Friday, May 31, 2013

You get what you deserve

I know that there wide selections of clothes selling out there in the malls compared to years back. As you have noticed and realized, girls are wearing lesser and lesser, shorter and shorter, thinner and thinner.

I believe that when you work, go to the office, it's only wise and professional to dress in certain way. That means not too short, not too thin, not too exposed like as if you are revealing your body to the public. If you are working in certain industries of course it is acceptable. But, if it's a corporate office, dressing up in that way does not portray you are a qualified employee. That's how usually people see you as. That also leads to self-respect. If you respect yourself, you do not wanna have remarks like "geez, look at that woman wearing so skimpy to work, that's an absolute disgrace." I'm sure no person in the right mind will want that. Don't be surprised if there are people who want that. Instead, they will interpret it as "Omg, so many people are looking at me, I'm a star." God, give us all a break.

There comes the guy. No, not them dressing like that. If they do, I rather not live anymore. You know which kind of guys deserve a respect? Not those who says "you look so beautiful" or that says "let's have a date." Not at all those kind. Instead, the deserving kind is those that when you see other girls dress in that offensive manner, you don't pass on remarks like "it's better not to wear" or "phewittt the bod is hawt" or "check out that chic." Instead, they keep quiet and decide not to say anything. That deserves a respect. He who does not bother about how a girl dresses and does not go crazy for her just because she's wearing shorter than most girls. He who knows what to say and what not to say. He who when in the company of girls, watch what he says. No sexist guys.

I know guys who are like that. "Phewitt" or "wah that skirt is so short" so what? You telling other girls that? You gotta be kidding me man. You should learn how to shut up for once. If you don't, get lost from my life and that does not affect me even one bit. First of all, imagine if some other guys on the street say that towards your own sister, or gf, or wife whichever that is applicable. Or better still, your own friends say that. Heh. Now, how that feels?

If you think you want to be respected like a rightful human being, then act as one. I am not asking you to act noble, posh, vogue or any of that sort, or even swag haha, but yeah, be respectful towards others. Human beings appreciate beautiful people. So, be beautiful inside. That also means, acting in a courteous manner deserve a respect, at least from this human being. We in general don't like rude people, right?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

한국: Day 5 Part 1

Rain loved us, so so much. I don't know how much the rain loved us, it cannot be measured. It followed us from Jeju to Seoul.

Seoul is all about shopping. Of course, apart from that, we need to complete the sightseeing too to say that we have been to Seoul. The next stop we went was to Namsan Tower or you call it Seoul Tower if that's easier to remember haha. It's 10 minutes walk from Myeongdong (the shopping destination) to the cable car station. It's a very good exercise as it's all uphill and the best part of all, you have no other choice but to walk as cars and taxis are prohibited there.

The best to visit is actually not day time, instead, the best is after sunset, between 7 PM to 12 AM. You can take the cable car up and walk down though. There are quite a few stuff up there, such as the revolving restaurant, souvenir shop, and a few more restaurants and the observatory.

As you can see from this picture itself, it was raining before we arrived. Having said that, it does not mean that it had stopped for that day.

Ahhh cherry blossom. We missed the cherry blossom in Jeju as the season is almost over there. At least, we still have our hopes here in Seoul. Hehe.

This is it. Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower.

They made this into a shape of a heart. Very pretty looking.

Ahh so cute this yellow thing haha

The Social Network Site

Few months back, I have joined a social network recommended by one of my dear friend. It's a site you don't have to pay as most sites I know is only free for certain usage and most of the features needs at least a certain membership fee.

It's very very similar to Facebook with the exception that this cannot be locked or restricted. Therefore, whatever you post up, whether pictures, rants, or status can be seen by the public.

I saw this status posted by this girl who said she wants a tall bf who smokes, tanned, will do anything for her and etc. It's very fairy tale liked, right? Posting status like that only attract weirdos. 2 minutes later, she posted another status stating that all guys there are jerks.

Personally, I think she was just asking for it as hello ... you don't go posting stuff like that up for the public to see. Doesn't she know common etiquette? I guess not.

This is like encouraging weirdos and she's attracting that kind of people to her as the whole aura in her is telling people that she's desperate. What kind of people do desperate people attract? Humans are attracted more towards the same kind, so the answer, despo too. Opposite attract doesn't work, the ratio is higher for the same kind to get along.

