Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Affairs

I have heard stories. What I can say is that, a womanizer will always be a womanizer. Never believe someone can ever change.

I thought giving someone a benefit of the doubt and it turns out to be, he's even worse than ever before. How can you be as such when your wife is pregnant with your kid. Oh god, tell me, when will karma fall upon these people. Showing the public how lovely you are as a husband and a father is a total bull shit.

I think I have put too much belief in people that I should not. I should have expected them to be the worst ever people. What I don't understand is that why get married in the first place, why stay married? Divorce and do things that you have always wanted - womanizer. Maybe, I don't understand humans in general anymore. It's like as if it is okay to have both husbands and wives having affairs outside, living a separate lives and yet in the end of the day, they return to the house.

They are mostly doing that because of the kids. It's better if they divorce with all problems settled and the kids can have a healthier lifestyle, rather than with this kind of sick parents and disturbing household. Have they not thought that the kids would know? Working in that line should have expected temptations all around. But, there's something called resistant. Obviously, many people had failed to do so. I guess, the decision to leave the industry had been so right. It never felt so right before this.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Konichiwa Day 6 Part 1

It's the sixth day here. Oh god. Can anyone explain to me why the time for leisure and vacation always and always fly. I've never felt like it has been 6 days at all. This does not make anymore sense. Anyway, instead of dragging the days as it's ending, I shall just enjoy the remaining time we have there.

It's time to fly back to Tokyo from Hokkaido.

Welcome to Tokyo. It's packed with people, buildings and everything else

We went for late lunch/dinner I have forgotten in this building called Nittochi Nishishinjuku Building. I guess this is the only restaurant there or the rather few ones. Others are offices. It seems like it at least.

That's the restaurant we dined in. Haha. Oh yeah I think I had lunch. It was so windy outside.

Oh my! My beloved Family Mart is in Japan! Ah but things that they sell is not that similar to the ones in Korea. But again, Family Mart is no longer in Korea. I can hardly find it anymore.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

If he does not text

I see that majority of guys prefer to communicate in person, instead of online or anything virtual. Others, hook up with their phone 24/7. It depends what kind of guys are you referring to. But, typically, they are a more visual species. Hence, they prefer to see you when they talk to you.

Yeah anyway, lately I know a few girls who mention the guys have not been texting or messaging them. It bothers them a lot. This is something I have read before. They are not like girls who stick to the phone 24/7 as we are more of a social species, gotta stay connected while for them, they can leave their phone untouched. What I'm saying is the typical and general ones, not the outcast or the unique ones.

Anyway, girls are very much bothered by the fact that the guys aren't texting them. But, I feel they should not focus on the guys not messaging them and things like that. Of course it feels great that someone is messaging you, but that should not be your top priority. Maybe, they take that as a rejection that those guys are not messaging. Regardless, you should lead a great life, have your personal life, be with your gfs, and this guy thing should just be a sideline.

When things like this happen, there are of course greater things going to happen and this may not be the best time just yet. Plus, it's not the end of the world. Take it easy, lead your own life, and especially at this age of 20s, this is YOUR time. If he does not text, it's okay too. If he does, it's a plus point.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Konichiwa Day 5 Part 4

After our dinner, we hung around and then, with such a great weather, we have decided to have supper! Great weather meaning it was chilly hehe. Apparently, this place is well known for the ramen.

This is the hotel we stayed in. I really like this hotel. Well, I like every hotel haha

Oh, this is Omma. While waiting for the food

That's the food. Well, it was just okay to me, isn't that great like what they claim to be

Back to hotel, a beer again hehe

Just before sleeping woohoo!

After the night's sleep, we need to fly back to Tokyo! Oh nooooooo~~ That also means that holiday is ending. Boo~

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Married vs Unmarried

The divorce rate is getting so high. The ages are getting younger and younger and it's not even a joke.

Before anyone gets married, they should think thoroughly before they wanna plunge into this kind of life. It needs both parties to be fully committed, not just one sided thingy. If the other is not keen and just get talked into it, this will most probably not last. Furthermore, of course, you need to get married to the right person.

There's always a misconception that girls are the one that want to get married and have a family and the guys are not so keen about it. If you are one of them who has that, please think again because there are a few perfect examples that clearly shows that isn't the case anymore. We don't live in the 80's.

If you are not the marrying kind, you most probably will not. What I'm saying is, with the right person of course. It's even better to just be together and not get married rather than having certificate that you're married and not last. But, considering the culture that we have here, that is most unlikely to happen.

