Thursday, February 28, 2013

한국: Day 3 Part 1

Ahhhh~Our third day has come. We have gone all the way to O'Sulloc Tea Museum, a place for people like us to experience and understand how a tea is grown, brew and etc. Apart from that, it's also an eco-friendly environment, they provided the visitors with a cafe there to relax and to have food and drinks with green tea.

Tea is used to be drunk by the royal family and used to be a gift given by the king. As it goes with time, it had been brought down drank by the ordinary people. That's why we can enjoy drinking tea to date.

Welcome to O' Sulloc Tea Museum, where it is originated in Jeju Island. They have branches of O Sulloc shops selling O'Sulloc Tea in other cities like Seoul and Gangnam too

They have displayed the different types of tea pots, tea cups and how it was originated with its rich history too.

This is just so cute, and creative

The whole set of the tea

If you are a tea lover, these are what is available for you to buy haha. Also, they are selling green tea based cream, moisturizer and stuff like that too.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Losers these days

You hear a lot of girls say that they wanna get married to a rich man and only rich man. They don't wanna work, they don't wanna do anything, but just be a thrash in society. Trust me, there are so many out there.

I thought that was really bad. Just bad, because it shows how "intelligent" people became with having the easy way out and eventually having nothing in life. They are born with the mission of marrying a rich guy, no matter what they do, no matter what the husbands do, they just wanna be that.

Then, I came to know that there are guys out there doing the same thing. They love the girls money, house, and etc. They start going after the girl after they see the house. They wanna get married to the girl, and they don't mind marrying in to the girl's family. I'm sorry for my mistake, but please remind me what gender are you?

It's not only rich guys that have to be aware of those girls. Now even the girls gotta be extra careful of the guys. Initially, they just treat you like just another girl. For what reason tell me, they start going after you only AFTER they see your house? There's only one reason and that's because they want your money, or your parents.

How degrading will they wanna be? Guys like this are not even worth to be friends with, honestly. Girls alike.

It is at its best if you do not show him where you live, or her. If you're a girl, it's okay to drive, there's nothing wrong with that.

Monday, February 25, 2013

한국: Day 2 Part 5

After enjoying the time being a Teddy Bear or surrounded by Teddy Bears, it's time for us to make a move over to Jungmun Daepo Coast Jusangjeolli Cliff.

Every tourist spot or most of them, you need to have a ticket to go in. 

In my personal experience, this has a very breathtaking view. You feel relax just by looking at it and a very peaceful feeling with the sound of the wave. 

That's all we had for our second day. It has been a very tiring day. We walked all the way til we dropped, we practically dropped when we finally arrived back to the place we stayed in.

Not to mention, the place we stayed in has a very homely feeling with Ahjumma keeps on explaining to us how to get around in Jeju Island. haha.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Chap Goh Meh

Chinese New Year or it is also known as Lunar New Year is ending tomorrow. Damn, can anyone just tell me how time flies. 15 days passed.

It's Chap Goh Meh tomorrow, marks the 15th day or the end of Chinese New Year. Practically, I did not do anything. That's because I wasn't here for the first 7 days.

Chap Goh Meh can also be known as the Chinese Valentine in Malaysia and Singapore as I'm not too sure if it's practice elsewhere too. Girls will write their numbers and details on an orange's skin and the guys at the end of the river will pick those up.

What I really like about this festival is not bout the 15th day. More like the lion dance and the food. Not the visiting(not like I do), not the clothes but the lion dance and the food. That's it.

Few pictures of a lion dance I managed to capture, also another traditional performance called the 24 beats drummers as that symbolizes the 24 festivals throughout the year. But apparently, due to the lack of space, it's only 18 drums there. These performance is just so impressive, some are like really young.

These kids did the 18 beats drummers performance

 My favourite - lion dance

 Ahh ... don't you just love this?


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

한국: Day 2 Part 4

As a continuation from the Teddy Bear Museum. I prefer the first Teddy Bear Museum I have gone to on my first trip there, in which I have forgotten the name of the museum, sadly. It's also called Teddy Bear Museum if I am not mistaken.

OMG! I'm really good at this, sleeping!

Bears make me happy

It's picnic time!

