Monday, March 31, 2014

2013 Seoul Day 5 Part 3

I don't know why, I just have to pay so much to travel this far, and torture myself. Just, why? I am so not a physical person, to be hiking up, climbing, unlimited walking. It's really isn't me. Fate had fallen upon me and made me hike this far up.

Just by the way, when the sun was already setting before I even arrive up there. Sad it is. It's already more than half way through there with my super heavy bag pack. With that, it became so hot. Thank God, it was already the evening. The best time to visit the tower is the evening anyway when the lights are lit up.

Since that I couldn't get there on time, this is the pic. Sunset half way through.

This is what I have been hiking up for. Namsan Tower! I prefer to call it as Namsan Tower, rather than what it's known now as, which is Seoul Tower.

There are so many tourists that come up here, included Korean celebrities and couples, and we have program such as We Get Married. This is a favorite place for that.

That's the love locks. It symbolizes their love for each other. Apart from these lovelocks, there are restaurants there too, and one of them is the revolving restaurant.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Second Option

You know that a guy or a girl isn't right for you when you are clearly his or her second choice or option.

There's always something more important than you. His ex-gf, his friends, his alcohol, his everything else and when it's convenient, then there comes you. Otherwise, it's a no.

After knowing that someone got back together with the ex-gf, or in any case ex-bf, it's time for you to get out from that sight. Instead, if you choose to stay on, forcing the particular subject to choose between the ex or you, then for obvious reason, the person will choose the ex, and not you because you appear to be so pushy, so brash, you have just helped him to choose who, then you get all depressed. For the start, you should not even had stayed on. But, for whatever stupid reason that may be, whether it's out of loneliness or desperation, you will always be his second option because of what you are.

It's distinct enough that you are insignificant to him. Going all over him will not make you more compelling to him. Instead, the gap and distance will just grow larger. Perhaps, it's your well-being. If you are desperate inside, people can sense it, regardless how bad the senses are.

If you have appeared to be 2 guys second options, something is wrong. Maybe, you are a second option material and nothing will going to change that if one continue to appear as desperate as this. It's not only desperation, but if you do not have any pride in yourself, which means, there's no respect for yourself, give me a good reason why others should respect you.

When you find out that you are the second option, the best is to leave for good and never ever turn back.

Friday, March 28, 2014

2013 Seoul Day 5 Part 2

It's the fifth day after the visit to all necessary places. The King's palace and National Folks Museum.

Coffee time. Seoul and their coffee. It's no longer something that is needed, but it became their daily lives there, a necessity. Here I am in Myeongdong in a cafe called the Workshop.

What a nice sight to look at while sipping away my coffee

Here is where each travel agency will  bring the tourists here for shopping. If you're either a Chinese, Korean, or Japanese, you have no problem here. They speak these 3 languages here. I, am the outcast. However, I just don't like shopping here in Myeongdong as there are too many Chinese tourists around, and it's pretty expensive. Though you can bargain for a lower price, I just don't like it. It's not as low as I want them to be.

Here is the beginning of my hike towards Namsan Tower which is nearby Myeongdong. It's either called Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower, whichever that's easier. Here is the starting point of 1,200 meters up. Good luck!

I really like this place, it gives a very traditional feel together with a classy touch. Well maintained place. There's a cable car that goes up to the top. But, there were WAY too many people lining up. Omg, seriously? It was such a crazy crowd that evening. Unfortunate for me, I had to hike up with my 2 bare feet unprepared. Thank God, the weather was pleasant enough.

That's a mini waterfall, a little break before starting one whole long journey. Oh god.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

2013 Seoul Day 5 Part 1

If you don't know how time flies, this is how it flew by. Each time you're on a holiday or vacation, it flies extremely fast. The weather was good to walk around. It wasn't at all bad weather, maybe a little too good. Haha. It was quite hot. Not good for a person like me. I love cool and chilly weather without the burning sun.

Ahhh my fix again. The coffee fix.

This is a must place to go to learn about the history which is Gyeongbokgung Palace (경복궁). Yup, that's where the kings lived. Then, there was fire during the Japanese invasion and thankfully, it was restored back.   

