Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gunung Nuang on 28 - 29 March 2010

There is a plan of going up to Gunung Nuang in March

Date: 28 - 29 March
Time: TBA
Venue: Gunung Nuang, Hulu Langat
Activities: Hike, Photo Photo, Cook, Waterfall, Sleep, Sing Song, See the stars, feel the nature
Who: Whoever who wanna go, and atm ... it's 5 confirmed
Fee: Nil
Expenses: Only bring the necessities, food, drinks and tent
Safety: Very Safe

Please come and join us to Gunung Nuang, let's hike up, hand in hand HAHA ... wth. It's a nice place, a place where you can really feel the nature. Those who are afraid of leech, just like yours truly, need not be afraid becauseeeeeeee ...... there's none, or the possibility of getting one is REALLY minimal, based on experiences of a regular hiker up there.

Should you require any futher enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank You.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh My Gott

Colleague: You Afternoon sampai bila?
Me: Sampai hari ni je, esok cuti 3 hari
Colleague: Oh 3 hari pergi cari Pak We la
Me: haha Kak, I takde pakwe
Colleague: Tipu la, mustahil
Me: Napa mustahil, memang tak tipu la
Colleague: Macam mane nak percaya orang cantik takde pakwe
Me: kak kena percaya la i memang takde, kalau tak, tanya YU saje haha
Colleague: Takpe, nanti kak cari kan ya
Me: hahaha ok

Why do I always have this problem haha. Like people do not believe, I don't have means I just don't la LOL. Omg. So the omg. If I have, I will be .. mm .. busier haha. I won't be just sleeping on my day off, I won't be shopping alone or even wanting to watch movie alone on my day off right. I know it does sound pathetic but I got used to it, so there is nothin g to be sad of. I started enjoy doing things myself years before LOL. Sometimes, it does feel nice to have a companion, but .. well, if there is none also, is totally cool.

Happy Birthday, Lalang

Dear Lalang, Dear KK,

18th Feb 2010.

Have a blessed birthday. Wishing you with good health, wealth and happiness throughout the year. Be happy always.


Happppy Birthdayyyyyyyyy!!! :D :D :D

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Girl OST - Alone

This is from the Korean drama My Girl ... title Alone

The romanization of the lyrics

Kwaen-cha-nha nul kuroh-ke hangsang hamchayotdon konanya
Hajiman onurun wae jakku-man sulpochinun konchi

Chombuto achuman-hi norul chuhwa-haetotdon gon anya
Jakkuman chugumshik nae mame niga turo oryohae

Kaggumshik ne gyote kaga-i nol pogo issomyon
Nege amu kotdo haechul su optdange
Nae maumi nomu apa

Onul harurado norul katgo shipo
Naega olmana saranghanunchi
Saenggangmankumina pyoh-yonhal su omnun
Nae jashiniomu paboran gol arasso

To isang honjaranunke apujiman anulkoyo
Hanchamul kottapomyon onusae no-ege kago isso

Kaggumshik ne gyote kaga-i nol pogo issumyon
Naege amukotdo haejul su optdanunge
Nae maumi nomu apa

Onul harurado norul katgo shipo
Naega olmana saranghanunchi
Saenggangmankumina pyohyonhal su omnun
Nae jashini nomu pabo paboran gol

Norul chamshirago ggur-o-ango shipo
Naega olmana chohwahanunchi
Pyohyonmankumina chaeng-imchil su omnun
Nae jashini nomu paboran kol arasso

While the English translations
Credits to: busnumber @ Aigoo Lyrics [ ]

It’s all right, I wasn’t always alone like this
But today, I don’t know why I keep getting sad

It’s not like I’d liked you a lot since the beginning
It’s just that my heart kept entering yours little by little

Sometimes, when I see you as I am near you
The fact that I can’t do anything for you
Hurts my heart so much

Just for today, I want to have you
How I love you so much that
I can’t express how much through my thoughts
I knew that I was a fool

Being alone hurts, but I will not cry
If I walk for a long time, somehow I start to walk towards you

Sometimes, when I see you as I am near you
The fact that I can’t do anything for you
Hurts my heart so much

Just for today, I want to have you
How I love you so much that
I can’t express how much through my thoughts
I knew that I was a fool

I want to hold you tight, even for just a moment
How I like you so much that
I can’t take responsibility for any of my expressions
I knew that I was a fool

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year 2010

Happy Chinese ROAR Year

BE prosperous people. Thank You. I'm a rat.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


If only life is fairer, everyone will be happier ...
If only sometimes we get what we wanted, everyone will be happier
If only there are no sadists in this world, everyone will be happier
If only everyone supports peace and harmony, everyone will be happier
If only our superiors have their right mind, everyone will be happier

AH, if there is one question for me, if I have regretted my decision. My answer were maybe 70-80% without regrets previously, but now, it's 199% I do not regret any single freaking path that I took.

First: It has been more than one bloody month I am working noon, people's aware. I am not saying anything because, I know people's aware. I am not making noise.

