Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Part 3: Seattle, Washington

Voila. Since I've been to Pike Place a few times within that one month I was there, here are more pictures.

I don't get this kind of privilege back home due to the hot and humid weather all year round. This was summer in Seattle, probably not the peak yet. But, it was a pleasant weather. Since US is well-known for their great parks, Seattle has this. Look at how people enjoy the sun here. If I live there, I would too. haha.

We went over to the Seattle aquarium. Fishes, snakes, sharks and many other animals. We purchased the city pass in which aquarium is included in it. That's 79 USD that includes 5 attractions.

I was back at Pike Place Market. There are states that had legalized a small amount of marijuana. Seattle is one of them under certain conditions. Overlooking the highway/freeway hehe.

 There comes the Spider-Man! haha

While waiting for the rest of the family members, here for Starbucks. This isn't the first ever Starbucks. Only here I am able to find a place.

We did the cruise, the Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour. It's at Pier 56. Enjoy the live-narrated tour while overlooking the breath taking beauty of the Washington state.

The weather was really good. This looks like the Columbia Center, skyscraper standing at 295m, the tallest building in Seattle. They have regulations that do not permit any buildings taller than a certain measurement.

We had our dinner here at Rainier Restaurant, a Vietnamese cuisine where Anthony Bourdain visited. haha!

Remember the city pass? The observation deck to the Space Needle is included. Woohoo!

Then, the other side of the city.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Part 2: Seattle, Washington

This was actually in 2016. I thought of giving up, but I thought again, hey, since I have done this for so many years. I should continue blogging. I was in Seattle for a month in May. The place I come from is really hot, so summer here for me, is not. Still, I don't really like the sun. That's how life is. The grass is always greener at the other side. haha.

Rocky is so cute. I cannot describe enough how cute he really is. But, he's so adorable and well-mannered.

 They are the reason why I re-consider my decision to not go to US.

During the sunset in Mercer Island. It was such a peaceful resident area.

 Just like back home in KL, we have the KL Tower. In Seattle, they have this, the Space Needle. It's Seattle's icon or symbol in the state of Washington. This observation tower stands at 605 ft.

They have buildings with unique designs too. That's the Amazon's office. haha.

We did groceries too. There's a whole section for Asian food. haha. That shows the amount of Asians here in Seattle haha.

That's Lake Washington. It's the second largest natural lake in Washington state. When the weather gets better, we can actually see Mt Rainier from where we were.

From the corner, there's this very sweet smell at downtown. Only to find out, it's all bubble gum or chewing gum that they stick at the brick wall behind me. Authorities tried to clean it up, but gave up as they later deem this as a tourist attraction. It is! I was amused when I first saw it. Those with extreme OCD can choose to stay away. haha.

 Is today your lucky day? haha

Seattle is famous for this pig at Pike Place, downstown Seattle. It's a really good landmark to meet people. haha. In front of this pig, there's where the market is and when there's crowd, the traders would throw fishes around to entertain the customers. Nice!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Part 1: Seattle, Washington

I honestly didn't think that I'll be back here ever since I completed my Siem Reap trip which I have done half-heartedly, or maybe lesser.  Well, people Instagram these days, right? Today, I am sitting here, in Houston, doing this. It's 2.30 AM in Malaysia and I should be feeling sleepy. But, I'm not. I am trying my best to stay awake until tonight to fight the jet lag problem.

The first time I applied for a US visa I got rejected. It was in 2010. I kinda gave up until 6 years later due to the arrival of Aria and Damian. a-ha! Everything fell into place, and the next I know, I boarded the plane heading to The States!

So many people had gone to Taiwan, a few went a couple of times, telling me how amazing the country is. I have gone, I experienced it and my conclusion is, it's not my type of place. Let's do that some other time. Let's focus on Seattle now. haha. This was a layover of 3 hours.

 We were going to land in Seattle from Taipei! I was getting excited. OMG!

 So to say, welcome to Seattle. We finally arrived. The city gave me a really nice feeling.

This is the Luther Burbank Park. The happiest of all was Rocky. haha! He played water and ran like the happiest dog on Earth.

 The harbor at the park

 We went for Chinese food. Yeah I know. Haha. The sizes of the dim sum is humongous. My Lordz!

Let's not forget that, as long as there's a Chinatown, this arch is always there. All around the world, regardless if you're in US, or Asia.

Centurylink, the multi-purpose stadium. Home field for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League and Seattle Sounders FC of Major League Soccer.

 Right beside Centutylink, there's the Safeco Field, and that's where the baseball fans are.

Randomly, over the weekend, went to Factoria and I saw the Apple store, I got a culture shock. That's like a few stores combined back home!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Day 3: Siem Reap July 6th, 2015

LOL. It has been 2 years. It has been quiet. So many things had changed for the past 2 years. Some good, some bad, and some whatever. I'm sure whatever that happened, happened for a reason. No complaints. And, whatever that may come, will come. I've aged 2 years. haha... damn.

Since Ratha, my Cambodian friend had to work, the same driver took us around. Continue with the temple hunting since the ticket to Angkor Wat has been paid. It was a long journey, so I learned some Cambodian along the way. haha. Of course by now, I have forgotten everything.

As expected, I can't remember much from the trip. It has been 2 years! ahhaa. This is Banteay Srei. The sand has a different color, it's special!

This is Kbal Spean. Some hiking to do. This supposed to have water. But, it was the dry season when I went. It was hot until I turned black when I came home. And, I am not even exaggerating.

Finally, the night market.

After 2 years, that's the wrap up of my Cambodian trip. After this trip, I had quite a few trips. But, judging from my never-ending procrastination, I am not even sure if I should start it. Gosh, dilemma.