Ahh, this is just so cute, koala!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


For real, I've not heard about this throughout my life and when I did hear this upon my ears, damn, this is too amazing.

How can someone from this century do this as such. I've always thought that this happens in generations before.

I've heard that some girl fled the country and got engaged with the bf in the chosen country. Wow.

I'm not sure what does this prove. The unconditional love or beyond stupidity. If thinking that this will make her feel better, why not right? Parents are always right in certain things. This is one of them. It is important that you choose the right one and get your parents' blessing. That's like the most important ever thing to do when wanting to plunge into a different phrase. Without blessings, only problems will find your way.

That's how it works. Look at it now, arguing every other day? Life must have treated you damn good, right? Regret? It's definitely too late. After all these drama happened, bow down and cry, probably nobody cares anymore. At least I know if this ever happen, I wouldn't bother.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has been celebrated worldwide no matter what religion you belong to and what are you. It has become so commercialized that it practically means wasting money. You can always say that Valentine's is all about spending money, and it doesn't really bring any significance just because it's Valentine's. Everyday is Valentine's if you treat her/him everyday like that. You may see that from that point of view and there's not a need to celebrate a day as such.

Guys I know will say things like that. Girls in the other hand say the opposite. They say why can't we celebrate together with other couples to show the love and yada yada. They want to be treated differently, a day to be treated extra special. Well, I don't know. Haha.

I received 2 cards this year which is pretty awesome. It's a good start HAHA. But this is more like a friendship card. Hehe, STILL! It came as a big surprise because I did not expect this at all.

Anyway, Valentine's Day fell on the day when I was still in Japan. Just like in Korea, Japan celebrates Valentine's Day with the girls giving the guys chocolates too. In Korea, it's the girls expressing their love through that and the guys will reciprocate on White Day which falls on March 14th.

I have learned that in Japan, it is not necessary that the girls have feelings for the guys. Sometimes, it's just a courtesy of giving chocolates. It may be co-worker, friends and etc, they do practice it like that. But, it's not the same type of chocolates given from the guy they like to the guys they have no feelings for.

The chocolates that they sold had been wrapped up very prettily and nicely. I want that on March 14th!! 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Time flies

How time flies indeed. My holiday is going to end real soon.

I'm already on my last night here in Sapporo, and leaving Tokyo tomorrow night back to KL. Nooooooo!!!!!!! I don't wanna leave yet!!

Why so fast?!

It was snowing heavily here earlier on. Since that it's our last night, let's just spend the night out.

Konbanwa. Gonbei!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Lunar New Year

For those who are celebrating the Lunar New Year, have a very blessed and prosperous New Year ahead!

The same goes to Seollal New Year! Have a great one ^^

May we all prosper in the year of the snake ^^

Friday, February 8, 2013

한국: Day 2 Part 3

We started our journey in Teddy Bear's museum. There are a few Teddy Bear's Museums around Korea.

They have all the Teddy Bear's in the glass. All versions of it. They have like the Beatles of Teddy Bear and things like that. Of course, they have the stories and histories of how Teddy Bear was born. haha.

Damn, look at the beard haha

You have the loaded Teddy Bear too, 125 Karat Bear. No kidding!

Ahh this is Ahjussi Bear who sells vegetables and fruits haha.

It's us in the park .. haha :P

Look at that king. These bears are so spoilt.

They have a whole museum dedicated to just Teddy Bears. This even isn't the only museum they have for Teddy Bears. They have a few more across the country. Can I just be the bear?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No religion teach you to disrespect and humiliate yourself

Sometimes, I really do wonder, like if someone has such low mental strength (it had come to a point of being unhealthy), I'll just assume that they are lost, they do not have any direction in life.

I grew up having people around me belong to different religions. I have seen a few religions and all of them have good teachings. They teach you good things and they show you to the right path. That's what I always believe. So, at least, when you come to a crossroad in life, or when you feel you are lost at some point of your life, spiritually, emotionally and mentally, you have somewhere you can rely on, to believe.

Only people like me, when you are lost, you go to someone else. Or, rely on yourself. You have no other place to depend on, it's best to believe in yourself. It sounds very self-centred, but that's how the world works, right?

