Thursday, September 29, 2011

Determination ...

Certain people are born optimist, and they really impress me with their never-ending determination. It sometimes amaze me so much that it feels like those people do not exist on this planet.

Their perseverance is really astonishing that sometimes I hope they could put just a quarter of them to those pessimists. Anyhow, I don't hope these optimists exist either, but they do unfortunately.

You know, when someone calls a person, and that person does not give any positive respond, and the call was only picked up once, it's so obvious and it's clear enough that people are not interested so please do understand. These optimists do not. They keep on calling like as if there is nothing else to do in this world. If only they could put these determination into something more productive, then we will live in a more peaceful world. For a normal person, they will not pick their damn phone up to call someone up at like 2-3am on a weekday. Crazily enough, this idiotic lunatic here actually calls me at that hour.

Of late, if I do not respond, there's a reason. It's because I do not want my sleep to be disturbed and interfered by this problematic dude. At all times, particularly 12am onwards, it needs to be put on silent, or else I need to suffer the whole freaking night. I do not know when will he call me, on which day or whatever, or why. I do not know the reason either and I do not intend to find out.

If you're unstable, please try to get a professional help to stabilize yourself because you're a danger and hazard to those around you. If I did not silent my phone, I think I would have developed a phobia hearing my phone rings already. I actually had that phobia before last year when I receive calls just anytime of the day. It was during a period of time when I kept receiving calls from this particular person who do not seem to understand what sleeping means.

If you're looking at a positive side, maybe it's a good thing that I actually know that person. On a bad side, maybe it isn't a good thing because when you know that person, you can't really tell them off that their calls is actually bothering you without actually sounding rude.

I guess I can't do anything now with that weirdo except to hope that he gets fed up and stop calling me for good. Or else, it's just all the best and good luck, there's nothing I can do. Hallelujah.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Thank you for those never-ending birthday wishes. It was indeed an awesome night. Everyone had really pleased me that day and night. They entertained me whole day and night, keeping me entertained.

It's one of my best birthday celebrations I ever had in such a long long time. Every year, something surely comes up to stop me from having the time of my life. I guess, nothing like that happened this year. Everything went on smoothly and perfectly.

The stay was perfect, the concert was great and the celebration that night was just superb. The companions particularly was just so perfectly combined that I wouldn't wanna trade for anything in the world.

Thank You!! Gamsa Hamida ^^

Thursday, September 22, 2011


People are getting so desperate these days. We are all not going to die in 2012 so people, you do not have to do all the unthinkable stuff. It's not something to be proud of either. Can't you guys just live like normal, and whatever you wanna do just do, and it's definitely a sin if it involves other people, and that includes harassing, disturbing and interferring people's lives.

There's always a border and limitations set by every individual and I am no different. If you have decided to be a freak or some spooky insane moron, please go ahead, and do not disturb me. Idiot, 2-3am is when people are asleep and I despise taking up calls at that kind of hour. Even if I am not asleep, I dislike it to the core. If you are looking for something extra, may I suggest you to go to any illegal massage parlour where you can get a 2 in1 service. All you have to do is to pay a little extra and if you do not have the cash, then just sell your ass off to get those. I'm not gonna stop you nor am I gonna comment anything about it because, remember, I do not know who the hell are you. I do not bother whether you exist, or you don't, dead or alive, it has nothing to do with me, but now it does if you keep on disturbing me. I do not wish to know who the devil you really are either as I have absolute no interest.

If you do not have a life, then I wish you all the best because I have one. You do not have to spoil the life that I have now. I admit that I am having the time of my life now and you do not even exist in that circle. So, please refrain yourself from doing ass stuff.

If I have hung up on you countless times, please search for another number, to hunt for another potential victim, someone who at least give a respond to you, a possitive one. Yours truly here, is not interested, thank you for your time, good bye and never hear from you again.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Turkey Trip Day 4

Day 4, we spent almost the whole day in the bus travelling. I sat til my ass went flat, like literally. Great view, cold weather and comfortable bus. It's really all about looking out from the window. We stopped every now and then with the superbly skillful driver.

I saw my friends there ... ducks. haha. We stopped there to snapped some pictures which was located very nearby to the hotel we stayed in the night before

See it's all white ... like really white so can you imagine how cold it was then? Freezing, even in the bus

A weather like that is best to get a hot drink. They are famous for their apple drink, it comes hot ...since that I don't take any hot drinks back home, this is a really good opportunity to have one. It feels like heaven.

It's visiting time ...

Ahh look at the snow .. so cozy .... falling down onto the ground...

Monday, September 19, 2011

A year passed

Just a blink of an eye, more than a year had passed by, ever since I got an attack that made me suffered from a so-called incurable disease. I used to have a normal leg, without any disease, that I can wear shorts freely without a need to worry that my legs will look fugly or whatever.

July 2010 onwards, I could not even bear to take a look at my own legs anymore. I felt so disabled and fugly. I tried various and numerous methods, each possible ways that at least can make it look least visible than it already was. The only thing I could ask for back then was just to make it a little milder and subtle, that's the most I could even ask. Even that, nothing succeeded. It did not even get a little better, in fact it got worst when I applied the doctor's cream. I don't know how many cream I tried on, applied on, and until at one point, I got so sick of all these cream application I gave up, I literally gave up. I stopped wearing short pants, and bare in mind, not even mid-length shorts. I did not leave my house without a long pants for God knows how long.

The amount of creams I bought was so many that I can open a mini pharmacy. I did not want to give myself anymore hope that it will be back to normal. I gave my last try, a skin specialist. He did not help much either. He just told me to be patient and that I should be fortunate to even sitting in front of him alive. He said it really depends, it takes from a few months up to years. My heart dropped but at the same time, perhaps I should be glad that at least there's a hope even though it takes a few years. That was at the end of last year.

Looking back of those legs ... I feel so happy .. like beyond happiness now that my leg might not be back to how it was ... but it's not visible enough for people to notice if I don't point that out. I put my lotion every single day for consecutive few months, tried putting even mask on it before. All those effort and hard work paid off tremendously.

My distorted legs

Omg ... It's a year I should celebrate Thanksgiving Day. This time, really, thank God. It was a traumatic year really. The nights that I kept dreaming of my normal legs were uncountable. At least now, it's more than what I could ever imagined one year ago.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stop it already

Lately, someone is getting desperate, I see. I really do not know what the heck is wrong with you.

Even if you wanna be desperate due to the fact that you have all broken up with your ex-gf, it really has got nothing to do with us. Please keep that to yourself and get desperate elsewhere, somewhere people don't know you. No matter how well and good were we in the past, you know, that's only the past. We have all moved on and that none of us are interested in you.

Please ... all of us know about your past and that you should just stay as friends and nothing else. Do not tarnish your own image further because it's already really bad now. I have been hearing a lot of stories of late. I do not wanna hear it anymore. Just stay where you are and everything's gonna be alright.

Even more so, I do not wanna have anything to do with you because of your pitiful past. It's a past I know, that is why I should just leave it as it is and should not interfere each other's lives. I really hope that you do not try your luck around us because it will never succeed. Never. The world is small you know, it happens when you least expect it. Words are poisonous so ensure that whatever you do is something that you can tell people, not the other way round. Unfortunately, whatever you did in the past is not something people can proudly admit it just like that.

Your name is literally gone now. Just be friends, that's my sincere advise. Do not try to push it further than what you can take. It's a bad name already, why do you wanna go in deeper, the scar is there all along. We don't say it upfront does not mean that we don't know anything. We do more than what you can guess. We have our own private lives and we prefer to keep it that way, so why bother asking about it?

I can see that you are trying real hard huh ... trying your every luck to any singles out there. Are you really out of your mind? Please do not, it's really enough, just stop all these already, it's not funny anymore. I do not wanna have that day come when I meet you on the streets, or that we meet up, I begin to feel disgusted the moment I have my first glance at you after so many years. I do not want that to happen. So, please just stop.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Idiotic Moron

It's really very difficult to live and survive these days. So many girls had suffered silently. Some live in trauma for many years and some scars stayed for a long long time and some never left them.

When you work with someone, of course you would have at least a certain extent of trust and respect there and being in a corporate world, everyone expect the others to act professionally whether you are an employer or an employee.

I just feel disgusted with this dude here, who is a non-Malaysian citizen. He harassed an employee. When people had put their respect on you, I do not know for what idiotic reason, he has to tarnish everything by doing such unruly act. Whatever he has done is so uncalled for and unforgivable. She did not tempt him, she did not ask nor she deserves it. Morons like him deserve to rot in hell. If he thinks that money can settle everything, think again, not all girls are like that, not all girls from that country are like that. Rich doesn't mean everything. Money can't buy everything. I'm sorry, idiot. It's so obvious that your money means nothing. Being rich doesn't give you any freaking right to act whichever and however way you want to.

