Thursday, January 31, 2013


Three of us were reunited after so long. The last time we met up was last year. It has been quite some time. No worries, April will be the time when Dwaeji can bid goodbye to Macau for good.

Catching up was good, and so many other things. Too bad, we had limited time or else it will be a long long night.

We were in Watami ... and later on, we decided to go for a second round in TDH. Haha. Pavillion brings back our never-ending awesome memories together and it's gonna continue in April. Just wait~

It was only my second time there and the first time in Pavillion's branch. Awesome place though it gets hot if you sit outside. Too many movements.

Just the three of us. KWS rocks ^^ The background explains that Chinese New Year is approaching.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Get Real

You can hear almost every girl say this - I wanna get a rich husband, so I don't have to work like this anymore!

Yeah, there are so many of them. So so many. I know one girl that asked her friends to introduce her any rich guys that they know, with the intention of getting married and she doesn't wanna work after that. She does not even bother if he's more than 10 years her senior. She doesn't mind. Her intention was only to retire early. Yeah, that desperate.

So many of them talk like as if they have really high value. They don't know that their value deteriorates each year. They have nothing to offer in return anyway.

I was just thinking, if the guy get married to her, which is good for her of course, but decided to leave her after a few years. Oops, she gotta start all over again. What if it happens after 10 years? Not working for 10 years and gotta go out to work after that? Let's see who is willing to hire. Thinking that life is so easy huh? Wow.

Honestly, that's just one of the many I have heard. One, who is rather young, early 20s wants only rich bfs. Little did she know that she's not even qualified to be with a rich guy. She's definitely not a classy person and wanna go with people of that standard? You gotta be kidding me right? Eventually, the rich dude didn't even bother her, Thank God. Do these girls know that the guys can see through of what they are aiming for? Heh.

Please you people. Get smarter, get real. Life isn't as easy as that. If you think it is, I'll be flying in the sky without being in an air plane or helicopter. Those that you have read in the storybooks don't exist. So yeah you wanna be like Snow White, or whatnot other fairytales? There's a reason why it's called fairytales right? It's for you to dream and never come true, you idiots.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Chicken Rice @ Kepong Main Road

There are many nice chicken rice stalls around. Especially in KL, there's one really famous one in town during the day time.

If you live in Kepong and you don't wanna travel so far for a chicken rice, this is a good place for an alternative. It opens for dinner time.

The chilly isn't the best one but the rice is definitely very fragrant. It is located at the main road of Kepong. It's better to go early during the weekend as I've been there at 7 plus once, I gave up eating there for that day after I saw the crowd. Maybe, it isn't so bad anymore I'm not too sure.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Personal Stuff

When someone tells you some really personal stuff, it means 2 things. They really trust you, or they can't keep their mouth shut they have to tell someone.

If it happens that you are one of the unfortunate one, good luck. If I were the one telling you my secrets, I feel that I should know something bout you too. If I see that you don't tell me anything, it can be concluded in 2 ways too. It's either you are a very secretive person not wanting your personal stuff to bother you or you don't trust me, so you don't want me to know anything bout you.

If I am that person that people don't want to tell their stuff to, logically I'll shut up I'll not say a single word anymore. Surprisingly, this world has strange characters. Even not knowing a single personal stuff bout you, they keep on telling stuff, things I believe you shouldn't be revealing.

Moral of the story, you can never trust anyone. If you don't feel comfortable, don't do it. Don't tell personal stuff. Once that bond is broken, you never know where is it going to end to. Keep that to yourself and everything will be in safe hands. If you need to tell someone, tell that to someone who is outside of the group who can give an unbiased opinion. Others who know your stuff will have that upper hand. You have directly and indirectly lost.

Being ignorant is really bad. It needs to be balanced. It doesn't mean that my life is more happening with me telling you stuff. If you realize this behavior, it's good to put a stop as this is for sure a gap in between.

New Shoes

Ahhh my new shoes after being so patient haha ^^

So yeah anyway, to shop shoes online isn't as easy as shopping clothes online. You will need to know your own shoe size, also the measurement. This site, they provided the measurement.

It was between one and another size. Since that the difference of their sizes were just 1CM, I went for the bigger one and voila, everything is good.

Friday, January 25, 2013


Sometimes, being as indifferent as I am, I still do have my human conscious in me.

