Sunday, February 25, 2007

8th day of CNY

hie, back for now, thanks for wishes and visiting :D

Happy 8th day of Oink Oink Year especially for the Hokkiens

Happy Pai Tee Kong

ok back to hiatus mode bye bye

Monday, February 19, 2007




Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Oink Oink Year

It's the time of the year again ... the time when every year I will have to suffer ... from the heat :p

Here, wanting to wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year in the year of the Oink Oink ... eat more sleep more. Have a prosperous year, get healthier, get wealthier and ... may all good things go your way

Once again, Happy Chinese Oink Oink year ... :)

p/s: due to my lack of credit that I have, I could not call everyone ... so ... i'm sorry maafkan saya and entshuldigung

eat more okieee ... :D

Saturday, February 17, 2007

It was snowing in Geneva!

The weather these days are getting warmer and warmer, the sun is out to hunt people, people such as me that can melt down :p

Having off days on Friday and Saturday is the best days that I could ever ask for because ... those are the 2 busiest days of the week. I know I sound like some bums .. but then .. the other 5 days I work hard okie. Enough ... actually come to think of it, dont have to la. But nvm, anak malaysia boleh ... show that anak malai boleh pakai :D must prove it to them :p

So anyway, since that the sun is out there, summer is already on the way and hell is coming for me, I shall post those pics of the snow that I took a couple of weeks ago.

Snowing! In Geneva? :o :o ohhh my ....

Just outside of the restaurant I'm working ..

This is my fave bus stop, those days I seldom use this as my beloved bus 29 is not available every hour but only certain hours

This is already in la gare .. opposite of it actually, all filled with snow

This is a footstep of someone just outside the hostel I was staying before ...

Kastanienbaum ... I posted this view before ... and it was all green and now all white .. so much nicer ... to me

And ... on that particular day it snowed, I actually dont have to walk home but I somehow did. Just a few days later in the bus only did I realize that there are actually trams and busses still available .. I was so out of my mind that I automatically walked back ...amazing, first time in my life I was hardworking ... at least it once in my lifetime ...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Going back ...

I'm so happening ... I work for only 3 hours but already so tired and I have to work for more than 5 hours later then only I'm done for the day. Since that I have to work at 10 tomorrow, I update now.

Nothing much about this .. just some misc. pics ...

Since that we gave up looking for Tower Bridge and went back to the place we stayed, we had Japanese food for dinner

Sushi ... oh la la ...

Chicken Terriyaki ... yummy

Das WC ... ik laeow ...

with Yu Wen

Burger again ... ah loi mak mak [very delicious]

Mickey Mouse :D it was raining :S phew ....

Before going to bed ... the final day we were there :p

The next day when we were in the bus travelling to the airport ... damn sleepy

Happy Valentine's Day

It's officially the 14th of February right now at this very moment.

Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day ... time for hotels and restaurants to have more business :P

This is the first ever year that means a lot to me. Usually, I spend alone ... oops no last year I spent in Fish Manhattan, but I wasnt feeling well at all. I puked =.= and it was so horrible :S

Okay well this year is gonna be awesome because I will be working very HAPPILY with all my BELOVED colleagues serving all the guests ... and being busy the whole day from 12pm until 1am the next day, which means I can see people getting mad at each other, shouting at each other and all haha, isn't it COOL? Yea it is :D

That's my lovely Valentine :D

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A visit to Tower Bridge

This is the 1st ever day that I felt so happy working and not tired haha. I dont know why am I happy too .. maybe just finish my 4 days break .. haha ... 3 more days and I'm gonna get off again tres bien. I ate maggie mee today and .. and ... maybe I havent eaten in a long time ... I felt spicy :o oh scheisse and I finally renew my monthly pass, FINALLY ... after a week getting up and down the bus and tram without any valid pass or ticket. Not 1st time doing that anyway ... :p I mean I just didnt realize that it expired okie.

Okie so anyway ... after we couldnt find Tower Bridge, we gave up and went back to Steve's B&B, rest awhile and had dinner and ... headed to Masala Zone where Clod was working. Since we couldnt find, Clod took us there instead.

It was taken in the bus while on the way there .. Happy Birthday Clod... gave her her fave chocies .. Lindt's .. from Luzern :D It wasnt her birthday on that day, but it was just few days away but we were departing the next day already

So here we are ... the Tower Bridge, yeah it's actually called Tower Bridge not London Bridge.

