Sunday, December 31, 2006

Thai Name


That is my Thai name. Michele. Krab Kun kra. Haha. Nothing better to do. Sorry.

Mt. Rigi

Here I am ... blogging again, in Geneve. No, it's not my place but Galih. Just for the time being. Oh my gawd ... I didnt know I can manage that bags. But, I took the direct train from Luzern to Geneve, Gleis 5 12.55 departed and reached at 3.50. I can actually take an earlier one but we ... having no food to eat for the past 2 days as the engineering came to the hotel and locked the kitchen, had to go for the last resort - instant noodles. So, for once in 6 months, we were so excited of going back to school - just for brunch. I dont now, being a hero, let's see how many hours I dont have to sleep later. My big luggage was sent from SBB Luzern to SBB Geneve and I'll collect it tomorrow at 6pm from Bahnhoft or la gare ... terserah la. So, by hand I have one hand luggage, one laptop bag, one bag on my right shoulder, one on my left shoulder and holding another 2 plastic bags. Miracle happened. I managed to reach Galih's place safe and sound in 1 piece. Yeay!

And let's continue this, I almost forgot about this until that I was browsing my pics in Goh's place the other day. My trip to Mt. Rigi. Just one and a half hours from Luzern? I'm not that sure, but more or less.

This is the hotel that Yu Wen went for interview. She rejected it, the place is quite dodgy, the ventilation isn't good but they are doing some renevation now. Their seminar room is like my primary class room -_- Most of the customers, as expected, are old folks.

This is a tourist attraction. It's just located below the hotel. From the outside, it looks like some abandoned place. But, it's actually a church.

Nice eh

This was taken from far back ...

And further back ..

This is at the main door ... where they have all these wordings ... I dont understand all that so .. dont ask me :D

These are the pictures :)

Outside of the hotel :D

We saw this very cute hotel dog but he was running up and down, couldnt snap his pic

Finally, went to the station to wait for the train down ... and it looks like this

Yeah .. a train that do not look any different from kindergarden trains -_- those colours :S


Yesterday, I was online in Goh's place and I saw the temperature, blardy hell ... -7 in Luzern and I was freezing away. In Luzern was -7, Malters would be even colder :S

Who knows that when I was online, I saw something .... very weird. Yes, very weird. See, the place that I online from is Malters, CH. But, what I saw was Luzern, CH which is located in Luzern or my school, called IMI. But, in my school, only English students are there at the moment but it's quite impossible to be them. Umm ... who can it be? Nevermind forget it, I have an idea but not sure, so forget about it.

Saturday, December 30, 2006


When talking about Switzerland, it's about chocies, watches, cheese, mountains and stuff like that.

Today was actually my first time eating Toblerone here .. and it has been a long time.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I googled this out anyway haha

But honestly, I dont like this chocolate. Even from before .. no! Just before eating this, I was eating Lindt and the difference is humongous. I miss LIndt. :( Toblerone for me is just too hard and I dont like it. And ... I am so hungry now ... Lindt ... yu tee nai? [where are you?]

Friday, December 29, 2006

Prank ...

This is a prank - quite funny. Hope someone doesnt do that on me :s :s

Yesterday, I watched Andai Ia Tahu .. not so nice, not gonna continue watching it. Quite boring.

Just finished

Now .. searching for more :D


This is so weird. I cant seem to upload any pics even if I have them in this pc. So, if I really wanna upload any pics from this pc, I guess my last resort would be uploading it in photobucket, and .. I hate that.

These few days have been ... erm I dont know. Since we came back, I did not step out. Well, not to say that there are places to go, but ... it's just bad. At least in IMI, I step out of my room, I walk to main dining hall and just walk around in school blindly. At least, I do walk around. But here ... oh my ... walk? to where :S Not to say that the temperature here is nice. The temperature in Luzern is -2 currently, so here should be colder as it's up at a hill. So basically all I do is just sit sleep wake up online sleep watch youtube, watch gokusen and it just rotates.

