Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A break

With the rate, lesser and lesser entries are coming out from me, I felt so uninspired to blog, just about anything. Each time I sit here, right in front of my lappie, each time I wanted to blog about something, nothing seems to be coming out. That just shows that it's time for me to take a break from blogging.

Probably it became a routine that I felt I blog because it's a routine, and not because I love to. I love to blog, I love to write to be honest. Somehow, I just don't feel the umph any longer. Perhaps, a break will do me something good, just hope to see some results.

There's no apparent reason why am I feeling this way. Stress at work of coz I have, everyone have it, I can cope with it. After work, I don't think about it anymore unless for 8 hours I felt terribly stressed. I sense that perhaps, there is nothing eventful, nothing interesting and definitely nothing amusing to share, to write it down here.

Lately, all that is written down is all about some useless people that I met, that I come across that is so not worth mentioning of. Nevertheless, being in the state of overwhelmed with anger, I put it down here, which I think doesn't make any difference actually, but it's more to release my anger towards something or someone. Of late, I have been hearing stories about some babi, that nobody around me knows at the moment, of his past, don't matter because what boils down is the fact that he is still a babi.

People don't see the truth, people don't see the bad, until when everything becomes obvious. Sometimes, you just gotta trust yourself a little bit more, which will do you no harm. It isn't easy, nothing comes easy. Periodically, I do not hate people. I really mean it. I don't hate people. Just be good, keep your distance away, do not provoke me and everything will be fine and I will not complain about anything and I will let you live in peace.

After this a little bit longer than my normal entries, I willl be taking a break, It definitely will not be for long for sure. But, I somehow will be away.

Before anything, I just wanna share something that I dreamt yesterday. For such a long time, I have not dreamt about any of my managers and yesterday, I did!! OMG. It was Mr Gael. Just him. He was the funniest ever manager I ever had, being drunk and getting drunk. Guess what? Physics man ... I saw a guest's name called Gale ... like what the heckkkkk ....omg how can this be happening. Anyways ...

It's time for me to take a break. There will be times that I just need to take a break before everything go crashing down, including my physicals. I will be back fresh, provided I rest and be away from blogging. Throughout my whole blogging years, I already took a few times break and that proves the best aye.

Auf wiedersehen ... au revoir ... jer kan ....

Friday, June 6, 2008

The hiking up

We have all witnessed the nation in havoc, and in complete chaos when the rumours of the petrol and diesel prices were about to go hiking up like there is no tomorrow the very next day, which was true. Messages and words were spreaded like wildfire. Everyone were worried, and being the attitude we have, almost everyone went rushing to the nearest petrol station and there is no time to be choosy, and everything has to be done before 12 midnight.

I did not know it was that serious, though I have been hearing my own friends went cursing up and down on top of their lungs and I did not even bother about it. SMS-es were coming into my inbox like as if I was never forgotten even for a day.

I got a shock of my life when I wanted to go to work and all I did was I turned out to the main road, I saw the queue of the 3 petrol stations with total disbelief, all were full, and more were lining up, right up to the main road, and right up til quite a distance away.

I was so glad that I had filled it up the day before, well I am even more kiasu compared to them, not even before I heard about the news HAHAHAHA.

From that day mignight onwards, prices of everything will go hiking up. Everything ... from A to Z, except one thing, which is the most important of all - SALARY. Yes, everything go hiking up, except our salary. How fair life is. We should all go back to basics, let's ride bicycle to work, breathe the natural air and die haha.

So yeah everyone, either let's ride bicycle to work and walk. Well, but probably it takes few hours LOLL. Good luck people, good luck nation, with our decreasing salary and the increasing cost of living, omg ... it's just hectic, it's just sad, and it's just pathetic to be in this position, to be in this situation. Life is never fair aye.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Yee sip = 20

4 years ago ....

When I was on the way to my 20th birthday ... zzzz .... and now I am going to be ... 24 ... oh my gawd. It's a crime to be 24 .... can I remain 23 =p

Night shift starts tomorrow.

How I wish sometimes things can remain the same as it is, but well, things don't last forever, and nothing does. But, most important of all, live with no regrets, that's all I can say.