Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Part 3: Reykjavik, Iceland

The next part of the trip

I have no idea how many waterfalls we went in total in the entire trip. Having said that, I enjoyed every waterfall I went to. There's something unique in each and every one of them. I love this place, the Guldfoss The Waterfall. It's very refreshing

When you follow a tour, be prepared to start the day early. Super early because everything is packed within a few days. I have been to quite a few countries during winter. Winter nights are of course longer then the days. However, I have not been to a country with just 3 hours of day light everyday during winter. This is Seljalandsfoss. If I am not mistaken, this is already 8am. And here we are, without sunlight. This can get a little depressing

We then spent the next 2 hours here in Skogarfoss Falls. It's relatively long. We don't need that long. Yeah, another waterfall haha

The sun is starting to show itself. This is Reynisfjara Halsanefshellir. This is a great place to take picture haha

The famous black sand beach, Vik, The waves can get aggressive. Hence, always look back, or make sure someone is watching it for you. There was a case previously where a tourist died. Such a way to die. Tragic.

Skaftareldahraun. Lava. It was just 5 minutes stop. Nothing much here

When I arrived here, it felt like I've been transported into a whole new world. Very scenic, a whole new level of beauty. Jokulsalon, Glacier Lagon.

Skaftafell National Park. hehe. Amazing. But, I couldn't feel my feet and fingers anymore.

We left all these beautiful places, like a dream come true. Throughout the entire trip, we have not seen an actual sun light. This was the best the weather could do for us. Woohoo anyway hehe

The reason why some people visit Iceland is for their Blue Lagoon. From a mile away, we smelt sulfur from the Blue Lagoon. It's that strong. Then, it comes together with sunset. You can enjoy all you want here, complement with winter. It's just SO damn good. The moment you try to wash your hair, you feel like crying. I had to wash and wash and yet still as rough as sand. In the end, I had to keep washing for the next 3 days before it went back to its original form. My god. It comes with a price

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