Here, I found this pic from Goh's pc ... haha
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I guess this will be the last pic from the grad ... no more I think :o

while for this, sneak preview on my trip to davos, where I spend my Christmas this year throwing up celebrating

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

That's all from me ... for now. Hope.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Indon movies

Apa artinya cinta

Alexandria - song sang by Peter Pan

Tentang Dia - I dont like this personally, only like the soundtrack .. bosan banget

Learned these 3 words
pengen - nak
bokap - dad
kocak - comedy

Learning Languages

Let's learn other languages today haha ..

Thai Language - Sa wa dee kra

French Language - Salut

French - but they speak pretty fast :S slow down dei .. langsam ... langsam ..

French - Food

A bit of update from Christmas:
We went up on 23rd of December, it was already nite that time because we purposely took after 7 train coz it's gratis [free] as all of us have Gleis 7 karte. Reached there around 11 plus, and the last bus up had gone long before us. So, we have no choice, we walked up for half an hour .. my gawd .. though it snows ... and it was supposed to be freezing cold, but it was hot for us, as we walked uphill for half an hour haha .. good exercise :p then at nite, who knows ... I woke up 5 donkey times to throw up and it was already christmas eve .. dammmittt -_- ahh but anyway .. doesnt matter. The aftermath only came yesterday so that's fine. Christmas Eve itself we went for sightseeing and we had Chinois Fondue at nite. :D haha .. yeay! Next day, checked out ... and here I am now .. bye bye :p as I have mentioned, no pics .. until I can get online with my pc if not, that's it

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Learning German

take a look at this, quite cute

German - expressions

German - greetings

German - restaurants

Have a merry blessed christmas

First of all, I am late I know, but it's still 25th of December here. So, merry christmas to everyone out there, wherever you are, have a great christmas, enjoy yourself.

Secondly, I am back from Davos, 4 hours from Luzern. So, it makes it 4 and a half hours to 5 hours from Malters. The place I am staying now is called Malters.

Have a merry merry christmas. Currently, I am using Goh's pc, so I dont think I can update as much as I can, as .. my pics are in my pc ... so ... just too bad yah.

So fast ... it has been a year since I celebrated my last christmas in Hartamas haha .. ;)

Thursday, December 21, 2006


hey hey i will be checking out today and it's confirmed ...

i'll be moving all my balance stuff over there but omg ... the heater there :s it's on but it doesnt feel like it's on though it's the hottest i put :S crazy sial

No internet, apparently the LNC is connected but i cant get to the net :s wonder why but anyway, yesterday ... for the first time in my life, i watched tv ins switzerland. It's the 1st ever time. Though it's dunno how many donkey years ago ... maybe 8 ... but still it's a movie. It's called ENtrapment and yesss I saw KLLLL .... KLCC ... er .. and ... er ... red and white taxi haha.

anyway, it's 4 plus now ... going soon, when ms zoeller goes back, then i'll check out, i dont want her to check my room. Mr Righert is fine.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Today or tomorrow

If you see me blogging tonight, that means either I have internet or I am still at school. But, if you dont see me blogging by tonight or tomorrow, that means I have left the school as I am not sure if I am leaving today or tomorrow to Malters and will then proceed to Geneve on the 1st of January. See you.

I will be moving out TODAY, HEUTE. But, I dont know if I am checking out today, so much stuff, so many bags, so many luggages. I dont know what to do with one box here ... my German notes is inside and NO, CANNOT THROW! Almost done but not all yet. I dont have to check out today if I dont want to because I have paid for today. My godddd ... But ... there's no internet there for now, Goh is on the way applying it now. Umm ... so erm .. yah. Dont know when, next couple of days should be able to get it.

Plus, I have sealed the contract. I signed it and yes, it's confirmed that I'll be working in Cafe du Centre in Geneve. Galih, see you there in January. Now, only left the apartment problem. And that's it, everything is settled. My Xmas present.


