Monday, November 30, 2009

The Parking Attendants @ Plaza Damas

Yesterday was the day we went to Bravo, a farewell party for DW, and it was also the grand opening for that place. It's located in Plaza Damas. Ah, so I thought, Plaza Damas, should be fine, right? ABsolutely wrong.

So, considering the parking concept is complicated enough, the parking staff there complicated things even more. I went in, took ticket, then realized, I wanted to go to the upper one. Thus, of me wanting to insert it but it could not work, so I asked that bastard who was there and ... you know what the hell he told me? "Rosak, tak boleh" SO, wtf you expect me to do? I just asked him back, "So?" Now I know why are you working there, then after few minutes he came back only he asked me to reverse and stop by there, which left me very very frustrated. There comes a guy with white tee, knowing the fact that he is already so fugly, he just thinks he is smart.

He said there is something wrong with my ticket, like oh-kay, is that my fault now that there is something wrong with it, when all I did was press that bloody button. And is it also my fault now that your system is so screwed up? No, right? SO? What is that big fuss? I totally lost my mood there. He then accused me of picking it up from somewhere. How the heck do I know where to get it from? Because apparently, my ticket does not have any timing on it, so he accused me of everything. I insisted at him, so now you are accusing me of stealing the ticket, which he of course denied. But hell no, I am not giving up. I will not admit something I didn't do, right? Common sense man. If you do NOT believe me, then check your CCTV or else, what is the main point of you putting up the CCTV, unutilized. Do I have to tell you WHAT to do, when the one who is working there is CLEARLY you and NOT me? AH, how stupid can you be? Then, he checked .. which was useless because guess what, EVERYTHING was blur. EVERYTHING has one thing called .. LIMITATION of CCTV. Sounds darn familiar. But, it's even worse than ours because ... theirs are all clogged, so next time if you wanna rob there, you don't have to worry, you can get away with it as they will not be able to see anything from there.

Then, after all those hoo-ha, he asked me to pay 1 buck. Guess what? I have no mood to even leave already, I just wanted to park there already, did not wanna leave. So, do you think I am causing problem there? I think so. You got it darn right. You know why? Because I actually have ANOTHER ticket with me, I kept quiet, and CCTV could not even reveal it, freaking sad, man.

So, now I know the reason of those fellas working there ... because who would ever take that kinda people to work with them except er .. Plaza Damas, where hardly people go. AH .. scheisse.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Shallow used-to-be-friend

Hey yo. How are things. I am off today, thus, here at this hour. Dehydrating. Exhausted. But, there's always a charger.

Anyways, was just seeing some people, observing how people changed over time. I can't believe some people, who I once called them as friends can be as shallow as this. He has been playing with people's feelings, and the girls he has been playing with are not random girls, but rather, girls within the network. How pitiful. I wonder what is he trying to prove? That he is charming? That he still appears to be hawt to many girls? Or, simply he yearns for the attention all along? Answer, both applies on him.

He is someone I do not know anymore, like a completely new person. This is the same guy who once told me that he appreciates friendships a lot, and he does not want to jeopardize any of them. Look what is happening. He has been playing with people's feelings and guess what, I am sure one fine day, he will get it back, real hard back on him. Til then, I shall not pity. He is such a bastard, a jerk that even that to label him, is definitely too mild.

Smart enough, I have called off this friendship long ago, that I no longer see him as one. He is just those superbly shallow guys on the street, who had studied so far abroad, and people expected more from him than just being shallow. Everything boils down to popularity.

When he was in his emo state before, I genuinely wanna know what happens. Nowadays, I will laugh at it, because, he is such a whatever that I thought should not be respected with every single act is he carrying out, that he does not deserve any good deeds people do. He use people, he takes advantage, and whatever I am saying now, is not based on prejudice, or bias. It's more from what I have witnessed, encountered or ... experienced it myself.

So, the end, HAHA.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

High Profile

Sometimes, some people are just so so disgusting, so gross, so dirty.