This is where I went National Folk Museum of Korea (국립민속박물관). It's located in the palace. They have all the historical artifacts, how the ordinary Koreans used to live, from the clothes they wear, to the utensils they use and what are their daily stuff they do. It's interesting to learn and explore all these.

They have the 12 zodiac animals outside there too. This is my friend. A pig. Why pig? Not sure why but somehow many of my close friends had been called a pig. haha.

This is my type, my species. I'm a rat. hehe.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Accept or deny?

It was announced that the plane MH370 had ended in the Indian ocean. I know for a fact that it's an official statement released at the press conference on Monday night and there's no denying, it's a very sad moment to know there are absolute no survivals there, but part of me still refuse to believe so.

I do not want to believe, I keep on denying and I am living in denial, until I see evidence and proof that really it had gone into the ocean.

It's not as simple as just believing it even though it's an official statement and things like that. But, these days, you just don't know who, what and where to trust any longer. It's also because it affects the family members of 239 people in there.

There are so many stories that came up right after that, in which you don't know which is the truth and which is not. But one thing for sure, people are so engrossed into the news, not because they feel sorry for the family members of the people in the plane, but the fact that they feel that the truth has been hidden which they relate that to politics. Therefore, speculation started. It's a very sad sight to see of the human race. People became so insensitive, they became so selfish, so cold-hearted that I no longer want to regard them as my fellow countrymen.

With the lack of resource to search for it, it's not surprising that we took such a long time to get the idea that it's at the ocean. Though it has been confirmed, I will only believe it once the plane is located. Anyhow, hopefully the plane magically appears with survivals.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2013 Seoul Day 4 Part 2

As soon as I arrived with KTX in Seoul, there has been absolute nowhere else to go but the spa.

I can see that they do cater for a large Chinese market. It's shocking. It's not practical to be taking my big luggage to wherever I wanted to go. Therefore, there I go to the spa. If you watch Korean drama, you will know what is this. It's the public bath over in Korea, or it's called 찜질방 or jjimjilbang. You literally live inside there for the night, and you can't get out after that until checkout. There's no need for you to get out as they have everything inside. The food, the spa, the massage, the saunas, the hot tubs, the ice room with all different degree of temperatures.

See, you can lie like royalty

This is the ice room. You can feel winter here haha. I was practically jumping up and down from the ice.

There's beer even, anything you want. Open 24 hours.

Oh, this is how they do it in the drama. The sheep towel. haha. Massage chair too, pay as you get massaged. It's pretty good. haha.

When it gets deeper into the night, people sleep anywhere they want. It's scattered all over the place as long as there's a small spot for yourself. It's the floor, and don't you ever think it's warm. It was freezing, there's no blanket or anything. That was why sleeping on a hard floor, with no blanket, an experience for a night is more than enough. No pictures at the hot bath of course, everyone is obligated to strip. God. Lol.

Apparently, all these hot bath and sauna contains all the minerals. To enter and stay there is cheap. The ones that is making you spend your money, is the food, or some arcade games. Yup, they have it there too. haha.

Monday, March 24, 2014

To fall and fall harder

It's actually rather sad that women in general (typical) ones always find happiness, satisfaction and contentment when they get validation from others, particularly, the men.

They do stuff because they wanna impress the other gender. They wanna look pretty because they want that other gender to look at them, to get compliments and praises from them. Question is, why? Why do they need to do things as such to make themselves feel appreciated and wanted. Why do they need all these words just to validate who they are and how they feel about themselves.

Some fish for it. It's a sad truth to be honest. Why can't they feel good about themselves, without all those adulation? It's because they depend so much on all these stuff at the surface that it begin to affect their self-worth and pride. Self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. It's three basic things.

When these people don't get these praises that they really yearn for it, they fall. Regardless of how strong they portray themselves to be at the surface, do not trust that because in the end, deep down, they are just another typical character. They try to do things otherwise so that people say they are holy great. Unfortunately, not everyone will do such things. They don't get adored like how they expected. Unfortunately, they get backfired. Once backfired, they gotta do what they had mentioned, to leave. With that, they fall even harder.

