Wednesday, April 29, 2015

UK: Loch Ness

After being in a city in Edinburgh, we left for a countryside. Nevertheless, still within Scotland.

Next destination was Loch Ness. There's a myth, whereby, there's a sea "monster" in the lake. Her name is Nessie. It has been suggested, but there's no scientific proof of such existence.

This was in a Scottish Highland, on the way to Loch Ness.

The footway to the harbor for the cruise.

While waiting for the cruise.

Finally we are here! A very sunny day yet windy.

Look at it, the very large, deep, freshwater lake. That made the name Loch Ness.

At some point, we were able to see castles, but we weren't able to stop or anything.

Oops, me and the background haha

That's the only the Nessie we spotted. haha.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Stop Praying

We can no longer believe and trust someone is all good when they go to church / mosque / temple. Regardless the religion are you, it teaches you good things, be kind to people, do not do anything against a human's conscience, all in all, to the right path.

It doesn't wipe all your sins away just by praying. You don't even have to go to the place to worship, because everything is from within. People will be happy for you, friends will be glad, if you pray and regret all your wrongdoings. BUT, if you keep on doing things that is against a human conscience, yet go to the place of worship, you think you will be forgiven and all your sins will be wiped away? Stop joking. Don't kid me that way, that's an insult to a human's brain.

I do not care the religion you belong or the belief you have. I care how you treat people, pray, and victimize yourself. That's a brilliant way of living. While analyzing and thinking the past, I realize, perhaps, you're another sociopath in our community. I feel sad for people around you.

Those who care only for their own personal needs and desires, wanting to be the centre of attention all the time, with an abnormal social behavior. S/he may have many friends, or acquaintances, but just a few of close ones. People are leaving your side one after another. If you're not careful, you will be left alone very soon.

Conclusion? Stop praying if you're continue to step low, way down into that level of society when you can even bitch behind a friend's back. What makes one think that they can trust you? They obviously don't. With that attitude and the kind of luck in your life, you have my greatest sympathy, yet, I will remain my distance because I do not want to be that another victim of yours. Thank you so much. Again, there is a reason why one's life turned out this way, again and again, there's no luck in things he does. Why? it's just karma, dude!

I do not wanna have a friend and yet I have to becareful with my words.

Friday, April 24, 2015

UK: Edinburgh Day 2 Part 2

It's a continuation from the previous post where we visited a few sites, walked, walked and walked more. I am at my fittest probably during my travels.

St. Giles' Cathedral. Apparently, this is the principal place of worship of the Church of Scotland. It has already been 900 years. So we say, history is gold, right?

This is the shopping mall on a shopping street. Princes Mall is what the mall is called. Honestly, nothing is there. The street, yes.

And to reiterate, how I love trams.

There were many medical schools there. This is what I usually only see in movies, with old school building. Nice!

We did the hop on hop off bus tour around Edinburgh with a live commentator.

The next morning, we stopped by at National Wallace Monument which only opens at 10 AM. There's no way we could wait til it opens before we leave Edinburgh. We are always tight on schedule. Okay, my overly obvious sleepy face.

We are leaving this beautiful city. Til, then, goodbye.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I know I wouldn't

Over the years, we have our own friends come and go. Some stay for a longer time, some shorter. It's either they are there for you, or they teach you a lesson in life. Both are beneficial for you to grow as a person.

You always hear people saying that you know who your true or real friends are when you're down, when you needed someone, they are there. Maybe, that does not necessarily mean the case all the time.

Recently, I come to realize something new. Perhaps, we shouldn't measure things in that old stereotype way anymore. It can be measured in other means too.

I get very irritated when you're down, when you're blue, when you lose it in life because of some stupid break up, you go to people. Saying stuff I cannot live without her, without him, without all that shit. Then, you start thinking bout committing suicide regardless how much people cared. You only have that one person, even putting aside the family ties and the friends. How self-centered people are.  Nowadays I'll say, if you wanna know if that's really your friend, he or she will come to you regardless if it's a down time, or an up time. They don't leave you there. They share things with you. It's not about being an attention-seeker. It's more like if you cared, you want them to be there. It's as simple as that.