They leave home, far away from home, they check in into a hotel, and in the night, they start looking for girls, as in prostitutes. How can they actually do so, don't they feel anything later on. Assuming they have a wife back home, don't they even feel guilty about it. Eww .. barbarians.

It's bad, really bad .. but I guess what's worse is ... someone who had known to be holy, who always request for a prayer mat each time he comes, he's a VIP there, a known person in the hotel, and in the night, you get prostitutes going to his room. Yes, he's a man but so what, that does not give him any rights to do anything like that. If you wanna do so, stop pretending to be holy and religious. Omg, people can be so fake, put a fake front in the presence of people, but in a matter of fact, they thought, they do, and everything is just opposite of how people think they are. Does he think that after doing those stuff, sins can be washed away by praying? :S

Also, there is another VIP guest, high profile, got a family, a pretty wife, and 2 beautiful children. The next thing you know, he has been coming with another woman, not pretty, without children and she is not registered. If he wanna go with the mistress, then go to another hotel, where people do not know you. Omg, these people. What can I say, what can we say, these fellas won, they say everything, we .. remain silent .. is good enough. Still .. tsk.

Even though this is something I have been seeing and witnessing from my very first day of work, I still could not accept the fact that these people are actually doing so, tho at the same time, I feel immune. Also, even though I used to stay just one street away from the prostitute lane in Geneve, but ... I could not get to understand it.

NO feeling. Disgusting, uber gross.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

25th Birthday P4

There are just too many pics, and so ... it continues from maybe 5 entries ago. I know, too, that it's already year end and I should have finished it by now. Haha. Well, again, the one who is blogging is me, so it is totally understood haha.

Hi .. again it's us, and I know it's getting boring .. but .. haha

His name that suddenly becomes Gong Kia ... ahha

Look at the face of that someone with the peace sign XD haha

She's so high =p and what is wrong with that dude behind

He's so the fat now ... o.O and used to be .. skinny o.O omg .. did he just get married without our knowledge :S omg

Monday, November 23, 2009

I wanna know what love is

I Want To Know What Love Is Lyrics

I gotta take a little time
A little time to think things over
I better read between the lines
In case I need it when Im colder

In my life there's been heartache and pain
I don't know if I can face it again
Cant stop now, Ive traveled so far
To change this lonely life

I wanna know what love is.....
I want you to show me......
I wanna feel what love is.....
I know you can show me......

I'm gonna take a little time
A little time to look around me....
Ive got nowhere left to hide
It looks like love has finally found me....

In my life! there's been heartache and pain
I don't know if I can face it again
I cant stop now, Ive traveled so far
To change this lonely life!.!.!.!.

I wanna know what love is.....
I want you to show me......
I wanna feel what love is......
I know you can show me......

I wanna know what love is....
I want you to show me....
And I wanna feel, I want to.... feel what love is....
And I know, I know you can show me....

show me

I wanna know what love is, lets talk about love
I want you to show me, I wanna feel it too
I wanna feel what love is, I want to feel it too
And I know and I know, I know you can show me
Show me love is real, yeah
I wanna know what love is...

Pure beauty. And I miss ya ... :D haha.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Those fellas

There was a bit drama-ish yesterday, or should I rather say this morning.

Working on a Saturday is no fun because the most drama happens on that day of the week.

1st case:
Approached .. wanting to call a room and obviously we pointed to the house phone which she can use. She came back, approached me instead and I told her the same thing. She shouted back saying it's not working, and it is obviously WORKING when other people could use it, no? So the problem lies in her, isn't it. The distance is quite far but she shouted from there, she slammed the phone down and all. Ah before that I asked what's her name then if she wants me to call, her answer was "he does not know me" then .. good luck calling I'm not gonna call :D She was stomping her foot away, like as if some kid who is throwing tantrums. Get a life, will you?

