Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's My Business

We live in a city where people don't bother about neighbours anymore unlike those who live in the rural areas.

So, why do people wanna stick their nose into someone else' business? It's absolutely nothing to do with them, so why butt in? There are so many more things to do in this world like taking care of husband, concentrate on your job, planning for your kids, be a good daughter-in-law, you know there are tons of them, and it's a never-ending thingy ... but of all things, why bother bout people's private lives, what they do, who they choose, who they like, why this why that, every single stuff they do, these bunch of people sure has a say in every little thing, which is so damn annoying.

Have you ever heard of the word "mind your own bloody business". Well, if you have not, please learn these 5 words carefully and understand it thoroughly. If your past time is just to gossip and bitch, as like those typical you-know-what, then I guess you better stop that or else something will happen, just sooner or later. If you think that those around you will not burst and screw you, you better think again. Do not challenge and test because the unexpected might take place then. By then, nobody can help you. FYI, pregnant doesn't mean you are the queen of the universe, that whatever you do, people gotta tolerate your god damn attitude.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Turkey Trip Day 2

It was during Chinese New Year I went to Turkey this year. Ahh .. ^^ After so many years working on this day, I have finally got a chance to really have a Chinese New Year holidays haha.

Remember the movie Troy? This was where they did it. Before we arrived at the place, we were told not to expect too much from it. I didn't watch the movie, so it's all good. This place is known as the center of civilization

Next destination ... Bergama. The scenery is just so breath-taking. This theater is the steepest theater in the world having a capacity of 9,000 people. Today, this town is famous for its gold, cotton and carpet production.

That's the cable car we need to ride to go up

My dinner ^^

P/S: I do not have the pictures for Day 1 ... hence, I skipped to Day 2

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Weddings are like so common these days ever since few years back. When it starts hitting on your circle of friends, things start to get real. Mine hasn't really hit in my close circle ... yet.

When it comes to wedding, I am very particular to whose wedding I go to. If I am not close with you, it is 101% confirm I will not attend even though there's someone paying it for me.

Few months from now, there will be a wedding held nearby to my place and it's actually an ex-classmate of mine. Not someone I was close to and still not close. Throughout the 10 years we know each other, I don't think there were even 10 sentences exchanged. People are trying to convince me as to why not if a friend is bringing me. I don't have to pay a single cent yada yada. People, it's not about the money. It's about the person getting married. As I have said, I am very particular. It's not just oh I know you, I know who are going, it's a good opportunity for an unofficial gathering. Problem is, it's not for me. I do mind whose wedding it is. I only go to weddings that I am personally invited to, and the relationship I have with that person.

It's a clear cut why she wanted to invite me initially. We hardly talk, we barely talk. Even people that she hardly talk throughout the years got invited. If we often hang out, it's a totally different story. Issue now is, we don't. Some told me, it's okay she has no time for me. That's not my issue now, it is about that person!! Aish! I know that I can drink there, but you know, I don't have to be so desperate to be going to people's wedding whom I barely know to drink! Omg!

Please get my point, I only go to a close friend's wedding, nothing more, nothing less. Okay, please, and thank you for your kind understanding.


Hello testing here with the Iphone apps. Hmm.

Happy hour in overtime 5-7pm buy 1 free 1 starker beer ^^

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, 25th Sept, 2010

This happened almost a year ago on Sep 25th .... hohoho ... my birthday ...

It's shocking I know but last year was the only year in so many years I did not celebrate my birthday in a club, or that that involves alcohol. It's something more laid back, more chilled out. Just the thought of drinking now actually scares me a bit. If it's normal drinking is totally fine, not when it's your birthday, it's best to not step into anywhere that serves alcohol. You don't wanna be spending your birthday hugging the toilet bowl, right? I know it's sometimes good to strengthen your bond with the toilet, but not on your birthday okay.

With Szb ... unbelievable ... 12 years .... as for 2010. One decade, bingo.

4 years ....

This is the best pic from that night hehe

If you feel you're dark and tanned, just stand beside him ... and you will instantly feel fair hahaa .... ^^

The us there .... *like*

My peaceful birthday in so many years .... went to bed in a super sober mode. Wow, I was actually impressed myself.

Monday, August 1, 2011

It's not my cup

It's getting on my nerves these days. The fact that you pretended, and instead you say that I am pretending. Whatever happens, happens and I did admit in right at your face, didn't I?

You changed your statement in just a day, from black to white, from negative to positive, what a transformation I must say. It's so obvious that it's really about you and him, but, why are you diverting it to somebody else? You love the attention we all know that, and it so happens that whatever it is now, it reminds me of the Monk, the attention whore.

Can't you drama queens just leave me in peace? Just mind your own business and don't step into my territory because unlike you, I dislike attention. I really dislike it, so please, if you wanna be dramatic, please do it aside and not involve others.

When you tell me nothing is happening, do you think am blind? I'm not forcing you to do anything you dislike, but why are you denying it all the way when it's so obvious what's happening?

You love people talking about you, you love getting teased, but please do understand too that not everyone loves that, for instance, me. If you do not have the intention and all, why are you even accepting all the offers? If you do not want it, why are you always all about him? You tell me nothing, yet your actions proved otherwise. But, really what you do is really has got nothing to do with me. But, something I cannot accept is that, you have your own issue which is yet to be settled, yet you come wanting to know bout my stuff, with the reason of being concern, and at the same time you accuse me of being pretentious here. Furthermore, you assumed. I despise. Thank You.