It's simple. If you wanna be praised that much, just ask for it maybe? It's awkward and it's weird, and sometimes it comes out so unnatural, but if you want every single soul to praise you there, girl, you must have some mental issues. It's still the best to rectify yourself, to not expect maybe?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

2013 Busan Day 4 Part 1

This was the day to bid goodbye to Busan, til we meet again someday.

This is 부산역 or Busan Station which was built back in 1908. This is how you get to other provinces in Korea, instead of taking a flight over, this is the other alternative. 55,700 won to Seoul in less than 3 hours. It's reasonable. We call it the KTX train. Oh btw, you  can actually do online reservations or phone reservations too for Korail members, 20 minutes before the train departs.

In the station, you will not die of hunger. Just like any other stations, there are convenience stores, there are eatery centers to get food, snacks or proper food, vending machines and stuff like that. Me and my food haha.

Tadaaa here I am waiting for the train to depart. I was there so darn early, not a single other soul was there yet. It took almost 3 hours to arrive in Seoul.

Then, there's me and my daily fix - the coffee. Haha. I like this can bottle. Just don't know why.

The train I was in. Comfortable and I have no problem sleeping, once again.

Goodbye Busan. The place with beaches.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Privacy what?

I don't get all these people checking their SOs personal phone, whether it's their contact list, messages, pictures and etc.

They don't see it from the bigger picture. For them to be doing that, even if the guy/girl has no intention to cheat on them, with their unattractive behavior, they eventually do. They are the ones to be blamed on. Why feeling so insecure? We do understand if you have a bad experience in relationships, having being cheated on and stuff like that. But, it does not give you the right to check on stuff like that. Privacy, what? Are you crazy?

If there's no trust, why are you still together with that person? Why don't you just break up? Again, it's not an option, people can't live by themselves. They need to have a partner or else they will die. Literally. Oh god, what world do we live in?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

2013 Busan Day 3 Part 3

I've spent quite a few hours in Taejongdae. How can I walk that fast and not feeling tired. That's impossible. Right after lunch, we headed there, and I finished the hike just before dinner. Omg, can you imagine how exhausted I was. I slept so darn well that night.

This is the perfect place for sea viewing point

This is the famous "Mother and Childrean Statue." This is to remind those who want to commit suicide on their mother's unconditional love, and this will hopefully discourage them to commit suicide, instead encourage them not to give up on life and move on with life.

You can zoom in and out here

All these are I believe people who had sacrificed. Just not sure what did they sacrificed for.

Finally, a meal before the night. There were restaurants nearby Taejongdae. Just hopped into one.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

MH370,, Please Come Home

It had already made international news that the tragedy that hit MH370 is still surfacing in the headlines and investigation is still on-going. Assistance had been extended by our neighboring countries, Australia and also the US. It's really a mystery how something as big as an aircraft can go missing.

But, we just want everyone on-board to come home. Nothing else, but I hope for their safe return.

What irritates me is the people are sharing all kinds of links on FB without knowing the source of the information, and I did not know so many have become journalists and experts in the aviation industry overnight. What happened is really not a joke and it's not funny. Imagine what the family members are going through right now. The pain, the torture, without knowing what's going to happen, and they are face with all uncertainties.  I have been hiding more and more newsfeed because I just do not want to know their opinions, their comments and anything else they wanna say. They can condemn all they want because they are not the ones involved in the investigation. Don't you think if they have found something, do they not want to share it with people? If really you are that great, why not offer your help to assist? I'm sure by then, the plan will just appear with everyone safe home, since you people are such experts in the field, that maybe you are some kind of magicians even.

With this, I see all the inhumane species. Where has all the compassion gone to? Being all cold blooded, without any means of empathy within the human race anymore. I see insensitive remarks of "they deserve to die." The people that deserve to die is you people honestly, not the ones on board. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say.

When I heard the news, I was dumbfounded. I am still in shocked because it had affected me on a personal level. I really really do hope that they are all safe in a place and they will soon return home. All of them.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2013 Busan Day 3 Part 2

Yeah, after lunch we headed to Taejongdae Resort Park or in Korean it's called 태종대.