2nd case:
Another one, acted like a guest, saying she wanna go up to the room because her friend had reserved it for her. When ask for the friend's name, ah his name is Tom. Like wth. Wrong, then she started digging for her phone in the bag, it went missing apparently. Casually, she asked me to call her phone. Sorry, only internal calls, but obviously, if really wanna help, it's possible but no way. Then, she said "tapi u mesti ada hp kan" but no way, do you think I wanna lend my phone to you, even though I have it with me. Do you think I am that dumb. She started crying there and then, my response to that? I continue doing my stuff and ignored her haha. She went around asking people to send her up and all but in the end, they still send her back to us haha. Ah pity. Security was following her very closely, for every step that she took. Pity!

So there goes my Saturday, just like that.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

That problematic sucker

At times, people can be that fake. Life is indeed cynical.

This dude here, to be precise, an ex-colleague who had left the company more than half a year ago, appears to be very determined to me. He is very determined to get me to reply him in FB, as he has been messaging me from maybe a hundred years ago, that, I have not done any of that. I am too lazy to block him but just once more, I am gonna block him from the search engine even, or perhaps even report him in FB, once again.

Messages such as these had been sent to me>
"I like your tattoo"
"Why do you look so depressed in the picture. Tell me why"
"How are you long time no see, I hope you are good"
"I beg you, can you please talk to me?"
"Please forget the past and be like how we used to be"
"Yes I like to see your picture, good, keep it going"
"Can your heart be softer, don't be so harsh"

You know what dude, I changed my profile picture NOT for you. I do a tattoo NOT for you to comment. The pictures I had was NOT depressed, it's just a picture. I am definitely good without you disturbing in my life. How can I talk to a specimen like you. How can I forget the past, when you have BACKSTABBED my very good friend, and criticized her, though not the truth and the next moment you pretended to be NICe to her. Plus, have you forgotten you have THREATENED me before. Remember that day? I might be able to talk to you if you have not done those TWO major things that made me so numb and so immune to anything in regards of you. Guess what? The day you got fired was the day of my freedom. It's a joy, a time to celebrate.

You are the one who once said I am not good, that I have got some attidude problem. You are the one who said your wife is hawt and pretty and ask me not to think I am hawt, which I did not. You are the one who said I suck big time, that I am not worth it. Now, you are also that desperado I think you are. First of all, I have never said I am good, nor hawt, I have never mentioned those at all. If I am really those kind of people, what the heck are you doing here in my FB, keep on checking if I have changed my profile pic. I guess, you're really a sicko. The person you decribe as being the very bad one, and look at it now, you have been messaging that person like mad. How ironic life is, and I enjoy the moment of this, of you messaging countless times, and got no reply in return. How fun. Whatever happened proved that you are the one with problems, and not me. I am not those people without direction, without principles. I hold on to my principles, as much as I could and being stubborn my nature had contribute to that even more. So, you know what am I gonna say ... DREAM ON.

Since that you have a wife, and a kid at home, I seriously do not see a reason to message someone else, who is out of your friends even, because I certainly do not wanna have anything to do with you. Why don't you just go back to your wife and be a good husband. I am not even a friend, I am just an ex-colleague of yours, who holds no importance. I definitely know, you stand no place, and I don't see a reason of you messaging me. I have ignored you and turned oblivious as long as I can remember, and act like as if I do not know you at all, why can't you do the same. You are not single, why do you wanna act like some bastard. Sorry, I forgot that you are. Even if you message me another hundred thousand years, there will not be a reply, so please do give up. I think people should respect you for your determination, just that you have used it for the very wrong reason. There are much more meaning to life, than just messaging me.

Also in case you do not know yet, my life is damn absofarkingly good, WITHOUT you. So be kind enough, and let me live peacefully without your presence. It's so damn obvious, isn't it? Isn't it visible enough or all along you are just too blind. You are indeed a VERY pathetic species.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Initially, I didn't wanna say anything, initially, I didn't wanna even talk about it. But, why should I refrain, I thought.