Second: Every 2 weeks, I get night shift, are you trying to kid me now? My colleagues ... they get night shift after 10 days only, and one who work 10 days straight without a off, and back to night. Ah ... exploitation

Third: I requested morning. You told me you're gonna put me morning, and the way you said it, people will understand as the whole week morning. When the schedule is out, what I saw was ... I am afternoon and 5pm all the way throughout the most important days of CNY. Now you come telling me why didn't I put the requests, new girl came to request, she got it. Ah I got it, Black and White right

Forth: She planned my life for me. CNY Eve I get morning, go for reunion dinner, on CNY PM shift, celebrate in the morning then come to work. Since she plans for me, I wonder if she wants to live my life for me as well?

Fifth: According to her, I am resigning, so ... after this I can do what I want. Like as if CNY comes every month. So, you have the rights to exploit us, abuse us, and not treating us like humans. Can the labour people come and ... spot check on these people to see if they are exploiting us, BIG TIME!

Sixth: I understood your difficulty in planning schedule especially for the upcoming CNY as there are so many who applied for leaves. I, just asked for AM, now you're giving me THIS kinda schedule back to me. How wonderful eh. Thank You so much. Like really I appreciate THIS. Now, you're taking it for granted.

Seventh: Which part of me does not look like Chinese except that I can't speak it? I still celebrate. Thank you, if you wonder.

Eighth: We are all not being treated like humans. I can tell you, very frankly. Unappreciative bunch of whatever you call them as.

Ninth: We don't say anything, it does not mean it is okay. When we say something, you say we are being difficult. What really do you want. It's really sickening.

The decision to walk out from the door on Feb 28 is indeed a very wise decision and I guess, this is the most memorable one. I wanna save myself from falling deeper. It's damn frustrating, simply pissing off to have people like this. Why do they always have to go against us. They have issues with us, all the time. Of me walking out, is worth every single penny. Even if I do not have a job, is really worth it. Sakit hati. FRUS okay, FRUS!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The rollercoaster ride

I had my hair cut last week, needless to say, Vincent.

This was my hair in the first half of 2008, and I kept for 6 long years, of course I trimmed it once a year HAHA, yea once to twice a year, depending on where am I at that time. Long and black.

In the second half of 2008, my hair got out of hand, that I did not know how to tie it anymore, with the hotel standard, because it's way too thick and kept coming out. Last resort - dramatic chop. Nobody believes, when I actually do it, haha .. shocking. This was on Merdeka 2008

One month later, for my birthday, I cut and colored

It grew longer ... so what do you do ... cut again

This time was a tad different, maybe too trendy for those in hotel line. It was short on my right side, and long on my left side, my Idol came and asked me to cut it off. :( Ah so sad.

In January ... when it already grew longer, CUT again. Spike a little bit, everyone has been saying it's too boyish now. haha. For this, they suspected even more that I was one of a kind, haha in other words, lesbo.

November 2008

I colored my hair .. to violet. Remained short.

May ... 2009, my skin is still burnt from Langkawi which has been 3 months since, my violet is still there haha

July 2009

One month later, August, it's getting longer

It was my birthday ... trimmed a little

This was during Halloween's time ... end of October, early November

This is the msot recent one ... before I cut my hair, again

My hair went on a rollercoaster ride, and it is not the end yet. As I have mentioned, I just cut my hair, and in real life, it shocked quite a number of people. Haha. But, anyways, no pics haha XD wait wait ya ...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Myrna's Farewell Party - Au Revoir

It was December when another colleague left us, for good. If it was another colleague, we could say goodbye and meet up again, in the convenience of both parties. However, this could not be done, because she was going back to her beloved hometown, Lebanon. Yea, she is the AGRM (Arabic market). It's always hard in saying goodbye and we are not good in it. Perhaps, we might meet up again in the future, never say never.

The beginning

When people started feeling it, the tipsyness

At last, the drunkards ...

The next day, those working morning shift, majority of them were late to work. It was a great fun night and I guess, the hotel must have closed for a day. Even colleague from Room Service came, as well as the Chefs. haha. Well, not to mention also those who did not go to any single party before for 2 years over I was there, ACTUALLY came. Duty Managers, GSAs, GROs, Concierge, Kitchen, Mgmt Trainees, ah omg, packed, blast, Goodness. It was a successful night, I loved it. We all loved it.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The change in 2010

As I entered work

Woman: I heard you tendered? O.O
Me: Yea, where you heard that from?
Woman: From her *pointed finger*
Me: Oh okay
Woman: Why you tendered?
Me: Tired, exhausted. I got enough
Woman: Not only you tired, everyone else as well
Me: That is why I gotta do something about it. I don't wanna continue being here, doing the same things, feeling as exhausted as I have always been. That is also why I am leaving, to make a change =.=

Don't complain if you decided to stay there. It is not that you cannot, it is whether you wanna take that step, or not. I decided to take a different path this year. Don't complain more when you don't have night shift for every 2 weeks, kay. Thanks.