At times, in rare occasion, I pity those people. The people that has problems and issues with most people around them. The pity came because there's almost nobody that is willing to be their friends and they need to face loneliness all the time.

It's not easy to fight loneliness. It's always fine to be alone as all of us needs to have our own personal space to sit back to think of your life. But, if you have become lonely, that is the starting point of anxiety and depression. Humans are made as social beings which means we need to interact with each other. It's not out of the house 24/7 but I believe there must be a balance.

If it had come to a point that the feeling of loneliness frequently visits you, it's really time to reflect to think. It's only not normal to be feeling so negative all the time.

Also, if looking at your Facebook page with over a thousand friends and to realize that you only have one close friend, it's better to deactivate the account and close it for good. If it means that not 1 has issue with you but out of 10 people, you can get along with 1, again I strongly advise you to look into this matter seriously. It's impossible to be having 9 people not feeling good towards you. Generally, human is nice and they will be able to accept you unless you are really weird.

Please look at a bigger picture. Something must have gone wrong. I wish those without friends good luck because the life of a loner is rather pathetic.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

BB Cream by Holika Holika

I was given this BB Cream by L late last year as it does not suit and blend very well with her skin.

This is a BB Cream by Holika Holika and though it's rather white, it has very well blended into my skin. I have to say that I'm fortunate enough that my skin accepts BB Cream quite well. But this is not cheap, it's bout 65 bucks, it's slightly above average I feel. Well, it's not like I've bought any BB Cream here. Then again, it's quite pricey in comparison to other brands. Yeah, it's the brand.

This can simply last quite a long time even though you use it everyday and not to mention it contains SPF 42. It's very important to have UV protection these days as it will damage your akin and eventually you'll have premature aging if not taken care properly.

Always apply any sort of protection each time you go under the sun.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

That's the problem

One after another, each one of us, eventually had issues with you.

You might think that the problem lies in us, that we have issues, that we should change ourselves. If it is just me, him, her then you might say that. But, if it happens to me, he, her, he, he, her, there must be something really wrong with you right? Have you ever wondered why?

The people you hang out with are people had been disliked by the society. It's okay to be friends and hang out. I have no issues. But, to be joining them and ignoring us like as if we are at fault for nothing, that is really an issue. It shows that you're problematic that most people cannot withstand that kind of attitude.

It's not that I'm upset or disappointed or anything. I'm cold like that. I don't bother, you can do whatever you want with your life and I will still be here. If you wanna show your immaturity, I really wish that you can be the most immature in the whole world then. It has to be something you should be good at right? I believe being immature is your advantage then.

For a small thing, you wanna act like we have robbed you over something you have most treasured in your entire life. It's not even our fault, it's not even an issue for all of us. So again, if being immature and overly sensitive is your kind of thing, of course I hope and wish you can be the best of it.

Thinking that drinking a cup of coffee is the simplest ever task, I'm afraid that will be the most difficult thing to do if that other person is you. I rather be forever alone. That's how bad it has come.

If living a life as complicated as it looks is your cup of tea, I hope that we don't cross path, ever again because my life now is good and positive. I don't need anyone with such unhealthy, bad and negative aura affects my ever great life that I have now.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Personality Disorder

I'm reading this called Histrionic Personality Disorder. The characteristics of that disorder is a very interesting read and I realize that there are quite a number of people as such surrounding me over the years.

They really do fit into the category . But of course we can't just summarize them as having this disorder with them matching the characteristics.

Happy weekend!

Omg, got this back in Korea but I don't wear this out. Very sure I'm gonna be starred at like as if I'm the one with the disorder. Heh! But I don't have such issue!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

That 2 Characters

I feel that when there's a friendship between 2 individuals, there's definitely someone who takes and someone who gives and of course there should be a balance. Apart from that, both will need to be able to accept each other's characteristics, behaviors and attitudes.

There are 2 types that I can think of right now that I don't think I can tolerate. It had clearly shown from the previous broken friendships.