Finally after going through the horror of looking for this place, WE REACHED!

at a closer look

This is the place that it breaks or tear apart into 2 ... quite freaky na

Yu Wen's swearing .. oops :p haha .. yeah that sign is actually a swear sign, it's a long long history regarding the miliary those days where the armies of dunnno where whose fingers were chopped out by the armies of another country, to show that they still have mercy and prevent them from holding a gun, as told by Adam

with Clod ... my god, the wind is so god damn strong

My goodness .. I love this pic so much

Just walking around and snapped this pic :p

Monday, February 12, 2007

Going around

Frankly, I have blogged but I went out urgently, left Acebob on, came back and everything's gone. Tam mai? Warum? Anyway ...

We met up with Yu Wen's friend and she took us to have duck rice. I know that I'm prohibited to have duck rice as my commander said NO. But then, when I dont have any food to eat, I guess I am forgiven :p

Next stop we went to Oxford Circus Station with the tube .. and this is the place to shop .. apparently la ..

Top shop .. frankly speaking, I was never a fan of Topshop no matter where it is. Here I am in Topshop. It was really too big for me, way too humongous huge to me. What to do? I cant help it as I come from a village to a big big city. Which village? Kastanienbaum :p

Presenting .. swiss boi, Mann ROger Federer aka my roomie haha .. as she goes crazy over Roger Federer and even said she's him and wanted to find where he lives :s gone crazy

Later on, we left Oxford Street as we were supposed to head over to Tower Bridge ... who knows we couldnt find .. we were going round the same place, one guy told us East, another guy told us West ... so finally we gave up, walking when the sun was still up until the sun sets ...

We could see it .. but we just couldnt get there

Isn't it cute? It's sooo cute .. na rak mak mak .... and it reminds me of my Glacier concept on October 30th or 31st I forgot ...

okie .. working 12pm tomorrow .. closing time ... ik laeow ... =.=

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Places we went

4 days off, should have gone for a holiday but it's damn pathetic to go alone as nobody else has the same off days as me. So, forget about it haha. I'm sure there will be a day.

This is Big Ben ... it was taken like 1 something in the morning ... very windy

Same goes to London Eye

Woah Marriott ...

After taking this, one guy suddenly told us that he has been in London for 5 years and that London is really beautiful ... =.= errr .... is he okay? But, we then turned around and continue taking pix haha

Trafalgar Square ...

TGI Friday's ... of course we didnt eat that, if not we can just go back to B&B and sleep ... coz will be too broke to do anything else

Planet Hollywood .. also for taking pix purpose only, not to dine there

Also .. didnt enter

After looking high and low for this ... we finally found it ...

At last ....

Instead of that few well known outlets ... we ate this

KFC ... Finger Lickin' Good ... we miss KFC a lot okieee ... Swiss doesnt have one ... not even one, it feels like heaven to have the chance to eat KFC, eat until only bones left haha

Chicken, Gai, Ayam, Poulet

Pepsi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Erm .. not that I have never drank Pepsi in my entire life before but the fact that I was drinking Pepsi in KFC and have not done so in a long long time!! So, it's SOMETHING to me.

Yu Wen @ KFC London :D

Me, saya, gua, ich, moi, chan .... in KFC, KFC wehh!!!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Around in London

One whole day out .. so nice!! This is how my off day should be!!! HAHA! Okie .. I have finally move every single thing from Galih's place and going to send back more stuff as I seriously do not think that I will be using it and wearing those clothes anymore provided they are in good condition. Those in not so good condition is gonna be thrown away. You know what? There were 3 people helped me to move .. aww so nice. Those 2 neighbours .. my gawd ... 408 and 407 ... my cam was filled with Galih's pic while Poom's cam was filled with Jojo's pic :S

London London London ... not going to finish so fast yet as I have many many pics but of course not all are gonna be uploaded

We were walking around London by ourselves .. Clod was working, it's fine as we can find stuff to do such as taking pictures

Her Majesty's Theatre

Galileo .. nothing special about this but I remembered the first few classes of Hospitality System, Galileo was mentioned

Took this from above ... to the right :D

and to the left

Switzerland!!! Die Schweiz!! La Suisse!!

1st time seeing all these things in front of my eyes .... I have never seen anything like that before, what to do .. village girl haha

Telephone booth ... so attractive

Welcome to Carnaby Street, Bienvenue a la rue Carnaby, Wilkommen im Carnaby Strasse

I like that .. it's nice

OMG!!! Burgerr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fooodddddddd