Thursday, November 29, 2012


Few weeks back,was actually my first ever time to McCafe. Having only heard of it, I've not tried it myself. So, right after work at night, we decided to head there. It's the same place, the same McDonald's, except that McCafe takes a small space of McD.

Those who have known about this, it's a small cafe serving only drinks like ice-blended, coffee or hot drinks, together with cakes, brownies and etc. It's a competitor for Starbucks. I think this is the first few ones that it's opened. I'm not very sure if they have any other outlets, the only 2 that I know is the one in Kota Damansara, and the second one is in Centre Point. The price is very competitive, the cheaper version of Starbucks. Of course when it comes to drinks, you can't compare it with the selections available. At least, not yet.

Tadaaa ... my hot chocolate. Weather like now, is the perfect weather to have hot chocolate.

Ahhh .... it goes really well with brownies. Very rich with chocolate, and it's not way too rich. In my opinion, it's just nice.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Live the lie OR Get hurt by knowing the truth?

There's a saying that goes "live the lie or get hurt by knowing the truth?"

Which would you choose? Sometimes, the truth is too painful and people in that situation will rather opt for the other one which is less painful. Though they have to live with it as long as they are alive and as long as the other party does not bring that up, then they will pretend that they do not know about it too.

How can you, as a human, live by days knowing that your partner has been going to brothels? This is not about being great, or understanding or anything of that sort. This is just plain dumb. In no situation can his actions be justified. Never in his entire life that it can be justified or explained no matter what he does in his life thereafter.

You, knowing that he had gone to dirty places as such still are accepting his way of things. So, you can't live without money, without a luxury life, you choose to ignore degrading things as such. How worthwhile and how deserving this woman is. Tell me if I'm wrong. Just because you can't live without him, just because you can't live without his money, and just because you can't live without Prada, Guess, Louise Vuitton and etc? Well, you are pretty impressive eh with such great personality.

It's definitely his fault for having this kind of life. However, I feel that it's also her fault and it's she to be blamed for tolerating this kind of unforgiving actions. She had allowed him to have full control of their lives in such a negative way. It's because of her greed that had led her to have such a disrespectful life. It is built from such actions that may extend to the bitterness and resentment and congratulations people, I can foresee a very happy family after this.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Camera's charger DMC-FH2

I have spent quite awhile to get this charger. When I went to Korea, I thought I've left my camera charger back home and when i came home happily confident enough to think that it's in my room. Upon searching for it only to realize that it isn't here at home either.

I've then decided to search for a new one. Who knows that the shops don't sell that. The guy at the counter even said that it's better to buy a new camera as its either really difficult to get it or if the shop does sell it, it's gonna cost more than 200 bucks easily. Hey it's just a digi camera's charger. Why is it so ridiculously expensive.

Then, I started searching online and as much as I don't wanna buy anything from eBay, that's the only place I manage to find. Others are places like I'm not confident to buy from. I bought from this seller which I've received the product with an empty box. He was nice enough to refund me despite being over the timeframe. But then, after the first box he tried to send another one which I've never received. So, after giving enough time for international shipping, I asked for a refund.

Then, the second seller which I've asked a friend to buy on my behalf. Ahh I've never received it. So refunded.

Third, finally, I'm able to receive it this time without any hassle or anything. Arrived. Not sure if they get nervous after seeing the shipping address. Anyway good that I have received now. My camera will be revived.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Nice Guy

In recent weeks, I have been watching this Korean drama called Nice Guy or Innocent Man which is also airing in KBS World Astro now. I first heard about this drama from the newsfeed in Song Joong Ki's page, I instantly decided to watch this drama without knowing even the synopsis. As there are too many dramas around, I can't watch all, I need to hand pick. There are so many dramas to watch, but I only have 1 pair of eyes, 1 pair of ears, 24 hours a day which includes a need to work, eat, sleep and shower which means I can only watch one at a time. 

세상 어디에도 없는 착한남자 or The Nice Guy Never Seen Anywhere In The World. It's starring Song Joongki and Moon Chae Won. Even Park Si Yeon is there whom I don't like as she's a villain there. Oh and not to mention Lee Gwang Soo (he's the guy in running man). haha.

It's about a guy who took the blame on his gf's behalf for killing a man in a motel room. It's about revenge and revenge because he felt betrayed by his first love. All the suspension that involved in this drama, omg, and the flow of the drama was so perfectly put in. It looks like the writer had put a very sad ending, but it ended up very happily, sweet and simple and I love it.

It's a must-watch drama!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Too Serious Too Soon

Credits to GermaniProductions
This is a short video about a guy who finally became friends with a girl of his dreams. There was a second chance then. I love short videos like this.

But, in real life, second chance is a rare occasion, and it doesn't always come, nor does it happen to everyone.

And yeah guys, it's not all about the mr perfect that we are all looking for. You don't have to be the mr perfect. All you need is to be yourself, and that's all that matters. You don't have to be pretend to be someone you're not as truthfully, that's a turn off. We can sense it if you are pretending to be someone else. If the girl likes you, then good for you. If the girl doesn't like you, she's not for you. It's as simple as that. Sometimes, it is the imperfections that make us all human. It is the combination of 2 people's imperfections to make life a beauty. Be yourself, and grab the chance. Second chances don't always happen. When there is, make full use of it because it's too late to ever regret anything in life.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Thank God It's Friday

Recently, experimented another style. From this particular picture, don't think it can be seen that obvious. But, it's in fact tied into 2 parts. One is the outer one, and the other knot is hidden under the outer one.

Finally, I can say this. Thank God It's Friday. After 2 long months, I have not enjoyed my weekends, practically my life during weekends had gone. It's back babeh, it's back ^^

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One Year

This day, one year ago, was when I started this path I am taking now. I have decided that I will need to stop the path of life I was taking previously before I can start a new one.

It was one of my best decisions in my life because I've never regretted, I've never looked back and most importantly, I am very much happier now compared to before. I didn't even know what I was doing there for more than 1 year. Seriously, now looking back after one year where bitterness had passed, now I am already in a very stable and rational state of mind, it's something I still can't figure out.

I was such a loner, I didn't know why I made that decision initially to be there. Maybe, out of desperation. But well, the nightmare ended. In fact, I knew it from the very beginning that I do not wanna be there for long. I wanted to be there temporarily.

I feel more human now, I feel like this is more of a place I would like to be in, rather than that place. The moment I came here, I felt so out of place because for more than a year, I see nobody, I see no one. When I saw that there are actually people in the world, only I realized, how much have I miss and lost for more than a year. I finally realized there are people in the world besides myself. It was the aftermath of having no contacts with people for more than a year. That's just terrible for my mental health.

Everything is history now. This has just been a year and there's a long long way to go now.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Big Bang Alive Tour in KL Part 2

I was hoping and trying to read the weather that it won't rain on that particular day. No matter how much I have tried to pray and hope, luck was not on my side. So, it rained quite heavily. No matter how heavy the rain is, no rain can stop us from being there, from making this happen. It was because of the rain that it was delayed for 15 minutes as they need to sweep the water down from the stage or else I strongly believe they will start on time. There's something about Korean acts, they start on time unlike the other acts which I've attended who are from the Western countries.

That's how far we were. Still, out tickets price range is better than the 300+ or is it 200+ as theirs are even farther away from us. I don't mind standing as I don't feel my legs in pain at all as the attention and focus was on the 5 boys

That's us after the concert. Life has been so great.

Ahh ... the news of the successful concert the next day. I have attended a few concerts in the past and I must say that this time, it was such an awesome and great night that it had very much exceeded my expectations. Until now, it's still very fresh in my mind. They have sung so many songs, from them as a group, from their debut years to their solo albums and to this current album. They have all been marvelous. The performance throughout the night has been splendid. And .. because of this, Tae Yang had slipped. Damn, I just love their accents, sooo attractive! Til then, Big Bang, I hope to see you again here!!! Jongmal Gamsa Hamnida ^^

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Dramas are like my daily routine. It keeps following me wherever I go. No matter how hard I try to run away from those chosen people, they keep on coming back. Even though I have get rid from these kind of people, new ones keep on coming. There's no way I can eliminate them completely.