Girls dying to get bfs there, I just can't say how disgusted I am towards the pictures that they post. It's pictures you don't wanna see, it's pictures you feel embarrass of if you know that person. Thank God none of my friends behave that way. If one of them are like that, I strongly believe they will be kicked out from my circle long ago. Maybe, perverts get excited over it.

Guys who want gf wouldn't choose them as their gfs too. I believe they wouldn't want their gfs to be showing and expressing themselves through pictures like that. Furthermore, don't think ever anyone will be that open minded to be allowing such thing to happen. The entire thing about them is just so immoral and can be very offensive to certain people. It shows how low can they be. Obviously, only perverts and weirdos want you.

If you want someone with not with that kind of standard, it's not about choosing another guy. It's all about changing how you think and act. If you don't, you will attract that same type of guys to you. It may be a different person, but they will be the same type of people.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Is coffee for you?

Ah coffee has always been my daily life since I was in primary. Somehow, it stopped when I entered college til my first ever job. I only started again on my second job. I don't need coffee to stay awake on my first job haha, I wonder how did I make it through. During my internship, for sure, I had coffee on a daily basis as that was a restaurant, how can I not have coffee there, right?

Recently, I had couple of times, dine in, coffee apart from my daily dose of coffee. Cappuccino!

I'm sure you guys know what is it, Cappuccino haha. It's a combination of espresso, hot milk and steam milk foam. I like it with cinnamon though. Nowadays, they have all kinds of pattern made with the form. I love that a lot. I had this in J&D Espresso in Oasis BU 11. The ambiance is great except the selections of food are rather limited and it's quite costly.

This made me wide awake til 3am that day. I should not have taken it but I cannot resist temptation of this Cafe Latte. I had this in Red Bean Bag. This place is recently coming up. Cozy place, big portion, casual feeling. Awesome!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Stay Away

As you enter your mid 20s onwards, you will then realize that you will receive more and more wedding invitations, more and more people surrounding you are getting married, not necessary you get invited. Please do not misunderstand, not getting invited is indeed a good thing. It means you don't have to spend money haha.

So yeah you see people are getting married, you just wonder how prepared are they for marriage. Some get married younger, and some older. Can they refrain temptation after marriage? This is something I am really curious about.

Then, you see those married people responding to temptation. It's so annoying. Knowing you are married and doing such unlawful things. Those action is so uncalled for.

Then, there comes the girl. The girl who get involved with married men usually has a bf. They don't even mind if people suspect them. They are cheap like that. Knowing those guys are married, for normal girls, they stay away. For desperate girls, they don't mind. I am not sure what are they looking for. For sure, they do not have any dignity in themselves. Where are the pride? It was probably flush down the toilet bowl years ago.

Showing the interest, having eye contacts, the flirt, what else do you need? If you wanna flirt around with all the guys, break up with your bf, and get desperate nobody says a thing. If you wanna get involved with married men, do not blame others for treating you in such a way because you clearly deserves it since it shows you have no respect for others and yourself. It's absolutely disgusting. Or better, join a dating site since it most probably be mutual. HAHA!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Satay Celup in Malacca

Those who have lived here in Malaysia would have known bout this dish before. It's not something you would have eaten any other day if you are not from Melaka or Malacca.

I know the existence of this food but not a common one. We don't have that in KL. Even if I can find it here, I don't think I wanna eat it. It's always better to go to the originals to eat it right? The entire feeling is different.

I am very sure us tourists only know bout Satay Celup in Capitol. It may be popular for us, so why not try a new spot since that we don't like waiting. Ahh from my observation in Ban Lee Xiang, apparently it's very localized there. Perhaps, this is catered for locals? One thing for sure, be prepared for the heat. I was sweating like a cow. I have just forgotten bout that part, this shows I've not eaten this in yearssssssss. The last time I had this was back in 2006. Damn! It's a freaking 7 years hiatus!

Maybe I should find out why it's called Satay Celup. It's not to be confused with the normal satay. It's more similar to steamboat with the satay stick and cannot be consumed by Muslims.

Despo much?

"Girls who talk in a stupid baby voice when they're around guys... Just stop ✋... It's not cute..."

This was a quote I found in Twitter and I can assure you there are girls out there who are irritating like that. More precisely, they exist in my life that I wish they didn't. I just wish they can just exist in this world but not appear in front of me.