As usual, going through my pictures, I found this pic. Before you see the pic, let me describe first. It's a very very special pic, and cannot be found at any place around the world. Only selected areas can be seen. So, if you have it, appreciate it. If you dont have it, beg for it. If you still cant get it, rob for it. And if you got caught, just say that all you do, is for the sake of Twisties. They will be touched and eventually release you.

Yeah .. you seeee ... dont know how long I have not eaten Twisties until that day. I dont see any here ... so ... okie la ... I know it's damn ulu [village] getting excited all over Twisties, that's coz I didnt eat for a long long time, it's like the ice age.

This was taken on the way to Neuchatel, I mean not my intention to go to Neuchatel, but that stupid system gone haywire that day.

From afternoon, I was in the train until the sun sets .. how pathetic can I be

Feeling the most pathetic ... from sun shining so brightly until the sun sets .. oh myyyy .. QUACK :p haha

Check em out

Dede recommended this to me ... Girls Out Loud, featuring Wendy aka XiaXue and another girl named Roz

Enjoy ya~

Earlier on, I had this very strong urge to watch Peter Pan's MTV ... so, I searched for it in Youtube. While searching, I found this Indon movie and I am still watching it. Its title is "heart". Not that I totally understand every word they said, but at least I do get what they meant and what is happening. That's all that matters haha.

Check it out and enjoy~

It's time to say goodbye

Right after graduation, let's prepare to say goodbye to them ... one by one wherever they are going, either back to their home country, or to their training places which is either around Switzerland or overseas.

Mickey Mouse, was the first one that I know who left. He left the school on Thursday, 14th December @ 4pm back to Indonesia for good. But, his flight was on Friday @ 12pm. So, he stayed overnight in Zurich.

Giant Purnama, was the next one who left, right after Mickey. They were supposed to leave together, but being a very metrosexual guy, you know I know. He left lie 1 minute later haha, so they met maybe outside. This guy is in Geneve now, my beloved neighbour, doing his in-training as a night audit.

Winnie, anak Malaysia. I dont even know when she left, I didnt even see her since graduation lunch. Yea, it's that bad. So, I dont know exactly when she left. She's gonna do training in UK for a year. Good luck, Kap ban and we go gin kau okie.

This is my roomie, Roger Federer haha. She left last Saturday to Davos, a place 3 and a half hours from Luzern. If her employer does not pick her up, it's 4 hours. Luckily, the employer did. Davos is a place very very near to Austria. And yes, it's already snowing there. Basically, all the mountains.

I am now using the new version of IE, and I dont know why each time I use IE, I cant blog comfortably. I was uploading pics to myphotoalbum and now, I cant open my firefox, guess I have to restart my pc.

Yu Wen, anak malaysia, left on Sunday @ 11am. She came to my room at 10am to ask if I can follow her to town so I have to drag myself up as I was fast asleep. I was just supposed to help her to carry those stuff to Bahnhft but who knows when the train arrived, then I also went along until at nite only I came back. Yeah, and I ate in Suan Loong, damn nice but sorry no pics, battery went flat.

Ah Boi, anak Malaysia, I dunno what time he left, but he called me from Zurich @ 12 pm I think. He is leaving for England .. if I am not mistaken, it's Hilton. So, see you again in Msia dont know how long from now.

Jojo, left this morning at 6.45 am to Brig as he is gonna train in Belap for only 4 months. Only 4 okay!!!! Dammit! Together with Amy, both of them are training there and mind you, Belap is 5 hours away. It's a real mountain, a ski resort up there. Yeah you have to take dunno how many trains and cable car and bus and finally walk up for 20 minutes. :S With the amount of bag, I dunno how haha.

I bumped into Peng Peng today in Kastanienbaum bus stop. Yah, she is gonna train in a resort here erm .. not really a resort for also 4 months!! Why Hermann didnt send me there??? WHy/??? Tam mai????