You can try saying it's the bf or it's the gf, like screw you I don't buy stuff as lame as that. Tell me something new. People like that wouldn't remember you anymore. You can put them aside and move on with life. Probably they will then appear when they finally get married. Or maybe not. Let's just say, they appear. Question, will you be so kind to bless them by going to his or her wedding?

I know, I wouldn't. I have many more things to do in life, such as drinking coffee.

And, that's not hatred. More like I live looking forward to the future, I've learnt my mistake from the past and I shall not repeat the same old mistake. I come, I see, I go.

That shows what kind of person are you. Never mind being busy, or first few months of honeymoon period, but anymore more than a certain timeframe, it's over. Things like that can neither be accepted nor forgiven. It's not even close to harsh. This is what friends are all about. They leave you when they do not need you anymore. I rather, I do not know you. That's when, we are all strangers that we probably had somehow crossed path at one point. That should then be left at how it was and never look back anymore.

I'll probably change how I think one day, but as of now, that's how things work in my brain. It's the principles of a basic friendship. It's your call. You choose how you live.

Monday, April 20, 2015

UK: Edinburgh Day 2 Part 1

We were given a free and easy day in Edinburgh the next day to explore ourselves. Since it's a free day, we slept in a bit more, rather than getting up at 6 or 7. We need a rest, or at least me haha.

It's a Victorian style gothic, named Scott Monument, after the author Sir Scott Walter. There's a statue of him inside the monument. You will be able to see a panorama view from the monument itself.

The church of Scotland. Oh the blue sky. Something I really love seeing.

Finally, we arrived here, the Edinburgh Castle! It is built on a volcanic rock and it dominates the skyline of this city.

The popular highland dress! It's so different from other countries. I am always very amused by their traditional outfit. The designs are characterized by tartan.

This is very British, the telephone booth!

The view of Edinburgh from the Castle of Edinburgh

Saturday, April 18, 2015

It's About Time

As you grow older, you realize there are people around you whom you cannot fathom. Probably, you just brush it aside as, ahh s/he is just being dramatic, or s/he is just craving for attention when you were younger. That may or may not be more acceptable. When you're young, everything you do, is more acceptable.

Not when you're older, or rather, much older. People expect you to be more matured, to be more realistic, to be more logical, and not act like a total idiot.

As a guy/girl, you don't go liking every single person out there that you encounter with. I don't call this immature. I call this being an idiot and desperado.

Regardless of the status of that person, you like him/her, being close to that person, only to regret later on and proudly brag about this? This is something you should be shameful of. Perhaps, this person is trying to victimize him/herself. Few months later, only to find yourself going to that path again.

My friend or not, this is someone I look down to. It doesn't matter if that other married party was the one initiating it, but you know you shouldn't be breaking people's family apart. It takes 2 to tango. You are wrong, it really just means you're wrong. You can say you are not wrong, if one insists, what can others say. It's still morally and socially wrong.

If single people don't like you, it means just one thing. There's something really wrong with you. If it's just one, two, three, or four, I can register. But, if it happens all the time, it's probably the attitude problem. If one is desperate, it's quite easy to tell. If you come off as a despo, you can't blame people for not liking you. People don't like a despo.

The quote "being classy is not about being stuck up. You need to cultivate respect for everyone, including yourself" is so right.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

UK: Edinburgh Day 1 Part 1

The next stop from York was Edinburgh. As we hear, it's one of the most difficult accents around. We were there for a few days, it was easy enough to get through. I believe it's as long as they don't use slangs, it's fine? haha.

This is the sign that we have reached the border of England Scotland. Look at those sheeps. They are so cute! Oh this is called the Hadrian's Wall I think. The weather was so cold I couldn't go down to take the picture of the border that reads "Scotland." It was freezing, during summer. Haha.

This is Jedburgh. It's a court setup and the more troublesome and lower classes were executed without trials. Damn! Classes exist eons ago and until today, it's being practiced. Sadly.

This is it, Edinburgh! It's the Grassmarket. This is where public execution was held. One of the popular story that was told was about a lady Margaret Dickson, who was hanged here for murdering her illegitimate baby right after birth. How bizarre, she didn't die. They couldn't punish her a second time as the law did not pass as "hang until dead." The law changed with an additional word "until dead" and she was nicknamed half-hangit Maggie and there's even a pub named after her. Oh not to forget, the last man that was hanged here was a man called James Andrews on February 4th, 1784 for a robbery. If only robbery has that punishment today, things wouldn't be as how it is now.

