Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After Halloween's

It was in November, when 3 of us met up. It was Kylie, Snail and yours truly, that I did not realize the pics has not been put up here.

I always crave for Thai food, every now and then. It is not something I will reject. This was in Garden's. It was the same day I saw this dude whom I think it's Korean. Haha.

Hospitality with a heart.

After so long, we finally took pics haha


Green curry yumz

It was quite some time ago, that I can't recall what is this, chicken? haha

And my beloved beef, ah loi mak mak


tIcKLeMe said...

sp!!!!!!!! let's meet up next week. when's ur off day?!!! :"(

Panda said...

today. Next week will be Thursday

kyliemc said... wanna those pics!! :D yeah, we have not taken pics together for years