Monday, July 29, 2013


My life is always filled with some very interesting people that I will not have a chance to actually say "I'm bored" as I am always entertained by these people.

As interesting as they are, it makes me wonder sometimes what happened that they become like that, or they are naturally like that? You may be naturally be in a certain way, but it can be changed.

I realize many many girls have the tendency to get validation from their bfs or the close guy friends. "Am I pretty?" "am I fat" this and that. The second question is a very dangerous question though. You may want to play around with the words before answering her because tsunami is just about to happen.

I see they have been putting so much into beautifying themselves, dolling themselves up so that they stand out in the crowd. But, what they don't realize is that they have put too much in their appearance. They have forgotten about being interesting, being someone with qualities, instead of just being another pretty girl.

You will not be able to compete in that world. For sure, there will be someone prettier, someone taller and etc. What makes you feel worse is that, they do it so effortlessly and you need to spend hours in front of the mirror daily. Is that worth you time and energy? Putting layers and layers of make up will not make you look better. It's not a competition of the thickest layer of make up you can put.

Well, okay let's just say you are the prettiest girl on earth. But, if you do not have the characteristics, the personality, the confidence, that is completely not justified. Look at a flower, it's pretty, it's nice, people look at it. After awhile, they get bored, they will look at another flower. It's the exact same thing with you. If you cannot carry a deep conversation, and all you talk about is a surface kinda thing whether you are a guy or a girl, people's interest will eventually fade off. Think again.

This is not so much of an issue with the past generation. However, it's not a complete zero percentage. There are some who are in their 30s who act like that, STILL. It's shocking but they exist. It's just so common with the ones from Generation Y, sadly.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

한국: Day 6 Part 2

Next up, we went to Yeouido. If Gangnam is being made in comparison with Beverly Hills in California, then Yeouido is the Manhattan of Seoul. This is the home of the largest banks and financial hubs in Korea but also to major broadcasters. The city itself "yeouido" means you can have it in English. You may think that oh it's a business place, think again as it is in fact surrounded by parks. The best time to visit this place is actually spring as every year, they have a festival held there called "Hangang Yeouido Spring Flower Festival" that last for 2 long weeks. We were there on the very last day itself.

Needless to say, we rented a bicycle there to ride. The weather was just nice for an outdoor activity like this. Despite rain followed us wherever we went to, but on this particular day, it was on our side. It did not rain, and the day was just so pretty and beautiful for cycling.

This is filled with buildings all over. You can see all the businessmen and women walking all around or that you can see one whole group of people in business suits smoking. I have always liked seeing people in business suits. I don't know why haha.

This is where the actual shopping begin. Actual means that where we actually shop for ourselves and not for others. It's kinda tiring when you go for holidays, and majority of stuff you buy is for others. I have always dreamt of going for a holiday far far away and I actually get to enjoy doing things and buying things for myself. Hehe.

Not to forget, a visit to Gangnam area, even before the place was popularized by Psy as Roy brought us there. Back then, you don't see the place as a tourist destination. It's a lavish lifestyle of the young Koreans. Of course, there are pubs and bars around that area too haha.

This is the last post of my 11 days Korean trip. It stops at Day 6 as I don't know which came first. Some days we were just shopping. Hence, at some point, I may have just combined few days into one post here.

Traveling free and easy there is really important as that is when you get to really blend in and to get in touch more with the locals. I have always loved travelling free and easy. I am never a fan of a group tours as you get to travel to places of the country, you get to see, you get to eat. But, what's lacking is the localization of the country. It's really not the same. If you ask me if am I going to do this again, my answer is a definite yes.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Welcome to Langkawi Day 1 Part 1

If there are any trips I have been looking forward to from last year, it is this trip to Langkawi. The flight ticket was cheap. It isn't 300 plus like what you usually pay, but a mere 50 bucks including tax. That's an awesome deal I would say.

Each trip we go to, there will definitely be a hiccup somewhere. This is no different, it's not that we woke up late, or we were late to the airport. More like when it's time to board, we realized we actually threw the actual tickets away because the machine printed 6 tickets instead of 3. It turns out to be the flight number is different. OMG! Whaaat?

It feels so good, flying off to Langkawi. I know lately so many people are going to Langkawi. This, is our turn. When we arrived, it was raining slightly. But, it wasn't too bad. The weather was just right.

That's a really good wine. We rented a Vios cost 160 bucks for the entire stay. We then arrived here in no time. With the assistance of technology, smart phones and applications to help us get around, it's no big deal.

Say Hello to Good Life for the next few days

That's the map & the room. Yeah with Waze, we don't have to stop at the road side to read the map like what we have done 4 years ago. The last time we were there, we need to stop at the side, read the map. It made us more independent for sure. But, it's time and oil consuming haha.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gut Feelings

It came as a coincidence when my close friend asked me one day if I know this particular person. I was shocked, I said yes I do but we don't keep in contact anymore, not because of the busy schedule, not because of the distance, but more like I was pissed once with him in which I have forgotten what was that about. Geez! It had been years.

Knowing this person does not really mean that I know him deep down, or met him before. It was an online thingy and never have I thought that I'll be meeting him in person. That fateful day arrived. It was such an unfortunate day for me.