Who don't know the sequels of Harry Potter? J.K. Rowling actually got inspired here at this small quiet cafe and wrote all her books here.

This is a very inspiring and touching story of a Skye Terrier, Bobby Greyfriars, who sat at his masters' grave for 14 long years! Can you imagine that? The loyalty of a dog is priceless!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Do Not Wheedle

There are times that you can sympathize on others, and there are times you shouldn't.

It's not to be mean, but this is just to avoid unnecessary dramas. I always believe that if you are sick, always go to the doctor, instead of going over to people wheedling for whatever reason. A grown up should act as a grown up. It's not like others are able to cure you. A doctor is there for a reason.

I am the worst person you should be going to if you're sick, because I am just going to ignore you.

If, you're always being sick, it means one - you're not taking care of yourself. If you know you fall sick easily, then you should be taking extra precautions and not things for granted. Our body is projected differently and some are stronger than the others, some are healthier than the others. If you're born weak, then you should be avoiding a lot of unhealthy stuff and take more nutrients. Avoid alcohol and nicotine and whatever that doesn't benefit your health.

Honestly, week in, week out, it's annoying to get a message / someone goes to you to say, headache today, sinus tomorrow, tonsils the next day, followed by migraine, back pain, leg pain, whatever pain and etc. If you're so sick, it means you're living the wrong way. Stop acting and exaggerating everything. I've been there, I know it. Either that, you are that sick, then do something and stop going to people that cannot cure you.

Maybe, I should be sending the same kind to these people. Then, they know how it feels like. But to me, I wouldn't bother even if you're sick, really. Stop the dramas and live the proper way. You're not a kid.

UK: York

It was just a little a half day self-tour in Cambridge and we headed over to York.

Depending on which way you take, by average, I guess it's about 3 hours, a little over or a little lesser. I was sleeping, so ... haha.

This is Micklegate. It means great street. Apparently, this place is famous for the clubs and bars.

Apart from Micklegate, I guess this is the other attraction that York has. It's York Minster, instead of West Minster in London. As one can probably tell, it's a cathedral and it's one of the largest of its kind in Nothern Europe. All these cathedrals usually have bells, clock chimes and an organ. 

Then, there it is Constantine the Great, proclaimed the Roman Emperor.

His recognition of the civil liberties of his Christian subjects, and his own conversion to the faith, established the religious foundations of Western Christendom. As a summary, he is a figure in history of Christianity.

This is an old street here in York, called The Shambles. It has over-hanging timber-framed buildings. This street is like open-air slaughterhouse in the past.

From Micklegate's wall, I took this picture of the railway station. Standing up high, taking the small town.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

UK: Cambridge

We got picked up at the hotel the next day, and then it's the beginning of our UK Tour.

The first stop is Cambridge. Who haven't heard of Cambridge? It's where University of Cambridge is located and Cambridge is in Cambridgeshire, England. It's not exactly far, just 50 miles from north London. The Vikings were once here too and not to mention the Romans. They are everywhere!

This is one of the main activity and attraction. It's the punting. This session should bring us all to visit the sights in Cambridge. I was looking forward to this, the punting experience. Due to some communication error, this had to be canceled. Darn it. It's all paid for, so we will be compensated in other means.

The ducky duck haha

All I can do is to take pics with the punting boat

This is King's College, part of the University of Cambridge. University of Cambridge is the top 5 universities in the world. If you're there, you're something. haha.

 Aww, the swan.

Not to forget, St. John's. St John's is also a constituent college of the University of Cambridge! Well-known for its choir! Oh we have a St.John's here too back in KL, but it's a school instead of a college.

Inconsiderate, tactless neighbor

Some of us are lucky enough to have nice neighbors, or non-existent neighbors. Both are in the same category, they don't bother about you, and life is all good.

If, you have a very inconsiderate, tactless, selfish and self-centered neighbor, there's nothing you can do too. It's very unfortunate of me that I have that kind of neighbor. The whole family, act exactly the same. Rich doesn't mean anything to me. If you have the money, you gotta show it by being courteous, and most importantly, common sense.