As I've arrived there and it's just so windy, nice. There are no subways that can bring you there. You gotta fetch a bus.
From Busan Station, take Bus 88 or 101 and get off at Taejongdae (태종대).

Buses bound for Taejongdae: 8, 13, 30, 88, 101

There's no admission fee and you can even bring pets in, how awesome is that. The Danubi train ride costs 1,500 won for adults. If you think, why do you need to take a train there. Well, you will know if you find out how far you need to walk, which is, I believe 250 meters?

Weee~ The love. Okay, I know it's really meant for couples, but still!

That's the Taewon Pebble Beach. The pebbles are all so beautiful. This is also the sea viewing point.

Since I am literally illiterate when it comes to Chinese characters, I am not able to tell you what is this. It's just definitely has something to do with the kings. Anyway, this place Taejong is named after King Taejong Mu-Yeol.

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Journey

The Journey

This is the first Malaysian movie I have watched this year. This is about a girl who was going to get married with a foreigner, with all the obstacles they need to go through with different beliefs and traditions with a conservative background.

The actress was pretty but the acting was rather flat and emotionless. Some parts were quite ridiculous. But, let's not focus on that part.

I like how the movie flows, the actual message the director wants to deliver. It's quite a nice, straight forward movie. I really believe this movie is a success. Benji was adorable there :P

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2013 Busan Day 3 Part 1

It's already Day 3. What Day 3 is? SHOPPING! I am not loaded, so I do not go to malls to shop. Instead, I have always loved street shopping. The feeling is just so right. The weather was the perfect day for that. It wasn't raining, it wasn't too hot. It was just nice for any outdoor activity.

Usually, there are streets along a University like in Seoul. In Busan, it's Pusan National University. Do not be confused with Busan National University of Education. It's 2 totally different places. If you to the latter one, it's isolated and dead, and there's no shopping there. You can maybe look to the sky and enjoy the breeze?

Tadaaa ... we have arrived at the place. The street of youth :D

That's the street, rows and rows, streets, and it's awesome. haha. You get good deals there

Of course, it's then lunch time that cannot be mixed. It's great to go for small eateries because they can never be that expensive.

Hello with the food. Haha.

Monday, March 3, 2014

When You're Lesser

Recently, there was an article circulating around on again a known Malaysian issue. When you somewhat look different from the normal look, people will start to wonder what is your ethnicity. What are you, where are you from. Are you more of this and less of that. Or having said your origins, you get comments that you don't look as such, instead more of something else. Irritating.

I am nowhere near a mixed blood, but I get pissed. I don't know why I can relate to it one way or another. Even when you have that normal look, and you do not meet certain criteria, and even more so you don't speak that language people expect you to, then they will ask all those dumb questions that will forever irritate the hell outta me.

People, you get it, Malaysia has 3 different major races here with also the existing of aborigines together with the foreigners here. Therefore, it's not a very rare sight to be seeing people with mixed parentage. Do not ask "WHY" on the very first meet. Please.

Then, there comes the language part. Expecting every other Chinese to speak Mandarin. Have you gone insane? When you don't speak it, all these pests will be then asking why not? You're this race, you should know, and you are humiliating the whole community. Just shut up, you have absolute no reason to criticize someone just because they do not meet your darn expectations to be as extreme as you. Furthermore, yes, ancestors are from there, but not that individual. I declare and it has all been recorded that I am a Malaysian, nothing less, nothing more. Hence, I am expected to speak English. I do not hold any responsibility to make the other country proud. I was not taught that. I'm sorry. Really, it cannot get worse than that. This is outrightly exasperating and they should learn what respect is, and apply it on their daily lives. To add more to that, they should leave others alone and learn to lead their own lives that revolves their own well being instead of others. Make the world a better place, geez.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

2013 Busan Day 2 Part 5

Finally, the night had arrived.

The sun was setting, the it's all grey now. It's time to have dinner maybe? Soju time~

After the sun is set, that's how it looks like. So pretty~

I like this a lot. It's very much of my color - blue.

They have this all over, the Angel Cafe. I've not tried any of them. The next trip then.

The Busan Rock Festival is held every year in August near a beach and admission is free. They have various genres such as rock, metal, and indie. How I wish I could have gone to it.