First is the girl with the princess disease. That's like the worst ever attitude you can have because the dramatic girls come from there too. Perhaps, their dream is to be treated like princesses. Unfortunately, I don't believe as such. Instead, I'll do the opposite. Knowing them being like that, it's just gonna be a matter of time before things break as our personality does not match at all. They can do anything in the world to others and even others may have treated them like princesses, I live with my own rule. I will not. This in fact helps them through life because not everyone is going to treat them that way. Bad temper, awful mood swings is not something that I care. I don't think I will need to understand that side of theirs because I am not their bf, I am not their maid. So, shut up and be nice. All these princesses I find are not people that had used their intelligence a lot in their life. That may be the reason behind why they act in such a way and comment such a thing.

Second is definitely certain individuals that keep you waiting for your entire life. Keep people waiting is not a nice thing to do at all. I have a very big issue with this because I am against waiting for people. They do that all the time, you get mad, they ignore you and they come back to you after awhile after you cool down thinking everything will be back to how it was. You can do once, twice, thrice, it will again, just a matter of time until people gets fed up and if the friendship ends, then you think if what you have done deserves how you have been treated. I can guarantee that if you keep doing, that certain someone will leave and you can never see them again. That feeling of waiting for people is so absurd and it feel so pathetic. Trust me. I have gone through this a million times and I wonder now, why have I done so. If there's a chance to re-live that moment, I will absolutely give a nice firing and that's it. I have a life too and my life is not to wait for you.

These 2 types of individuals had kept coming to me. I don't wanna meet these people because my health deteriorates. I despise people as such. I have met too many of them that I am sick of tolerating.

2012 was a crazy year. It was the year of kicking them off my life and I can say, I am proud of it and I am freed for torture as such. They are people who are not meant to be my friends. Please go to the guys to throw your tantrums, dramas and whatnot because I wouldn't care if that's the case. As long as you leave me alone, I am good.

목걸이 Necklace

Tadaaa.... A necklace.

감사합니다. 이건 정말 예뻐요. ㅋㅋ

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Namewee's Parody on Listen Listen Listen

Haha. This is damn funny, a parody of the real issue that happened few days back. That guest panel who acted very unprofessionally, who acted rather rudely to the student just because she's an O Level and she herself is a degree holder. She emphasized that we must respect the adults. What I don't know is that we should respect adults that do not deserve to be respected.

She questioned on the students education stating that she's not educated. From the original video, it is clearly shown who was the one who is not educated, who interrupted the students questions, not answering it instead compared humans to the animals, took the mic away and when a guy wanted to say something, she disallowed.

I did not know our education system had become so bad. When someone speaks, you need to listen, said she. But, she did not listen to the student either. Does that make sense? You call that Q&A session. WOw, interesting. Our education is always a one way thing. The teachers speak and they wouldn't care students got it. They have delivered, and they get paid. At least, most are like that. Oh animals are problematic, says she. So is she and even much more problematic than all the animals, trust me.

Personal attack and humiliation on a public forum. That's very interesting indeed. Good job, woman. I'm surprised such "leader" exist and going hiding for what happened is not going to be forgotten. I don't know what is going to happen to the new generation for having a "leader" as such. Honestly, this is worrisome.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

That Accusations of your Cheap, Dirty Story

It seems that the truth has been revealed. I can't take anymore dramas. Honestly, I'm really not interested. Whether you wanna make a full out of yourself, or you wanna show to the world how dumb and cheap are you, nobody cares.

Why should I even state the obvious when every single soul can tell it that you have one whole tons of problems in you. Nobody wants to know your story, so please stop talking about it to people. How can you even bring yourself to even talk bout stuff like that when you can't even be upfront about everything you did.

Nobody knew why was that reaction so big. Now, the truth is out, your dirty cheap secret. This is what happens when you try to be funny here, because somehow or rather people will find the truth.

So now since that knowing of what you have done, I think it had reached to this point and only this point. When I keep quiet, it means you should stop doing stupid things as such. Now, you are asking for it by triggering that button. You have asked all this. Accusing is not a nice thing to do. I'm sorry but you have got it all wrong. Thinking that people wouldn't talk about it? You bet. Accusing when it's you who did it. Cool isn't it? See, what happens next is the response and reaction of your initial decision to accuse. Being strangers are great but you don't want, instead you wanna continue the drama episode. We have no time doing these. Enjoy that while you can. A guy who you were once close with can even call such a cheap name on you, shows how "much" respect he has. It reflects on how he sees you and which position you are in - it is nil. Honestly, stop everything. Stop playing games, stop every lil thing.