Just because you have a freaking auto gate, does that mean that everyone have to tolerate your brainless act? Perhaps, he had forgotten that nobody owes them. Once, I thought he had a pea brain. Now, I am so convinced they are all brainless. Considering that the 2 lanes we have are small and narrow enough, he had to freaking park half of it.

I'm sure they are thoughtless, and maybe, you're going to say it's okay, once or twice is fine. He, or they had been doing that for as long as I know. It's very difficult if your neighbor is a moron and raised an idiotic family.

I really wonder, where have they been that they are so feeble-minded? Bollocks. It's a waste of time trying to tell them stuff like that. I just wish the whole family disappear from my life. I have been suffering for more than a decade. Calling them tosh is just an understatement. Once a wanker, always a wanker.

When someone is educated, we look into all these qualities. Without all of that, you are considered uneducated.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Europe: Brugge

This was our last stop, before heading back to London. Which means that it's the end of our Europe Tour.

Brugge is known as "the Venice of the north" as it's one of the canal based cities apart from the earlier city we visited, Amsterdam.

When you look at the buildings and houses, they are mostly medieval architecture based. In fact, that's what you can see around Europe. I am a fan of those buildings. Or at least, this part of Europe.

This is called the Markt. It means Market Square. Previously, cars were allowed to park here causing traffic. Now, people can walk freely, and celebration-friendly and of course, for dogs! The sky is so blue!

Basilica of the Holy Blood is a small scale Roman Catholic church and it has a gothic style appearance. 

The Belfry of Brugge. The bells there announce the time, social events, fire alarms and etc. It had gone through some hardships under the fire, and it was rebuilt and renovated a couple of times.

Time to walk back to the bus, 15 minutes away

Calm and collected stream.

The canal. For the last time.


This had come to an end, of my Europe trip. I will always miss Europe. I love Europe. I do. Europe is my kind of place I wanna go again. Though it's a boring lifestyle, but I love it.

At That Age

Those my age and not married yet, I am sure many of them are already worried. "Oh no, I am already at that age, I must get married." What mentality is that?

But, why? I asked "isn't that too soon, and this is like Fast and Furious" told me "I am at that age." Omg, are we at the 20th century or what. I do feel that way.

Recently, someone, another one, told me that. "I am at that age." There are no other things to say apparently. So, you are speeding things up, and so conveniently someone appeared in front of you, and so, you jump in the bandwagon just because you are "at that age."

Initially, it was "no, I don't feel that way towards him" 1 week later, it was an opposite response. I do not wanna know. Then, the conversations are all about him thereafter. How boring. Oh my life, why is it surrounded by them.

Then, the talk about marriage. REALLY?! Okay, understood "at that age" totally got it. Please proceed and do not bother me. When being teased "very bad okay" HELLO?! What now? I'm bad? Humans like that, please leave me alone.

It's all about "that age." That's all I am hearing. Can we really know anyone in less than 6 months with very rare meetings. I wonder. It's all about "the age, that age, the age." OKay, I think I am getting irritated.

"I wanna have kids." I think I am the last person you wanna talk to about that. Okay fine "please get married because you are the age. Otherwise, I will feel burdened."

I know, this is not the only one. There are many out there who act that way, just because they have hit that age. So, if there's anyone out there, just anyone, good enough, okay time to talk about marriage. I find this whole stuff very creepy. They get so desperate, they get so whatever, they just get married to whoever. Are you sure? "He seems nice and I'm comfortable." OMG I FEEL LIKE DYING. Goodbye, go away.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Europe: Amsterdam Part 3

Right after the cruise, it was actually a free time. But, then, it's good to have a walking tour as we have plenty of time before dinner.

If you're there by yourselves, do not miss Anne Frank's Museum. It's based on a girl called Anne Frank who wrote a diary on her life story, and how she hid from the Nazis during the World War 2. She didn't survive. But, her diary was found later. It's not just a normal house, but there are sections and secret rooms. It makes me wonder how people were already so capable back then without the help of our technology today.

For the sake of architecture, enjoy!

This is Belle. It's places at the Old Church Square, in the centre of Amsterdam that reads "respect sex workers all over the world." It's contradicting, a church in the middle of a red light district. Haha.

Guess what is this? No other than the male toilet.

With the canal. hehe.

I have no idea what is this

A place for the tram to pass. I miss sights like this. I really do. For some reason, I love taking trams.