Sunday, February 27, 2011


Do some people know or rather have some etiquette? As time passes, I feel that is the department that people are so lacking of.

First of all, please behave. When it's your first time meeting somebody, it's best you take care of your image. You don't want the worst to happen - to get boycotted and blacklisted on that day itself. If you know you cannot take certain things, drinks, and etc, stop in that level or category.

So, it's a known fact I am not fond of unknown people touching me. To tell you the truth, I just don't like it. As long as I don't feel really comfortable with you, it's a hell no. I think you should respect people in that aspect of things. When people, girls, say no ... it means a no. I might be wrong for other girls, but I for sure know what I like and what I don't. This, I despise to the very maximum.

As a guy, respect. How would people thought of you if you don't even respect others? They will start looking at you in a very different way, they look down upon you because how you acted was something very uncalled for. I, personally, cannot accept it as well. If I say no, it really means a no. I don't joke and play with these kinda things. This is not being old school, this is about dignity. Can't you just control yourself? Guess what? I don't take being drunk as an excuse even if that's the case. I don't. Even though you are sincerely unconscious, I will still not accept so. Sorry but that's how we live our life, no? :D I am not a fan of touchy-feely kinda stuff. This is called dignity and pride that I shall follow upon.

I get annoyed very easily in stuff like this. It's a common language - No. Is it that hard to be understood? Or that people are just so oblivious and pretended nothing, few minutes later, repeat the damn old act. It's irritating. Nothing of this act can be forgiven. I will remember this. I shall record this down, once again. I feel the rage in me. Pffft!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

This is a bit late but ...

Happy Valentine's Day to all couples ...

Happy Anti-Valentine's Day to all singles out there ... or Happy Single Awareness Day yo! haha

It was a great night, in fact one of my best drinking night yesterday. The night started rather slow, 12 plus and Quattro was still kinda empty. They then had some games. Round One doesn't seem interesting, it's just some dance thingy for one minute. The next one was very interesting. 3 shots of whisky, 3 mugs of beers. I saw, the girl is gone. It's not easy but gotta give her the credit for going up there to drink. Man, I would have fainted. haha. The dude is awesome, still standing straight there haha. Even after he came down from the stage, he was still drinking, is he HUMAN? I thought it's gonna be a boring night, who knows, it was one of the best one. We had many visitors that night, leaving us very much entertained. haha.

Friday, February 11, 2011

3 days to Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming. It's just 3 days and at this time, most people with partners would have cracked their heads about what shall they buy for their bf/gf. There comes the business people too where this time is a very good time to boast their business. Hotels, restaurants, retails.

It was a day with the initial purpose of exchanging candies and gifts among intimate companions, and express the love. As time goes by, all these festivals has been so commercialized that people see this as a business opportunity. Price hike in a lot of things, particularly flowers, chocolates. They have nice packages as gifts selling out there as well.

But, I don't understand this, flowers eventually die, why do girls still want flowers? Is it that nice and pleasant to look at? Each time I look at roses, the only thing that comes to my mind is a warm drawn bath with aromatherapy oil plus a relaxing soothing music. haha. It's not that I personally received any flowers before. Thus, maybe I don't understand it. STILL, naturally I am not a flower person at all. Therefore, I really do not think I will like it also, plus I think I will sabotage those who give flowers to me. haha.

Instead of flowers, why not alcohol? I will love and appreciate it even more. It will be so awesome. haha. I wonder what's so nice about spending few hundreds for just a dinner of two. Not that I can tell whether it's nice or not either, this day is not something I have celebrated before. haha. For recent years, I have always been working. I'm not alone being the one who have not celebrated this day before. I am not alone, definitely not. There are a few close ones that have not either. SO YEAH! haha.

So again, what's the fuss about flowers? Right now, the only plan is ... to go .. drinkinggggg with 2 other girls yoohoo haha. I LIKE

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sense? No Sense? Nonsense?

I realized that there are quite a number of these people in this world. The people who you can see when they need something, and vanish from Earth when they don't need any. Or those that when they are single, you can see them every single day, the moment they are attached you can't even get hold of them anymore, not any medium of communications will succeed.

Why? When you don't need anything, people tried to be nice and friendly, you shove them away like never before. You treat them like they owe you a huge debt from your past life. Thus, now you are treating these people like your slave that has been bonded a whole life with you. The moment you need something, you come being oh so nice and friendly. And, if that person refuse the request, you turn cold to them almost instantly. Isn't it obvious on top of all these, you are plainfully using the others? If you want a favour, do it in a nicer way I'm sure people will be willing to do so even if it troubles them a bit, they don't really mind. But, you're just really treating them like cows and slaves.

The single who turned double instead, are also handicapped. It's like they will die for the one day they are not together. You see, it's not like the partners are their God that they must worship them or something. But, they are really acting in such a way that suggest so. For now, they say all the superbly nice things about their bfs, like how angelic and how perfect he is, and I can assure when these people break up, they will bitch like there's no tomorrow. I'm not cursing them, but, it's something that can be predicted. It's a good thing too that these people go missing from Earth when there's a guy attached to them. It just means that yoohoo .. I don't have to see them! They are treating like their bfs will be with them for the entire life, and friends come second when there's no bf. There's a vast difference between those who is together with their bf because of friendship issues, and those who are just using the friends as a back-up plan.

Just becareful, really. I don't wanna curse, I don't wanna swear that bad things and unfortunate events will fall upon you. It's time to change, make a change. Be more sincere and genuine. Not just for your own sake all the time. It gives you more harm than anything else. You keep on doing these and one day, when you really had nobody else, all these people would have gone far away from you that you don't even realize but the moment you realize, it's gonna be so so late and not everything you can turn back. Things won't be the same anymore. Humans and compassion, is all gone. The world is cruel, the people are worse. It's time to give way to another species to conquer the Earth, since that Earth is no more a good place to live in. Wait, I think the aliens better come here to get all these people away and chop them into pieces. OH YEAH!!