You are in danger.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weird Characters

Some people have very weird personality. I don't mean weird as in talk to yourself in public. Okay, that's weird too but it's different kinda weird.

So yeah, some people tend to be a possessive friend. Not bf/gf/whatever, but friend. 1st degree of this kind, they wanna spend time with you like every single second of your life until the point you get so irritated you just wanna slap the hell out of this person. Reason behind, they have no other friends but you. I don't know. They appear at your door stop at any point of time they like, they wanna follow you out with your other friends. How interesting must your life be to be bringing this pest out, right? Thank God, I don't have this kind of friend, or else I would have murdered that person.

2nd degree, another possessive kind. This person will not allow you to be close with anyone else. If you're close with some other people, this person will get jealous, will dislike, and will give that person a very good stare. Again, Thank God this kind is also not my friend. I thought this happens in high school, apparently not so. It still happens with people in their 20s approaching 30. Damn, right?!

It's okay to be 4D, but not these kinda weird characters. At least 4D, you don't harm people, and people will actually think you're funny at some point.

I am not making these weird characters up, but it really happens. Somehow, people I know. Haha.

Happy Sunday

Haha ... I'm testing this collage thing with this new apps but it isn't the one I wanted. Bleh. OOh and my panda vest haha.

Happy Sunday people! Ever wonder how time flies when it's the weekends and it moves slower than a snail when it's weekdays? After you got the answer, please let me know? Haha.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

SNSD - I Got A Boy

I'm sure that if you are into K-Pop, you would have heard of SNSD or Girls Generation that consists of 9 girls. I'm definitely not a SNSD fan. But, you gotta admit that their songs are catchy. I just don't like their angelic image. Haha. At the same time, they are hot. The guys that I know who is into K-pop will most likely say they like or love SNSD. For this song, it's not the typical girls image. I love this, coz it's different from their previous songs, it has different elements this time around. This time, it's street wear, a bit rugged and I love that! Lyrics time! This song had actually broken the record of a K-pop video which had reached 10 million views the fastest with only 55 hours since its release.

Ayo! GG! Yeah Yeah shijakhae bolkka?
Omo! yae jom bwahra yae, museun ili isseotkillae meoril jallatdae? eung?
Omo! tto yae jom borago! meoributeo balkkeutkkaji seutayili bakkwiiyeosseo
waeh keuraetdae? kunggeumhae jukkenne waeh keuraetdae? marhae bwahbwah jom

Ha Ha! Let me introduce myself! Here comes trouble! ttara hae!
o oo ye o. oo ye o neo jalnasseo cheongmal!

jiga mwonde? utkyeo. neomu kotdae sen geo ani? nabogo pyeongbeomhadanda yae
eo~~keu namja wahnjeon mame deureonna bwah!
maldo andwaeh! maldo andwaeh!
neomu yeppeojigo sekshihae jyeosseo keu namja ttaemuniji? mureobol ppeon haetdanikka? neo bakkun hwahjangpumi mwonji

sashil na, cheoeum bwahsseo sangcheo ibeun yasu gateun gipeun nun
yaegiman haedo eojil haetdanikka?
neo jalnasseo cheongmal! jalnasseo cheongmal!

o oo ye o. oo ye o neo jalnatda cheongmal!
o oo ye o. oo ye o neo jalnasseo cheongmal!

Ayo! Stop! Let me put it down another way.

I got a boy meotjin! I got a boy chakhan! I got a boy handsome boy nae mam da kajyeogan
I got a boy meotjin! I got a boy chakhan! I got a boy awesome boy wahnjeon banhaenna bwah

a nae wahngjanim! eonje i momeul kuhareo wah jushil tenkayo?
hayan kkumcheoreom nal pume ana ollyeo naraga jushiketjyo?

na, kkamchak! menbungiya! keu sarameun nae min nachi kunggeumhadae. wahnjeon mame deureo mot igin cheok boyeojwodo kwaehnchanheulkka?
ou! jeoldaero andwehji! keuchi? keuchi?
uri, jigil keon jigija! majji! majji!
keuye mameul modu kajil ttaekkaji ikeon jeoldaero ijeobeoriji mallago!

o oo ye o. oo ye o bameul saedo mojara da da
o oo ye o. oo ye o uri chwehko kwahnshimsa da da

nae mal deureobwah keu ai neone alji? jom eorijiman sogeun kkwahk chasseo
eotteol ttaen oppacheoreom deumjikhajiman, aekyoreul buril ttaen neomu yeppeo jukkesseo

o oo ye o. oo ye o neo michyeosseo, michyeosseo
o oo ye o. oo ye o neo michyeosseo, michyeosseo
nan cheongmal hwahka na jukkesseo nae namjan nal yeojaro anboneun geol
makyeonhal ttaen eotteokhamyeon naega chohkenni? jilturado nage haebolkka? soksanghae! eotteokhae! na?
maldo an dwaeh! maldo an dwaeh!

