Thursday, May 9, 2019

Part 1: Copenhagen, Denmark

I embarked on a journey to Iceland some time ago. I bought a ticket to Copenhagen, then another flight to Iceland. Before that, on the way to Copenhagen, I stopped by at Dubai for a night. So, I got to be in 3 different countries hehe.

 After a night in Dubai, here I am! In Copenhagen, Denmark

This is the Christmas market, obviously only happen during the Christmas season for about a month

This is where everyone goes. The highlight of Copenhagen. Well, we didn't have the time to go. It was just for a night here before we flew off to Iceland, our main destination

Christianshavns Kanal in Danish. It's not that difficult to guess. Christianshavns Canal in English. Chtistianshavns refers to a neighborhood.

The wind was really strong, we were freezing. It's about time we find some shed.

What's next? Brunch time!

This is still within the Christianshavns area

Boat rentals are popular for sightseeing but of course, for other purpose too

Then, we arrived here, Nyhavn. It's almost sunset. To begin with, there wasn't much sun that day anyway. The prices here is a bit to the high scale. There are restaurants, cafes and bars around with a rich and vibrant culture.

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