I can assure that it's not their natural voice as I have heard them speaking without that stupid tone before. You can say it's just the way they speak. No, it isn't because if they can speak "normally" with some other people who are girls of course, why can't they speak "normally" with guys generally.

They can always save that for their bfs or whoever they want but do NOT speak that way in front of me, whether I accidentally caught you doing so or not. It's not their fault that they are being caught like that, right? Yeah, but it's just too bad for them then.

I don't find it cute, I don't find it attractive, it's just dumb. Please. See, when you act that out, people can feel that you are making it, so don't try too hard. Trying too hard is lame and that usually does not bring good result. 

Despo much, maybe? 

I can only accept it if you have been brought up in that kind of culture. That is the only exception. Knowing that you don't come and originate from there, stop acting.

One Night Away

I was down to Melaka yesterday. We drove down on Monday noon for just a night stay. There's nothing much to do there anyway since it's just food and appreciate the peacefulness since there's no way we can experience that in KL. The heritage places we have visited many times in the past, so let's just leave that out.

It's nice to be tourists and foreign at times. That's where we were. We didn't do much there, except for walking all over Jonker Street and took the boat around Melaka at night.

Just the both of us in Geographier. It was a nice night, drank our night away with a Jazz live band. It was awesome! The ambiance was good, and you can feel it there, just great! I am not someone that appreciate jazz music, but it was good that night.

Met foreigners there, talked over the drink, and off we go. Goodbye and enjoy Malaysia. :D

Monday, May 20, 2013

My New Hair

I have been loving short hair for as long as I live. It was true that I did have long hair. Both lengths have its own advantages and disadvantages.

Finally, after 3 years, I am back to short hair. The fact that I can do things that I like, the fact that there's nobody saying "you are not allowed to cut your hair short" and the fact that it's just all about me makes me really really happy.

Who says short hair means ugly and long hair means pretty can just get the hell outta my sight. Honestly. Just because you want to judge someone from the hair? Really, then just do what you are best at, judge every single person out there because honestly, there will be someone who will be worse than you, judging you the way you do to others and that will not be me as I have more important things to do.

Calling guys with long hair gays? Oh please. They look so damn awesome. Criticize more, judge more if that's what you are good at :D

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Long to Short Soon

The time has arrived when I am gonna cut my hair short again. For those who have that perception that girls with short hair is ugly, it will not stop me. :D Yeah, I'm actually quite taken aback with that kind of derogatory remarks. How can you, right? But, that will not deter me from doing anything that I like ^^ whatever one likes and feels like thinking, it's all just in your head. Also, especially those who have short hair with boy cut, it's even worse. It become totally unacceptable for people like that. How many girls can actually accept that style? So when you meet one, you should appreciate okay! haha!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Let's break up

Lately, there are so many stuff that happened, so many stories I have heard.

This is one of the story I have heard too. It's someone I know of. This girl has been dating the bf for a minimum of 7 years and they got married.

During that 7 years, anything that happens, she will always say "let's break up." The word that anyone in the right mind will not use it just like saying "hey." But, she does. Her friends had reminded her again and again not to do that and not to use that phrase. Knowing her attitude so well, her friends all told her when she announced that she was going to get married not to act in such a way. She can no longer say "let's divorce" whenever she feels like it and even asked her if she's sure of this.

This, is such a problematic child. She is that one person that feels the whole world is going against her when everyone is helping her. Amazing. Even until today, being pregnant, she is still saying that.

Major part is that she is filled with all negative thoughts in her head. In this case, nobody can help her. Poor husband.

Maybe, just maybe, it was due to the fact she's not normal like us where our vision appears to be normal. She has her own challenges to overcome. I'm thinking that's the reason why.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

한국: Day 4 Part 5

It's already the 5th part of our Seoul tour on Day 4th. It's not an exact Day 4th as I have minus off the days where pictures were not taken due to either flight or shopping haha.

Next stop was Bokchon area. If you're wondering where it is, it is where a drama was filmed few years back starring Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin in this traditional house. This drama had increased the likeness for Lee Min Ho as you can see his fan base expanded after that haha.

They have the names on top of it. It's a very nice feeling there and you gotta walk uphill. It's a compulsory exercise aha. This is the house they filmed in. It's just too bad the owner of the house had changed the name haha.

After all the walking, we finally met up with Roy. Ahh it has been such a long long time, probably 7 years ever since he left KL. Heard of Psy's Gangnam Style, right? He took us to Gangnam area before the place was filled with tourists as the song was not out yet at the point of my visit. Yeah the background is actually Gangnam haha.