Don't stop! Lets bring it back to 1:40

I got a boy meotjin! I got a boy chakhan! I got a boy handsome boy nae mam da kajyeogan
I got a boy meotjin! I got a boy chakhan! I got a boy awesome boy wahnjeon banhaenna bwah

eonjena nae gyeoten naepyeoni dwaehjugo kwii giulyeojuneun neo neo
nan idaero chigeum haengbokhae jal twehl keonikka

I got a boy meotjin! I got a boy chakhan! I got a boy handsome boy nae mam da kajyeogan
I got a boy meotjin! I got a boy chakhan! I got a boy awesome boy wahnjeon banhaenna bwah

I got a boy meotjin! I got a boy chakhan! I got a boy handsome boy nae mam da kajyeogan
I got a boy meotjin! I got a boy chakhan! I got a boy awesome boy wahnjeon banhaenna bwah

I got a boy meotjin!

Ayo GG! Yeah yeah, shall we start?
Oh my! Look at her, what made her cut her hair? Huh?
Oh my! Look at her again! A change of style from head to toe
Why did she do that? I’m dying of curiosity
Why did she do that? Please tell me why

Ha ha! Let me introduce myself
Here comes trouble! Follow after me
Oh, oh oh eh oh, oh oh eh oh
You’re getting over-confident, really!

Who does she think she is? Ridiculous.
Wasn’t that a little too arrogant? Telling me that I’m ordinary
Oh, so she’s totally in love with that boy
Ridiculous! Ridiculous
She became pretty and sexy all for that man, wasn’t it?
I almost asked her “which cosmetic products are you using right now”

Honestly, I saw it for the first time,
the eyes that look like that of a wounded animal’s
I told you I felt dizzy just by talking to you
You’re getting over-confident, really!

Oh, oh oh eh oh, oh oh eh oh
You’re getting over-confident, really!
Oh, oh oh eh oh, oh oh eh oh
You’re getting over-confident, really!

Ayo! Stop! Let me put it down another way.

I got a boy, he’s awesome! I got a boy, he’s kind!
I got a boy, handsome boy, my heart got taken away
I got a boy, he’s awesome! I got a boy, he’s kind!
I got a boy, handsome boy, I guess I’ve completely fallen for you

Ah, my prince! When are you going to rescue this body of mine?
Like white dreams, will you be embracing me and taking me to the sky?

I’m shocked! A mental breakdown! That person is curious about my face
I like him a lot, will it be alright to show him?
Oh! Absolutely not! Isn’t that right? Isn’t that right
We have to guard what we have to guard! That’s right! That’s right
Don’t forget this until the day you own all of his heart

Oh, oh oh eh oh, oh oh eh oh
Even if I stay up all night, everything is not enough
Oh, oh oh eh oh, oh oh eh oh
Things that matter the most

Listen to me, you know that kid, right?
He’s young but his mind is full
Even though he’s like a dependable oppa sometimes
He’s extremely adorable when he does his aegyo

Oh, oh oh eh oh, oh oh eh oh
You’re crazy, crazy
Oh, oh oh eh oh, oh oh eh oh
You’re crazy, crazy

I’m seriously frustrated, my boy doesn’t treat me like a girl
What should I do when I’m uncertain like this?
Should I try making him jealous? It’s so aggravating! What should I do?
Ridiculous! Ridiculous

Don’t stop! Let’s bring it back to 140

I got a boy, he’s awesome! I got a boy, he’s kind!
I got a boy, handsome boy, my heart got taken away
I got a boy, he’s awesome! I got a boy, he’s kind!
I got a boy, handsome boy, I guess I’ve completely fallen for you

The one who has always been with me, right by my side,
lending me a listening ear; it was you, you
I’m happy, because things are going to get better now

I got a boy, he’s awesome! I got a boy, he’s kind!
I got a boy, handsome boy, my heart got taken away
I got a boy, he’s awesome! I got a boy, he’s kind!
I got a boy, handsome boy, I guess I’ve completely fallen for you
I got a boy, he’s awesome! I got a boy, he’s kind!
I got a boy, handsome boy, my heart got taken away
I got a boy, he’s awesome! I got a boy, he’s kind!
I got a boy, handsome boy, I guess I’ve completely fallen for you
I got a boy, he’s awesome!