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Worst journey

There was one day that I went for this interview in Cafe du Centre in Geneve. It usually takes 3 hours from Luzern to Geneve or maybe better known as Geneva, whichever it is, that was the place I went. As I have mentioned earlier, the system went bananas. Yeah, seriously! I have never encountered any delay in Swiss time before. That was the day I really experienced it and it was just tedious.

1st: I missed 12.42 bus. It nicely went pass me while I was walking from IMI. That's fine .. so I took 1.12 bus. Reached there around 1.30, I'm not sure. I went to see the board, there's no train to Geneve. I waited, waited. Then, I looked at the notice board only to realize that there's no train to Geneve. Fine, I have to call back to school to ask someone to check for me. I called Galih but I could not get him as he was in the shower. Then, I called Yu Wen, got her. She told me the time, which gate, which train.

2nd: I was so excited when I saw the train to Olten. I straight away went in. Who knows that it was not the time Yu Wen told me but still ... it's the same as I have sitll have to wait for the next train to Biel. Who knows ... I waited and I can stil remember the exact time the train was supposed to leave to Biel, it was 3.40pm. It was already 3.40 ... 3.45 ... 3.50 ...and finally 3.55 ... only did the train arrive. I knew that I was gonna be in deep shit. When I was in the train, this guy who was checking tickets came with the machine checking the train time and told me that I cant change in Biel already. Instead I have to go all the way to Lausanne and change there to Geneve. Fine, I have no choice anymore, do I?

Seee ... this is the place I am supposed to get down to but didnt manage to as the train to Geneve has already gone as the time was :S

3rd: Finally I got down in Geneve from Lausanne and the time was 6.20 :S it was a freaking 4 hours journey. I asked Galih to tell me the time for my trip back. I looked for the place I am gonna have my interview. Well, firstly went to this shop, and what she said was le temp, I dont know what is that but anyway, merci beaucoup. I went to another place, asked this guy. Also .. he can't speak English. I gave him the address. He was pointing here and there and I was guessing all the way. Then, I heard gare? It's railway station. Then, I heard le temp, I guess that's bus coz he was doing sign language as well. He wrote down a number and told me to go to .. dont know where. I stood there damn blur. Suddely, one guy came in who can speak English and French ... phew! Middleman :D Finally, I got what he meant, my guessing not that bad. But, I couldnt find the bus number, the system is so complicated, unlike Luzern, all the buses at one place. Anyway, couldnt find I called Mr Gumy and he told me this and that.

4th: After finishing, Galih smsed me the time of the train and it was expected to arrive at 12.07 and I am able to catch the last bus, which is at 12.12am. Who knows, tragedy happened again. I thought the delay was only for that particular train. It happened again. The train which was supposed to go to Olten didnt appear. It was cancelled indeed. Thus, I had to wait for the next train which was going to Bern and from there, I had to change to Olten, and from Olten, back to Luzern and it was already way beyond the expected time. I reached Luzern at 1.14am :S Dang! I had to take a cab back. Now, take a look at the map :S

In total, it took me almost 9 hours ... just travelling time and it was so so torturing. What's worse was ... I could not sleep as I was afraid that if I sleep then ... dunno which station will I stop at. I dont want history to repeat itself during my first interview with Ying haha.

While on the way to Lausanne .. I took some shots ...

Though it isn't clear but still .. Neuchatel ... omggggg ... Neuchatel ... I stepped here last was 6th February 2005

C'est est la gare [this is the railway station .. hope it's right in french haha]

Awww ... I remember this place!!!

Chocolate Fondue

This took place on the 29th of November. How can I remember so clearly? Because it was my last day of exam, we have to indulge ourselves and mark the day we have our freedom. So, it's makan time .... as a means of celebration

Schoggi Fondue ... Schoggi is chocolate in Swiss German, yeah there are many places selling chocolate fondue in a box. Buy it back and make it yourself and you can save a lot and I mean A LOT

Oh la la ... drooling

While waiting ...

Ah Boi and Winnie ...