It's ice cream! You know what's great about travelling to places like this. It's ice cream! There are wide varieties of drinks and ice cream, or snacks. I've not managed to try all but the ones I have tried, I like it a lot. Ice cream during winter is the best ever feeling. Unfortunately, it was just spring but it was chill enough. ^^

Back in our place, we were talking there with ice cream, no alcohol this time, don't worry haha. Yeah finally, the day has come to an end. It has been a tiring day.

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Unwritten Rule

Babo told me the other day, it's so rare to find a girl who pays for a vacation herself. He has not met this kind of species before. Here I am, telling you, Babo, I have.

I'm not even sure anymore if the "normal girls" appear to be materialistic or the "rare girls" appear to be too naive or independent. I just can't figure out which is the right one anymore these days. Even genders are hard to determine these days!

Yeah anyway, I always hear things like "my bf and I went for xxx place. Wow it's so beautiful." Then, "woah so rich?" "oh no lah my bf paid." That's a common conversation. Seriously, it's very common. So, one can't help to feel envy sometimes. But, most of the time, I don't. I feel so much more secured to pay MY vacation myself. That's very very much more satisfying.

How often do you find girls saying "omg I am so broke, I just came back from xxx country with my bf!" and the friend will surely ask "If you went with your bf, why are you broke?" The answer will be in a very shy way "I paid for him." How often? I know a few like that. It's rather sad to know guys had become so useless and these numbers are growing.

It came to a point that it supposed to be half but of course, there's going to be a party that is going to lose more. Surely, you think it's the guy but you're wrong. They eventually ended.

If you still consider yourself a guy, you should, at least lose it equally. As a girl, it was offered to pay the hotel back. AND, as a guy, not only he did not offer the same, but he's going ahead with that from the look at it(maybe). I have culture shock. I'm seeing this for the very first time because none of my friends are like that. None of them had gone to that level. I'm amazed in some ways.

There's an unwritten rule that when you go for vacation, it's only not right to get your gf to pay for it. Even though in some cases are not a complete trip being paid for, but, choosing the cheaper one? Err. That's all I have to say. There's a friend too who has guys like that as her bf. I just don't know why. I guess it is totally fine if it is an AA vacation, but the girl paying for you is a bit too much? I'm sorry, but I just need to look down on guys like that.

As a person, it is important to have a conscious mind. If you are happy and if you don't feel it's against your conscious mind, I believe then you don't even have one. That's called, USING and TAKING ADVANTAGE!

For all that has been said and done, the guy is an absolute low life. He's definitely an effing idiot.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

"I'm boring la"

I have joined applications or other social networks apart from Facebook that connects people together.

It's a place to meet people up for a chat, or you can choose to meet that individual in person. That's entirely up to the parties involved. For obvious reason, second option is not an option for me. I just don't.

The first few words someone say is very important, be it guys or girls. Things like "very boring la"or anything equivalent is a real real turn off. Trust me, it really is. Personally, the moment I receive messages like that, to be honest, I don't bother anything else anymore, I usually delete, remove and ignore whichever is applicable.

Things you should never call the other person is "babe." No, it's not a compliment.

An individual can feel bored and that's perfectly normal. It matters on how you deliver that kind of message. I understand that you wanna share your emotions with another individual. If its filled with negative aura, then you should stop. Also, if you keep saying you're bored, bored and bored, I beg you to stay away. I don't welcome people like that and I don't wanna know you either. Let's put a stop, our fate in this life had ended. I don't see a reason why I need or want my mood to be affected. If you are giving all negative energy, it's best you keep that for your own liking if that's what you enjoy doing.

Please, don't say those words. The moment you say those, I wouldn't wanna tell you it's bad and all. I'll execute the action right away.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Short or Medium?

After having long hair for quite some time now, I guess the time has come to cut my hair short again. I love short hair, just don't ask me why.

But I don't know how short would I wanna go this time and which style. Ahh dilemma all over again.

I guess I will pick one our of these 5 pictures. Even though maybe in few days time I would have picked the one I like the most, I will still maybe end up in a different one. I am indecisive and fickle-minded like that and that makes me a typical Libran ;)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Stand Strong

15 years ago or was it 10 years ago, I remembered that during the election, which I wasn't eligible to, I followed my dad to the polling center. I asked him, which party was he voting for back then. He told me Party D. I wondered why back then, because I always thought Party B is good, it's the best. Only when I grew up, I finally understood why.