Ayo! GG! Yeah Yeah 시작해 볼까?
어머! 얘 좀 봐라 얘, 무슨 일이 있었길래 머릴 잘랐대? 응?
어머! 또 얘 좀 보라고! 머리부터 발끝까지 스타일이 바뀌었어
왜 그랬대? 궁금해 죽겠네
왜 그랬대? 말해 봐봐 좀

Ha Ha! Let me introduce myself!
Here comes trouble! 따라 해!
오 오오 예 오. 오오 예 오
너 잘났어 정말!

지가 뭔데? 웃겨. 너무 콧대 센 거 아니?
나보고 평범하단다 얘
어~~그 남자 완전 맘에 들었나 봐!
말도 안돼! 말도 안돼!
너무 예뻐지고 섹시해 졌어 그 남자 때문이지?
물어볼 뻔 했다니까? 너 바꾼 화장품이 뭔지

사실 나, 처음 봤어 상처 입은 야수 같은 깊은 눈
얘기만 해도 어질 했다니까?
너 잘났어 정말!
잘났어 정말!

오 오오 예 오. 오오 예 오 너 잘났다 정말!
오 오오 예 오. 오오 예 오 너 잘났어 정말!

Ayo! Stop! Let me put it down another way.

I got a boy 멋진! I got a boy 착한!
I got a boy handsome boy 내 맘 다 가져간
I got a boy 멋진! I got a boy 착한!
I got a boy awesome boy 완전 반했나 봐

아 내 왕자님! 언제 이 몸을 구하러 와 주실 텐가요?
하얀 꿈처럼 날 품에 안아 올려 날아가 주시겠죠?

나, 깜짝! 멘붕이야! 그 사람은 내 민 낯이 궁금하대
완전 맘에 들어 못 이긴 척 보여줘도 괜찮을까?
오우! 절대로 안되지! 그치? 그치?
우리, 지킬 건 지키자! 맞지! 맞지!
그의 맘을 모두 가질 때까지이건 절대로 잊어버리지 말라고!

오 오오 예 오. 오오 예 오 밤을 새도 모자라 다 다
오 오오 예 오. 오오 예 오 우리 최고 관심사 다 다

내 말 들어봐 그 아이 너네 알지?
좀 어리지만 속은 꽉 찼어
어떨 땐 오빠처럼 듬직하지만,
애교를 부릴 땐 너무 예뻐 죽겠어

오 오오 예 오. 오오 예 오 너 미쳤어, 미쳤어
오 오오 예 오. 오오 예 오 너 미쳤어, 미쳤어
난 정말 화가 나 죽겠어 내 남잔 날 여자로 안보는 걸
막연할 땐 어떡하면 내가 좋겠니?
질투라도 나게 해볼까? 속상해! 어떡해! 나?
말도 안 돼! 말도 안 돼!

Don’t stop! Let’s bring it back to 140
I got a boy 멋진! I got a boy 착한!
I got a boy handsome boy 내 맘 다 가져간
I got a boy 멋진! I got a boy 착한!
I got a boy awesome boy 완전 반했나 봐

언제나 내 곁엔 내편이 돼주고 귀 기울여주는 너—- 너—-
난 이대로 지금 행복해 잘 될 거니까

I got a boy 멋진! I got a boy 착한!
I got a boy handsome boy 내 맘 다 가져간
I got a boy 멋진! I got a boy 착한!
I got a boy awesome boy 완전 반했나 봐
I got a boy 멋진! I got a boy 착한!
I got a boy handsome boy 내 맘 다 가져간
I got a boy 멋진! I got a boy 착한!
I got a boy awesome boy 완전 반했나 봐
I got a boy 멋진!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

No English?