Okie .. it's makan time, gin kau, essen ... and whatever it is ... :)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Graduation III

Graduation pics still ..

After the ceremony is over ... we continued taking pix .. and a quick one

Pen Peng ... :D from Thailand CIMI student

Koy from Thailand ... Arm's gf

Ivan .. from Indonesia .. Higher Dip ... dunno why he has to close his eyes ... yeay he's the king of chess .. he won it during sports day .. my german classmate :D

I just dont like wearing that hat -_-

Sasha or known as Gal ... last time she intro herself as Gal to me ... then later on she intro to people as Sasha :o but I heard Thai people calling her Gal :S

Then, we came back to school ... suffering ... all complaining hungry hiu mak mak :( and sleepy nuang mak mak. Just after we reached back, I returned the gown and stuff, went to find Galih and went for the lunch. Plus, while lining up, took pic again since cam was with me

With Gift

kartoshe :D Higher Dip culinary student .. my German classmate as well

Yee ha ... this guy :s with his trademark haha .. damn cute

Amelia ... she looks so different here ... gone for Europe tour with parents :o so nice

Finally ... Mickey and Nancy ... it was actually right before we entered but I forgot to post this up...

After all those pics ... we ate .. buffet style but cant eat in the dining hall, those are for parents ... so pathetically eat outside haha and suddenly Frau Schmidlin said she wants to see me in 5 mins. 5 mins later she came .. tapping my back :S and wanted to borrow my German book :S coz I wrote vocabs she taught in class in a book :o rupanya ini ... :S

After that, went back to my rooom ... fainted ... coz too tired haha ... and that's the end of my graudation ... yeshhh we are done congrats everyone ni jai duai na

quack and kok

im says:
how u celebrate in chrismas eve??
michy anak malaysia - *dede©!* - I heart mama says:
no plans
lim says:
lim says:
where u want go to??
michy anak malaysia - *dede©!* - I heart mama says:
i told u no plans cant u understand?
lim says:
i know, but i mean where r u will there??
michy anak malaysia - *dede©!* - I heart mama says:
i said no plans and sorry i dont understand u
lim says:
lim says:
i mean where u r there in chrismas eve??
lim says:
do u know my meaning
michy anak malaysia - *dede©!* - I heart mama says:
lim says:
u dunno my meaning or u no going where, just stay at home??
michy anak malaysia - *dede©!* - I heart mama says:
of course i dont understand u
lim says:
lim says:
then have ppl invate u mah?/
michy anak malaysia - *dede©!* - I heart mama says:
lim says:
chrismas eve party
michy anak malaysia - *dede©!* - I heart mama says:
lim says:
oh! then can i invite u??
pay for my air ticket okie ... and this is another ... retard :S but too bad I wasnt here already when he sent me the last message too bad :p

Graduation II

We were all waiting for our turn to enter the hall. Name by name but of course also follow the course. It was CIMI, followed by Diploma, then Higher Diploma, jumped to Masters then only Degree. You know that blue thingy that we wore on top of the black gown? We cant wear it, we have to wait until we receive the cert then someone wore for us. But, that only applies for Degree students. Others they can wear it before entering the place.

This is Arm from Thailand, doing his in-training, came back to see Koy grad, quickly took this while Mr Caldwall was calling out BA names already

Zaeem and Victor, took this before entering ...

Then, Kakek gave a speech ... Kakek is grandpa in Indon

While he was making a speech, we took pics ... it was damn boring okie -_-

After that speech, bla bla bla call names, took our cert, souvenir but only for BAs ... then Gigolo Rabbit made a speech as well as Indah ... then we threw our hats .. then ... it's done. Sounds pathetic? Yes indeed.

Poom from Thailand, graduated for Masters, one of my many Thai teachers here

Gift ... Post Graduate also from Thailand, one of my Thai teachers also haha

See all the grads ... all we see is happpy faces except those who didnt make it

Up to the next level everyone .. they are no longer insane, they are back to normal :)