If you are rich and you want to act in such a way, there's always the red light district to go to. There's a reason why such places existed, to cater for a barbarian like you. For what he had done, he had left the poor girl so traumatized. Go back to where you belong, loser, you are definitely not invited here. This is not your country., not your place. Hence, you better behave and ensure that your behaviour in public is constantly keep in check.

No matter who you are, even the king of the world, does not have any bloody rights to act in that uncivilized and uncultured way to any single girl on this Earth. Karma will find its way to you someday, a zillion times worse than this.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Turkey Trip Day 3

This is on Day 3. There's a lot of travelling to do.

It starts off with shopping, leather shopping to be precise. It's all leather goods in there where it's presented by their local models there, nothing too grand and spectacular, but the leather ... hmm ^^

It is then followed by the popular Virgin House of Mary. It is believed she is the mother of Jesus. No pictures are allowed because it's a sacred place. It is also believed that she had spent her last days in the vicinity of Ephesus and had died there. This place had maintained its holiness for both the Moslems and the Christians. All these white paper is actually wishes from tourists and visitors.

Now here comes Ephesus where there are too many history in it, with so many eras and ages, influence from people all around the world. However, Ephesus was founded by the Athens.

This theatre holds a capacity of 25,000 people. Imagine that, oh my gawd ...

After so much of walking that day, we ended the day with a hot spring at the river located in Pamukkale, which means cotton castle in Turkish. The city contains hot springs and travertines, terraces of carbonate minerals left by the flowing water. The climate in that part of Turkey has been relatively temperate throughout the year. No shoes are allowed. It is really cold once you step on it but the moment you put in the hot spring, it's really good and refreshing.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Insecure Princess

I don't know, should I pity you? Should I have sympathy on you for acting like this all these years? Should I or should I not, it does not matter anymore. Everyone had moved on in life.

I pity you for not having any confidence, for being so insecure all the time. If you were like 5-10 years younger, maybe I understand why. Now, at this age, you are still feeling that way, what can I say? You have changed someone who used to be so talkative to someone who hardly talks, you disallow him to act in that way just because you don't like it. How selfish you can be. You are afraid he goes for prettier girls, and definitely I can assure you that you are not the prettiest in this world. Even Ms Universe is not the prettiest.

I don't blame you, because of your nature, I don't blame him for being like that too. I blame nobody because you chose this path. Just becareful that history might repeat itself. It's ironic you know. If you think that those who are being controlled will be so obedient all the time, listen to your princess disease' command and demand, maybe you might wanna think over it again. It is these people that once there's an opportunity arise, they will take it. Initially, I thought it's those who got all the freedom they have that end up doing stuff like that. Unfortunately, after I have opened my eyes, this is not the case. It's exactly like how children are brought up. The more grounded they are, the more they wanna go out and once they are able to go out, they go berserk and wild, while those who are given all the freedom, they feel nothing, so they don't see a point of going all wild. Well, not all cases of course, but that's what I have seen so far, and please do not include exceptional cases.

But again, if that's your nature, nothing can change that, right? You insecure selfish princess. Well then, good luck and all the best, yo.

Friday, September 2, 2011


You know something is wrong when excuses after excuses had been made, reasons after reasons and keep on counting.

There's no reason for you to lie, there's no reason for you to hide the truth. Just be truthful and everything is gonna be okay. The worst ever apology you can tell is that you're busy with work til 3-4am every single day. Each time you tell that you're busy with work til you forget the time. What's so difficult to just tell the truth? It isn't. Really. Do you think that you can get away with it forever? It will not happen. Each time you tell a different excuse, like yeah family issues work the best, right? I know, we have heard and seen countless of these live dramas. So yeah, it does work.

Each apology you do, the effectiveness just get more and more useless til one day it feels like you're just singing a boring song, a song that people do not wanna listen and it gets so annoying, such as a Justin Bieber's song.

No matter how busy a person is, it's not right for you to make an appointment and just gone with the wind. Emergencies happen, but each time? It's bloody ridiculous if you ask me. It's either that or you are a problem magnet that problems just go to you each and every time, plus you must have a major face problem.

Apologizing one after another does not make sense at all, so why bother apologizing after that? It makes no difference whether you do or you don't. Do you think it takes effect? Absolutely not. Are you really that ignorant or plain stupid? Yes, stupid. If you think that the other party can't sense and see all these, perhaps you're just blind. The other party had been telling the issues that arise and you pretend nothing had happened. Damn, I'm amazed.

Conclusion, you are stupid, deaf and blind? A perfect combination I must say. Chukhahae ^^