What is the definition of contradicting. It means oppose, differ, dissimilar, contrast, vary and etc. Some species, in my honest opinion, is rather extremely funny. They say something, they do the other. First, he said that he is those people who appreciate small group of people to hang out with, because it's the quality he's looking for. Right now, he is just doing the opposite. Well, it's none of my business, right. Exactly. But this is just those small points that contradict himself, but at some point, IS my problem because it has got something to do with me.

All along, we have not been THAT good to begin with. Along the way throughout those few years we knew each other, conflicts, misunderstandings and misconceptions all came into place. Conflicts after conflicts, and God, it's tiring. So, I have come to understand one major thing, there often have miscommunication between us, and only us. As a result, I shall just take a step back, in whatever circumstances it is. I took one step, two steps, three steps, and we grew farther and farther apart, as far as it could.

I stopped everything. I stopped contacting him, I stopped messaging him, and in whichever medium it is, it remained silent. It is all due because at one point, we kept on arguing, over nothing. Days and months, nothing changed. The best thing to do back then was not to contact him at all. He was also protecting someone who does not deserve it because I used to respect this guy but not anymore. However, he was protecting that particular guy.

I thought it will solve everything, apparently not. He would say things that will trigger me, to my friends. He will say and do stupid things that will provoke me. He used to say, I am those people that is hard to find. He was very thankful because I was there with him during his down times. I denied, because I believe it wasn't me. But, I am someone who strongly believes in actions, and not words. Whatever he said has not been justified. I kept on telling him, is none of my business, I have done nothing and he doesn't need to sound like I am an Angel because I am certainly not. He insisted I am. But again, his actions is far from what he had said. Of course from that day til this very day, I do not believe.

There were so many things that had happened that I chose to keep silent. But, sometimes, things went overboard you just need to release your frustration, somehow. Coincidentally, this is just those few ones that I felt, at the moment. Too many things that only showed he took things for granted, nothing such as appreciation was showed.

Also, he did say things that you will wonder, what is his definition of friends. Probably, for him, friends are people you look for when you need help, when you need direction, when you need this, and need that. When you are not in trouble, you don't find friends, you find enemies. Right? I supposed. But anyhow, whatever I felt before remains, that he remains as a buddy, and probably after this, that status will be downgraded. So many things that is hidden until now, not wanting to say out, not wanting to comment further, but ... it has been long here, it needs to be expressed one day.

To be continued ...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

25th Birthday P3

This is our beloved Sports Car - Flaming Lamboghini.

Hahaha ... autaman ... so the ... dot dot

This is ... wait a min, look at the background, Tarzan's expression is darn farney haha

Okay okay Tarzan is your turn haha :D smile til so harpie o.O is he okay? I thought at this point of time, he just arrived, but sorry Tarzan, there's nobody for me to intro to you lolz all not your type

I think at this point of time, she's THERE already, the ding dong stage already haha

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hiao is the word

Girls these days are just so the hiao.

I know a few of them, or rather quite a handful of them who fall in this category, and sorry, I just can't withstand them. It's just not one that I know, not two, but uncountable ones. It's all about guys, it's all about who is going after them and who are cute and etc. People, get a life please, there is much more meaning to life, besides, guys.

When you are in my position, anyone with the right mind, will feel darn superb gross. They can be much more productive than this, rather than doing all these nonsense. When I was that age, I wasn't like that, I was simply far from that even. Neither my friends were. Don't they have anything else better to do.

They are competitive among each other, on who gets the attention from the guys? Oh Mein Goodness ... the generation is really getting worse and worse. Sluttier and sluttier. Even with first impression, you can know from how they carry themselves "look at me I'm hawt" which is actually the opposite way because that is such a turn off. I saw some pictures from the launch of something, that were attended by these newly celebrities, so-called that is. It's all about how skimpy you dress o.O But of course, I'm not saying all youngsters are like that, some are well respectable ones. Unfortunately, many of them are like that, and even some who are my age are acting like that, get a life.