Never in my mind would have thought that someone who gives out the impression they are so religious would have a weak mind like that. If you hold true to your religion, I believe it's not easy to influence you. Even the most basic ever thing of having respect of yourself and knowing your self-worth is a foundation of being a human. How can you disrespect yourself like that? How can you not know your self-worth that you shouldn't be throwing yourself over to a guy, like forcing him to accept you. Even having him said no to you, you still end up chasing after him, losing all your pride that a woman should have. I just can't believe I need to witness stuff like that. I honestly do not want because it shows hos disgusting and how low a woman can get. That's rather pathetic and disappointing to know a counterpart is doing things as such.

Even though I only have a religion by written, I have strong belief of myself. It's not about what religion you belong to, but I do believe that you do good, and have good karma. Religions generally teach you to be a good person and have a good heart. I do not have an angelic heart, but at least, I know what I'm worth. Of course, I know where exactly I stand out in a society. I rather lose everything I have than to lose my pride and dignity.

No religion teach you to disrespect and humiliate yourself

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

한국: Day 2 Part 2

We continued being burnt in Cheonjiyeon Falls. The weather was burning hot that day. Well, it's not much that we can appreciate as the next few days were pouring and pouring.

This is like so damn beautiful

Then again, it's us haha

This is the Fountain of Five blessings. These five animals here symbolizes 5 blessings of longevity(tortoise), wealth(boar), honor(dragon), love(mandarin duck), and sons(carp). Choose one of the blessings, stand in front of it, and throw the coins in the lucky bag and if the coins get in there, then you will receive the blessings.

We then continue our journey, we left the waterfall. Wow, Ripley's Believe It Or Not. Didn't know that have it there but this is not something we were there for. Let's skip that, time is precious haha

That's the place. Our destination, the Teddy Bear Museum. This is MY place. I'm so gonna conquer the whole place haha

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Tower 타워

Ahhh...finally I managed to catch The Tower in the cinema before they decide to take it off the listings.

This is a South Korean disaster movie called The Tower in which I have been yearning to watch for God knows how long. This is a movie you see people dying, people screaming for help, and ignoring your conscious mind, you only want to live. You do not care if the others are children or old folks, you just want to live.

Every minute of this movie are is full of excitement. I feel that the actors and actresses had played the respective role really well. I don't know any casts in the movie except Son Ye Jin. haha. There are some funny scenes as well, check it out.

It's really sad to see that the fire man has to die in the end. :(

Sunday, February 3, 2013

한국: Day 2 Part 1

I know this has been going on for the longest time now. It has been almost a year, just 2 months shy. We were there from mid April haha.It's all about procrastination and I am the master of it. Here it goes then. We just flew in to Jeju from Incheon, so yeah, the trip starts this day.

Of course, we were at the tourist centre first before going anywhere. We know nuts about the place haha.

Ahh my Dwaejis. It's always the three of us haha

We walked over to Cheonjiyeon Falls in Jeju. It means sky connected to the land.

The sound of the waterfall is so soothing and relaxing. The stream Yeonhee-chun is the source of the waterfall.

While walking along the trail, there are plants that I've never known existed. Anyway, I can't remember the names. The name itself is complicated enough. haha

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Friends vs Partners

I had a friend ranting bout this the other day. Her bestie got married and she's not sure if she should really genuinely feel happy for her. In fact, she's sad.

It's not because that she got married. But, it's more like ever since she met the then bf, things had changed tremendously. They no longer met after that and she did not even inform bout all her life changing experience.

It's not the first time I heard bout story like this. In fact, many. Many of these people practically ditch the friends and devote 100% to the partner. It's not that you should be ditching your partner, but what is wrong with spending time with your old buddies, friends who stick by you even before meeting your partner.

All these tend to happen to girls more. Once they get a bf, it's goodbye to friends and I don't know why must it happen in such a way. When your ex ditch you, it isn't these guys that were there for you. It's your friends.

You don't have to choose between the two. Manage your time and issue resolved, right? Not being with your partner won't die, you still have your oxygen. Unless you are saying that you breathe by looking at him only then the oxygen works. Even if so, bring the oxygen tank out.