Yesterday, was my time to vote. Without a doubt, I have cast my vote exactly like what my dad had chosen at least 10 years ago. It wasn't an influence but I am doing what I feel is right.

It was a very crucial day for us. Have you had dreams? A dream and wish that finally is going to come true, which was right in front of you upon your eyes, and the next thing you know, is all shattered. Due to very unforeseen circumstances which was planned, it had all crumbled with just a blink. We all could not believe what we were seeing, how impossible was that yet it happened.

Ah, do you know what's the similarity of a fraudster and a magician? No difference, they both cheat. :D

Having our hopes high, dreams higher, and faith the highest, we will still strive for the best and we should not give up just yet. We will fight til the very last breath. It's not just about this, but bout everything. We should fight til what you can contain. Fight for what you believe in, and for what you feel is right. As long as you have your conscious mind, whether it is right or wrong, nobody have that right to question you because that is what you truly believe in.

May we live strong and we are all fighters, right? :D We shall prevail, and we shall stand strong to protect what we believe and what we love.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Malaysia's General Election

May 5th, 2013 is a very historical day for us, Malaysians as this is THE chance for us to determine our future, whether to continue living as we have always been or to make a change. That depends on the voters of course. Therefore, it's important to make a wise decision.

This is my first time ever voting. I have done my part. It was a very exciting day to see the response and turn out to be so great. People started queuing up as early as 7 plus. But, I went at 1 plus haha and there was no queue at all. I got it done in just 2 mins.

Now is the time when everyone is awaiting the result. Malaysia, let's hope for the best and hope that we choose the better one to win that will benefit us, the people, for the next 5 years.

There's a live streaming updates from a few sites. One of them is Malaysiakini.

There are so many videos shared in Facebook from YouTube throughout the whole day. Phantom voters, voters that found out that someone had voted on behalf and etc.

*keep fingers cross*

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The "Evil" Jealousy

Jealousy can be fatal to relationships as it is poisonous. People usually say "a bit of jealousy is needed." I beg to differ. From a little bit can lead to irrational which then leads to something that can no longer be controlled.

Personally, I feel it's a lot about that individual's insecurities. Maybe, it's their nature to be that way. Therefore, before developing into something more serious, it's best that they overcome their own insecurities first. This actually is related to their own self-confidence and esteem. Questioning the partner will not work, controlling them will not benefit any of them either.

Possessiveness comes from jealousy too. It's all about self-control and self-reflection. Usually, these people will deny that they are feeling as such. Being jealous is never an attractive attribute. It mostly felt by girls in general. But, don't put off the guys as there are guys who are being like that too. The moment they feel that way and act up, argh, they become so unattractive. There may be reason to be that way, such as not losing someone you treasure but that does not mean that you need to be possessive. There are other positive ways to overcome it. Furthermore, being jealous is uncool. Get a life of your own is really important.

First, question yourself. Why did that other person choose you when there are so many other people to choose from? Personal space, people. The guys can be the girl's good friends, the girls can be the guy's good friends. Issue is, they chose you and if you wanna prove them wrong, please be jealous.

Of course, this is from a relationship point of view. Jealousy can be existed too in friendships or any of that sort. That is absolutely possible. Avoid feeling that way because to me, jealousy is a devil. It causes everything to be bad, to be bitter, to have ill feeling towards another person who is innocent. Considering the world now is already screwed up, is already very cruel, don't add on to that.

Perhaps, the quote "When someone is yours, it will be somehow." It may be a big round tour, it may not. But, if something is meant to be, it will find its way back to you. Guess, people need to learn to be more open with things and people :D

Thursday, May 2, 2013

한국: Day 4 Part 4

So, this is still the continuation of the visit in Gyeongbokgyeong Palace.Haha.

Look at how huge is that? My gawd!

There's actually a meaning in this stone and I have forgotten what. If you're a Chinese who reads and understands Chinese, then I believe you know what is this. Otherwise, then you wouldn't know like me haha

There comes the officials. That's their job! :O It must be a very tough job to be standing still with make up. Damn!

Imagine, this is what they do daily. Performance every half an hour or something. Awesome!

Of course, then it's us. haha. Please ignore that retarded look.