Shallow girls ... damn. Haha.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sara Bareilles - Gravity

This is a very beautiful song, and if you see the meaning of the song, very deep. It's about what we don't see but it happens. A girl being with someone she loves but being abused, trying very hard to run away, and try even harder, trying very hard to leave but she could not. She is still caught in his hands. Love like this is painful, and is torturing, suffering in pain. In the end of the day, she is still caught in that abuse. As much as she wanted to, she could not. The same circle keeps on repeating. Not knowing where to go, not knowing where to run to, and not knowing where she could get help. She thought she is strong enough to stand by her own, only to realize she is not. She wants her freedom to live and begging him to set her free and everything is down to zero. She ends of being abused. It's an addiction, having something which is not good.

Though we don't see and feel any abuse case in front of our eyes, because most of them are hidden, and shy away from public eye. Brutal truth is, it happens, a lot. Just that we don't see it and to be caught in that situation is tragic.

Dancing to this song is filled with emotions. The moves, the momentum, all is about gracefulness, it's all about expressing oneself. It's the most beautiful, most engaging feeling when dancing to songs like this.

It's called PDA

I used to see a lot of PDAs on the streets before ... but right now, it seems that it's getting lesser. Don't get me wrong, I am not encouraging it. Probably, the reason of me seeing it lesser is due to the fact that I am going out lesser. When you have any MPs with you, or Ipod, you get caught in your own world.

I know this fella here, an expat who just arrived here not too long ago, has been doing just that. If you think he is only 20s, you're wrong. If you think he is only 30's you're wrong also. He is indeed approaching 50 now, a divorcee with 2 kids who is not here with him, and has a fiance.

When he puts on his blazer, put a nametag, and something that symbolizes the company, he should not be doing all these in public, especially if he is doing that inside the company and guess what, he isn't some junior staff, but the highest post. Don't you think you, as a boss, should act decently, to show that you ought to be respected, and not the other way round.

When you're new, and you have all the employees there who has been working there for the last 5 years, 6 or even 10 years, is hard for them to accept you for that because, this industry is all about professionalism. You, doing that, shows just the opposite. In comparison, your predecessor
has been decent all along, from the first day he's here until the last day. The moment you arrived, everything is gone. The image of a big boss, everything is crushed. You spoilt everything. Your position could not be justified with your actions.

If everything is done outside in public, perhaps, nobody will say anything, but ... you have been doing everything here. I heard this phrase before, people don't eat and shit in the same place, but you .. have been doing just that. It's all about respect and I supposed, each and everyone has been expecting much more from you.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

25th Birthday P2

My ex-classmate in F1, F4 and F5 .. so that makes it 3 years .. haha. But I have not seen her for like 7 years. Maybe 6. I'm not sure. I think I met her once last year or something, or was it this year.

Haha ... the three of us. Ah Dong but now upgraded to Ah Kiang already and Dede.

The girls: Ah Ying, Ah Kiang, Dede, me and Siao Zha Bo

Hon Seng again, can you see the difference, he's getting red.

The so-called Jason Mraz. haha. Only this particular pic LOL.

My face got molested

Last week, I had this guest, whom had spent an hour for a check in, it's indeed VERY long. She was asking all sorts of questions, that left me kinda frustrated in the middle, because she does not really seem to get it but in the end still she got it. She was asking why must I take this amount, and wanted me to convert everything to AU and stuff like that, so it's alright I am fine. I talked til my throat ran dry.

It was my colleague turn when she asked about tours as she wanted to see stuff here, which obviously they have a hands-on information rather than me. Even that he kept talking and talking til ran out of voice.

It's my turn again to escort her to the room. In the lobby, she was standing very close to me, which I don't feel comfortable in and she was rubbing my back. I am fine and I am okay in normal circumstances, but not from a guest o.O In the room, I was introducing all the features, and tada ... I felt molested at my face when she came to say "Thank You dear" like .... yea thank you ... but .. must she molest my face. HAHAHAHA. Okay ... I find it farney that's it haha.