It's good to know and have friends from different background, different beliefs and different personality. But, I really don't wish to stick around to those who have too contrasting personalities because eventually there's a clash and that causes issues.

I have gone through this before, hanging around with over sensitive people, those who have mood swings like KL's weather, and those who crave for attention and pamperings. I know you're gonna say all girls want that. I beg to differ. Not all because I don't. I don't crave those stuff and in fact I'll appreciate it more if people can just leave me alone and I'll be more than happy. Those people have been dismissed from my life and I don't plan to go through all this once again.

If you're not happy for what has been said to you, and if that happens to be facts, an apology should not be uttered.  If all you ever want is to stay mad and show out your anger and frustration due to your sensitive nature, please go ahead. Nobody holds the responsibility of filtering what they say to you just because you're a sensitive creature. If you can't take it, it's time to start learning and learn how to adapt because with that nature, you're gonna be in real trouble.

Well, not many are patient enough to let you cool off then talk to you again then you end up being all mad and so the circle continues until one party fed up and leave. Again, nobody deserves that. Why does everyone have to put up with you just because you are being sensitive? Makes no sense, right? Honestly, that's just sickening.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Big Bang Alive Tour in KL Part 1

The biggest day of the year had arrived. Even my birthday isn't as big as this. This is probably also one of the biggest day of my life. Something that I will definitely keep in memories for a very long long time to come. It was October 27th, 2012 that I was waiting with full anticipation. It was the day that I was going to attend Big Bang's Alive concert live in Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.

Here are the tickets that L bought. With all the sweat and the stress that gone through, oooh ... this is the one, the tickets. Though it isn't what we wanted, but at least we were there. We initially were debating which tickets range we should go for. 388, 488 or 588 but it was selling like hot cakes, we only managed to grab the 191 tickets. But, it's cool.

Yeah .... oooh yeah ... Alive Tour. This is pretty cool man. This is the first time I am seeing them that they actually made effort even at the entrance.

Oops, that's me waiting for Dede to arrive. Omg, can't wait. So so excited.

Tadaaa ... our style of the day. Even though it was under the rain, it was all worth it. It's a style all the way from Jeju Island. Oh, the trend over there is ... people walk around with rain coats there haha

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Clingy One

When I was younger, I have always wondered, why some girls, or rather, many girls, cling to their bfs 24/7. It's not like their bfs are going to run away if they don't. Fact is, if they wanna run away, no matter how tight they cling, they are still going to leave.

When you have guy friends whose gfs are clingy, that's going to be a major issue. You can say goodbye to that friend until they break up.

The insecurities, the self-esteem, the jealousy, I don't know what else. Even from a third party, I feel that's just torturing and it's so suffocating that it feels like you can't breathe. Of course, the ratio of girls being as such is much higher than guys. The issue lies in the party that clings.

You shouldn't cling to someone like that as it does not only torture the other party, but it makes you look very very unattractive. Unattractiveness brings to a whole new level where people just are not interested in you which will then affect your self-worth. You must not revolve your life around him and only him because that naturally makes him lose interest. Then, he goes further and further away from you. There you go, being all pathetic in one corner, even more unattractive. There comes the feeling fearing that you will be unwanted.

Bingo! It's all related. So, don't start one, and the others shall not follow.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Short Trip to Melaka Part 5

Here we are already on the 5th Part of the Melaka trip.

These are the bottles kept my the owner of the house. Damn awesome, right?

Jonker Street seems relatively quiet. Perhaps, it was a weekday I'm not too sure. Many shops closed by sunset and just a few were still opened.

We then had a ride along the Melaka River Cruise. It's a windy evening. I must say that it's quite a distance.

Tadaa ....

The expensive hotel - Casa del rio haha