hmm ... I think Papa's cam has more than 100 ... oops .... not my fault ...

More pics here ... :p