I was actually dragging myself there, I was so reluctant to meet him. Not because of what he did in the past as I can't even remember for God's sake, but more like my feelings towards him isn't great. In order to have friendship, you need to like the other person. It all started with dislike, not even a neutral feeling. I don't see him as a friend. It's just someone that had interest on my friend.

I finally met this dude. The moment I met him, my gut feelings told me not to like this guy and not to know him. I do not even feel like knowing him more or further. I just don't. Sometimes, things happen so mysteriously that you don't really have an explanation for it. Honestly, he did not do anything to me.

Ah, the whole time we were together at the dining table, I was extremely bored. First, for whatever he wants to say, it seems that he is unable to talk to me directly. That was rather rude of him. It's basic etiquette. Eye contact is really important. Again, I just can't seem to have any eye contacts with him. I just can't bring myself to do that. I know that was very disrespectful, but I really can't do that. Trust your instincts. I may be a very difficult at times, but those times had passed. I am not that person anymore. I gave him opportunities, in a way, was testing him. But, he did not take the initiative.

I don't feel sorry for him. Intelligence is a real big factor. By being present there and listening to the whole conversation, it was all very shallow. The topics that he brought up and all, was crappy and a waste of my time to be even listening to what he has to say. I officially dislike this person.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Dance Competition

Since May, I have occupied myself twice a week for dance practices and it had all ended in July when the competition was finally over. It was indeed very draining. That was the reason why I have shed some fats out of my body too without realizing. It wasn't an intention but when it does, it just does.

It was the first competition we all had, at least most of us. It's the Asia Pacific Explosion which was held in Shangri-la on July 7th.

We did not arrive there as early as 8am, that was madness. As we gave way to Line dancing and belly dancing respectively, Hip Hop started at 1 ish.

Of course, being a first timer in competition and did not step on the stage as huge as this before, I admit it's kinda nerve wrecking. I've never thought the stage was huge like this. After the nervousness, I must not allow it to take control of me. I went to my sedate mode after a few practices and it's all good before we actually performed.

After all the performance, there was a showcase. We represented Japan as ours is from the Japan Club haha. It was a very eventful day and had lots of fun. :D

Saturday, July 20, 2013

한국: Day 6 Part 1

I honestly do not know when can I finish with this trip. It's ending and it also means I am procrastinating even more than ever.

This is where the king and other officials hold their ceremonies here. This is called the Chong Jon Hall (main hall) within the palace's premises.

Ahh so green I likey

This is inside the Secret Garden. Secret Garden is the most treasured place in Korea. It's called Yonkyongdang House, the servant's quarters. It's separated by genders of course. The settings of it inside is different too if I remember correctly.

It's one of the pavillions around. It's amazing how the kings used to walk so deep in just to enjoy the nature. No wonder people these days are so unhealthy with all kinds of sickness and illness. It is also said that the king came here to the Secret Garden to do some meditation whereby he is not disturbed and interrupted. Wow.

Just before we left the place, one last pic of us three

Saturday, July 13, 2013


I've always surrounded by people with weird characters. It's either they outnumbered the average person or that I am a weirdo magnet.

I am always amazed by how much can someone talk about themselves. Like, how sad are they, how pity are they, how the mothers left them when they were younger and receive no love from their families. OMG, seriously? This is still happening, ranting and complaining about something that happened more than a decade ago.

This is definitely something they are using to get the attention that they crave, that people around them should be pitiful. Fortunately for me, I don't have that for them. I do not pity them.

The moment you sit at a table, they start talking about themselves, like how they have been doing, how do they feel, like as if their lives are just so god damn interesting that others are dying to know ... NOT!

When you're sick, you tell the whole world how sick are you, you feel this and that. People, I don't care how sick are you. It's just unfortunate you feel sick so often, so, do something about it maybe instead of complaining?

The difference between us is that I probably know a lot of stuff about them because they just tell everything regardless of how close or how distance in terms of friendship. Contrary to that, I don't at all. It is also maybe much easier to know people like them because you don't even have to ask them questions, they will just blurt everything out.

Empathy is a different thing all together. Usually, we don't feel as such for those with weird characters. I don't feel pity, I don't feel empathy. Empathy is a very positive thing, that they don't crave and you really hope the best for them.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chivalry @ KL Life Center

Last month, there was an event by Chivas, held in KL Life Center. So, with my friends, we headed there. It was the same day as GD's concert. :(

They were serving drinks of course free flow as well as food such as brownies, sandwiches and other stuff that I don't know what they actually are.

Ahh so blue, welcome to the Smurf land

That's us hehe. Already high by this picture :P

Both of us, we are back ^^

and the three of us :P

OMG! The entrance was rather scary o.O

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just A Week

The time has finally come, that it will be over in a week's time, more like in a few days time.

This means that happy that finally it is coming to an end, and in the other hand, I wouldn't work out so much like how I am currently doing.

Many had told me I've lost weight and after like 3 people telling me the same thing, I think there may be some truth in it.

Though losing weight is not so much of a great news, but I definitely feel healthier. Sweat it out and that feels great.

It comes to another point. Having just one class a week after this is maybe not entirely bad, but more like, phew, I can minimize the meetings I have. So many things happened and I don't feel right anymore meeting someone that I don't quite fond of anymore.

It is not so much about being me, but more towards your bahaviour and attitude. If someone's attitude is crap, I don't wish this person to be in my circle too. We have weirdos around in our lives I know but if I can avoid having them in my life, I will do just that to save myself from terror.