Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Father’s Day

As we all know, Father’s Day was just last weekend. You can see the uncountable numbers of photos up on social media celebrating this special occasion for and with our respective greatest hero. Some do not celebrate this day, but that does not mean that the fathers mean nothing.

My dad is no exception, he’s the greatest father I can only imagine. I wouldn’t trade it with anyone else, ever. We might not be super rich, but, we were and are happy in our small family home. Time is what we want. My dad gave all his time to us when we were young, even right up til this day, nothing changes.

I can even write a novel about it. But let’s not go into that. So I was seeing all those Father Day’s pictures. It’s great of course, until, you see pictures of these men, certain men that celebrate like it’s a perfect family and everyone’s happy. That’s the ideal. But, when you know that these certain type of men are not good fathers. They cheat on their wives again and again, and it makes me cringe. All the time. No matter how happy the family looks, whether the wives are aware about it is another matter. However, these disrespectful men do not deserve this. Why procreate when you can not commit into one wife and one family? If you feel that you wanna play around, go, but don’t bring down your wife together to your level. Jesus. I’m still waiting for karma to hit it back on them. Patiently.

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