Sunday, June 26, 2011

Change of Mind

These days, I have been changing my own thoughts about some stuff and some people.

Knowing that, since that there were a few times that I have had my appointments been called off for any other reasons and excuses, I take it no more. Since that I can't change how people act, I shall change how I should respond to their empty promises. Right?

This is what I hate the most, people ask you out, and at the very last minute they cancel it. I believe emergencies do not always happen, and if it happens so frequently, then I guess, there must be something wrong with you. It's so frequent, that I'm tired of listening to all the explanations. Well, even if you can't make it, it doesn't take very long to inform the other party that you can't make it. Have some courtesy to do so, if you don't, it doesn't make you a nice friend at all.

Considering the past bitter experiences having FFK-ed, I have changed how I respond these days. I am no longer bothered if you can't make it anymore. It's totally okay if you wanna FFK because I have literally zero expectations from you already. It might be good news at first, but it actually isn't from your side because it means, slowly and gradually, we are definitely drifting very far apart, without you realizing that. I don't feel bad anymore, and I absolutely has no more feelings when it comes to stuff like that. I let it slip and go that I no longer get frustrated and irritated.

When I call you or text you and there's no reply, I assume it's off. It really came to that extent now. I no longer try to get hold on you. I will call and text just once, and if there's no answer, that's it. It's understood. I can't believe it came to this level, so... well, all the best yo.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Krabi Trip 5

Here it goes again, maximum procrastination ...

This is the cheese ham ... so yum yum ^^ haha this is when we got down from the boat, and we had been transported back

The super small swimming pool. I think it's only to dip yourself in there after a tan haha

Honestly, it's so village-ly that I don't feel it's Krabi. I would have expected more of a city thing than what I have seen when I was there. People told me it's absolutely nothing there in Krabi, and I have not thought it was til this level til I saw it with my own eyes.

Omg? Can this kid exchange eye lashes with me? Please?

This is their so-called night market. We actually went there to get sticky mango rice, we went so far out from our place only to find out there's none. We were truly disappointed, we walked the whole place. Those riders wanted to cheat our money, and thus, three of us went back to the hotel by foot. At least we got to see a lot of stuff along the way and a great exercise! haha.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Hmm, what's wrong with people these days? May I, know why? =.=

You know when she was with you, you do not wanna appreciate and treasure her, instead you treat her like trash, now that she had finally left you for good with no options of turning back, you come begging her like a pathetic lame jerk. Do you think you deserve for all she had done? She definitely deserve someone way better than you, psycho. When there's someone else going after her, you want the whole world to know that she's your gf and if not, you are very much single eh? Wow.

You caused her so much anxiety and pain in the past, do you ever think any of her friends, or family members approve of you? None, read my lips, NONE of her friends. It just means that, the problem is YOU. Even her dad had come forward to shoo you away from their compound, just get on with life, won't you?

Why can't you be as normal as people are? Why must you opt to be a psychotic moron? Yeah, you are always threatening to break up in the past anyways, so, now you are finally separated, I shall congratulate you, shouldn't I? Congratulations, finally you broke up! I feel so relief and happy now, especially now that I don't have to see you damn face anymore. Thank you so much for pushing her over and beyond, off the cliffs. Really, thank you ^^ I didn't know you will come to this level of insanity too, stalker. As far as people will not imagine this would happen, it definitely had.