If that's not what you want, I feel this should be brought up and addressed in the beginning. It will be so difficult for 2 individuals to be together when they have different beliefs, different paths, and different directions. If that's what not what you want, it's best you voice that out, rather than to drag it after 5 years. It's either you live with it, or you quit.

Konichiwa Day 5 Part 3

From the previous post,we finished our shopping. I can conclude then that shopping in Japan isn't exactly fun. It's not because of the winter season. Don't get me wrong, I love winter. It's just that winter clothes are not to be worn in my original country. It's not cheap there. Hence, it's not fun.

Tadaa ... the giant crab. I am very much fascinated by the sizes of the crabs there. It's really that big. The crab I held on was obviously alive and it IS heavy. Don't treat it like as if it's nothing okay. Once the crab falls, it's considered sold.

Ah the beloved Sake. So great for this weather. I felt burning hot after the Sake. haha.

We continued shopping haha .. in Mitsui. At least I can get some cheaper stuff here.

It's dinner time. BBQ!

The only monkey that I know is in Korea haha. But, this is a different monkey. This monkey was extremely cute, it tried to lean on me. That's why when the picture was being taken, I felt like a heavy weight on me.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Touching

When you meet people, you interact with people, there bound to be some touching involved and I understand that. I am a very private person and that means that I am sensitive towards things like that. Having said that, even you stand or be really close to me, I can actually feel that my privacy is invaded. To a certain extent.

Okay, generally, I am okay with all these things and I don't mind at all. Of course, as friends, we don't really mind that unless of course you are annoyed with that person. Then, obviously, it's not something you can accept.

Exactly 10 years ago, I had this encounter with a guy whom I was so irritated with. He was that irritating that every freaking sentence he or I say, he needs to touch, whether it's my arm or hands. It drove me insane at that point of time and I need to get my message across that I do not like to be touched regardless what he says or what I say. Needless to say, he thought I was kidding or in denial I was not really sure, but I stopped talking to him completely since he does not understand simple English.

Generally, I categorize my friends, from one individual to another, depending on the group. I categorize them as the brothers, as the buddies/friends, as the being idiots with, as the danger zone. Danger zone is a group of guys I am aware of that I cannot possibly accept if they ever have any physical contacts with me. This includes like touching my arms or hands, my shoulder or any of that sort along the line. When they do, I get annoyed. Other categories are guys I am comfortable with. In other words, I may not feel comfortable with people from the danger zone category. You may say, it's just shoulders, it's okay. It isn't to me. It's really not okay. They start from shoulders, and it may be elsewhere. That I call as taking advantage and I certainly do not appreciate that. Most important, I really feel that my privacy is invaded if people from that category act in that way. I hate that feeling. Maybe, these people should learn the basic human body language first before they do it. Most probably, they are either oblivious or socially impaired that they don't understand simple body language when one gets irritated.

The fact that some people fall into the danger zone category is rather sad because not many have the chance to be in this category.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Konichiwa Day 5 Part 2

Alright, so after the mini shopping in the cold weather, we went over to Otaru Canal, northwest of Sapporo, 25 minutes drive from there.

Otaru is well known for its beer and the freshness for its sushi. Arts & crafts, such as studio glass and musical boxes belongs to this place :D You can see the river is so calm, and filled with street lamps, it will be so beautiful at night. The wind was rather strong at that point of time. Well, it was winter haha.

It was then dinner. This is the thing, the most expensive stuff I've ever eaten in my whole life. This is the famous Kobe beef from Japan. It's known for its tenderness, flavor, and the texture. These cattles are stress-free, they are fed, massaged, given jazz music to listen to. I would say, they are like the royalties in the cow families.

Of course, the night cannot end without any alcohol. That's the expensive Asahi we get here. Honestly, I don't really like Asahi in comparison with other brands.

Ah this moo moo is so cute haha

Daimaru is a department store for branded shopping. They have a few branches outside Japan as well, such as Thailand, Australia and Hong Kong.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The patterns

Well, I am back now. I have been away for 9 days. 9 days is not short, and it's not that long either.

If you are spending 9 days with the right person, it will feel short. But, if it's the wrong people, you feel like it's so freaking long.

I once heard this. It's not about how long you know someone, or how much you can speak with someone. But, the fact is, you will know a person by the travelling patterns. I definitely learn from it now. This person must be an experienced one to come out with that phrase. I agree with it.

Staying with someone for a certain period of time and through travelling, you get to see the bad side and the good side of someone. Whether or not you can accept it.

I am back to the dull life. But, I should be thankful.