For so many years I've been out, I've never encountered such drastic language barrier.

See, we went to buy some stuff from a Korean shop. They have branches elsewhere and those other branches I have no issue with. The girls were helpful and nice. Just no issue.

My colleague and I walked in. I wasn't buying so I was just looking. My colleague wanted to buy and the difference is she will ask the sales girl if she wanna know something unlike me I'll just put it back and walk off if I ever have doubts.

So my colleague asked some question, and sales girl looked at me, expecting me to do the translation from Chinese. Little did she know that I am not capable of that. I ignored the both of them and walked away.

Again, she wanted to say something to my colleague but don't know how. She looked at me again. Well to be honest, even of I speak the language I wouldn't translate that because I'm not paid.

Seriously, are you really serious about not being able to speak a word of English except Thank You? See, you are not in China. If we are all in China, I wouldn't expect you to speak English but if you do that's awesome. If you are in this country and you can't speak, I don't know where have you been. I have no issues with broken English. I just have it with zero knowledge of English in Malaysia.

This is what happens when you play during the English lessons in school. I've never paid attention to my English lessons because they were teaching the wrong stuff k. I have a concrete reason not to pay attention.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Where Rainbow Ends - Cecilia Ahern

I've finally finished this book. It's about 2 best friends, who met when they were lil kids, and it progressed til they were at their 50s. The kids when they were in school, sitting next to each other, til the time the boy moved away, pursued his dreams of becoming a doctor. Both had their own lives, their own families, with all the marriages, separation and divorces.

It's because they were best friends, things developed ever since they were kids. But, even though they were best friends, there were unspoken words between them where the awkward silence occurred.

So, some might agree and some might not to date your best friends. I'm curious. Is it okay to date your best friend?

The boy grew up, married, divorced, married again finally left the wife because there's just something that the girl has that others don't. I wish I had one best friend but not having to end like that haha. Just, really and truly, best friends :) Needless to say, it was a happy ending.

It's a very light, humorous book. I love how the writer wrote it as it was easily understood and of course it was very entertaining. Friendships, love, deaths, separation. Facts of life.

I might look like someone who does not read books, but please I read okay. I'm not those bimbos who only read mags and think books are boring and thinking trend is all in the world. You don't even need to buy a mag to know the trend. Puh-leez. It's okay if you don't read books, but, please stop commenting brainless remarks that books are boring. Only if someone is smarter ... aye.

Reading a books is definitely NOT boring.

Detecting Sarcasm

I used to think that sarcasm can be detected very easily. Then, I thought okay, if that doesn't work, then maybe you should say it directly, not too direct but direct enough for normal people to read those lines.

The longer I live, the more complicated things are. I can be nice, but if the wrong button is triggered, then that's when I will use it. I do not usually use these strategies. I mostly keep quiet, do my own stuff and don't bother unless you cross my line. Makes sense, right?

Only until recently I made a new discovery. The fact that sarcasm cannot be read and understood as easy as I thought. Having observed some particular people, I can't categorize them at all because they have no idea what do you mean by all that. I have a conclusion, that if you wanna use it and want that person to understand, make sure s/he is smart or intelligent enough to catch your meaning. Or else, please make it THAT direct and frank for that person to understand it. I'm now aware there are such people. I didn't believe it, but now I truly do.

It probably takes a sarcastic person to understand another of its species. If the person is not intellectually smart, then it's gonna be chicken and duck conversation. I've seen it, that as simple as ABC in a sarcastic way but that person can't get a single meaning. Perhaps, it's the language inability I really don't know. But, the language was used was just simple basic language. How can you not? I'm just dumbfounded to find this new discovery of mine.

Oh I've read this somewhere that sarcasm is meant for the smart ones and it relieves you from stress, anxiety and depression haha.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Pig & A Panda

Oh my god, I don't know what have I done that I feel so busy, so tired and whatnot when I don't remember doing a lot of things.

Anyway, these 2 are best friends. A pig and a panda. Haha.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

She's Out

I am following the current show Asia's Next Top Model. From the name itself, you know that it's an adaptation of America's Next Top Model.

It was the last 7 in the competition yesterday before the winner becomes Asia's Next Top Model in several weeks later.

There's this Malaysian girl there whom obviously is not a top model material. Here we don't talk bout models but TOP models. She showed a bubbly personality whom the judges like and perhaps may be one of the reason why she got til this far.

Those who follows that yesterday was the bottom 2 of a girl with an attitude problem but with talent or someone who has good personality but with no talent. As far as I dislike the one with attitude problem, I still wish that this girl gets eliminated instead.

First, physical wise she's not even a model. Second, seriously she gets on my nerves every single week. She's trying way too hard... Way too hard. Smiling every single time and trying to be nice all the time is just so annoying.

This is not about being the nicest smile model but it's top model. Thank God she got eliminated.

A Girl's Dream

I read about a dream of an early 20s girl. I was looking forward to know what exactly is her dream.

Who knows her dream was actually getting married this year and it was also the bf's dream. Well, who knows if that's really his dream. You can speak for yourself but not for others. Don't you have better dreams? It's not like I'm expecting to read something like "I wanna save the world."

I wouldn't even call this a dream. I don't know what do you call that but it's definitely not a dream.

Don't you have other things in life you look forward to except having this kind of adventurous dream, heh? So, it's back to basics. Stereotype. After graduation, get a bf, get married and have kids. Tadaa my life is complete. Really, so simple minded? Is that enough? Good in a way that you are so easily satisfied in the sense that if the world is to end tomorrow, you will be one of the happiest people. Haha. It's just so amazing.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Korean Golden Disk Award

The Korean Golden Disk Award is going to be held in Sepang this month. There are more than 20 international Korean acts that are coming down. How exciting. Deep down, how I really wish I can go! I know it's just a wishful thinking.

Those who do not know, it's equivalent to the Grammy's Award. It's so near yet so far. It's impossible to be buying the tickets. Those who say they wanna go and wanna get the tix, nice try! Like wow, you're definitely going.

Before you guys can even tell me that sentence, I already know the price. It's not something you and I can afford as tickets are priced at a close to 700 bucks and 1000 bucks. So, dream. Unless you are that rich, then please support it.

I might not be able to afford that, but for sure, I am supporting it in different ways such as, voting haha.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

When A Relationship Ends

When one relationship ends, it is only realistic and sensible to learn from it so that when you go to the next one, you do not repeat the same old mistake.

That's how theoretically it supposed to be. But, when you look at your surrounding, your friends, your acquaintances, people you know, don't practice this. Instead, from one sucky relationship, they plunge into a suckier one.

Things are not going to change if you do not change. Better guys or girls will not come to you if you remain everything the same. The universe works this way. If you keep on believing that annoying guys or shallow girls will be your next gf or bf, then it will happen just the way you believe. It is that kind of aura or energy that attracts them to you. If you want it to be different, if you want better quality guys or girls, push the annoying ones away. You may not be able to stop them from liking you, but you have every right to push them away, far far away.

If your past relationship used to have guys mistreat you, it's only rightful that you leave. When the same type of guys approach you, do not ever think about getting close. Perhaps, desperation plays a part but, if all you ever wanted was just to get married and nothing else, well, you definitely need to see what's your priority. Getting married before 30 with bad quality or getting married at a later time but everything seems right and he's the guy you can rely on. Which will you choose? In fact, many girls I know have the same issue, they all want to get married before 30 and I don't know why. I feel that's a lil too early. Why are you chasing and rushing, then regret later. In this case, it's better to go for arrange marriage.

If you say that girls used to look at the guys' car, money, or house and you despise that. Just look at the guys these days, they do the same. They only "like" you or decide to go after you after seeing your big house. As shameful as it is, there are girls who fall into the prey of these jerks and losers. Very very unfortunate.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

It's officially 2013. No, the world did not end and so we will continue with life as it is. How was your New Year's celebration? It does not need to be "celebrated" but you know, sleeping is considered a celebration too. That's to welcome the year 2013.

I was at Vertigo and as sad as it may sound, we needed to wait for an hour outside before we can get in. With all sweat and more sweat. If you have not known this, Vertigo has 2 rooms, one which plays R&B while the other plays house music. This year, they restrict to minimum 2 bottles to enter the R&B which sucks to max. Are they trying to discriminate us? Hmm.

This year was a much smaller crowd compared to before, with only 5 people. But yeah, we are officially in Year 2013.

Wishing everyone with a great 2013 ahead ^^