Thursday, August 31, 2006

Theme Song - Independence Day

*stand up straight*

Jalur Gemilang

Merahmu bara semangat waja
Putihmu bersih budi pekerti
Kuning berdaulat payung negara
Biru perpaduan kami semua

Puncak dunia telah kau tawan
Lautan luas telah kau redah
Membawa semangat jiwa merdeka
Semarak jaya kami warganya

Empat belas melintang jalurnya
Semua negeri dalam Malaysia
Satu suara satu semangat
Itu sumpah warga berdaulat

Jalur gemilang... dibawah naunganmu
Jalur gemilang... kami semua bersatu

Perpaduan ketaatan
Amalan murni rakyat Malaysia

Jalur gemilang... megah kami terasa
Jalur gemilang... kibarkanlah wawasan

Merah putih biru kuning
Jalur semangat kami semua


Jalur gemilang


Keranamu Malaysia

Buruh, nelayan dan juga petani
Gaya hidup kini dah berubah
Anak-anak terasuh mindanya
Lahir generasi bijak pandai

Pakar IT, pakar ekonomi
Jaguh sukan dan juga jutawan
Berkereta jenama negara
Megah menyusur di jalan raya

Alam siber teknologi terkini
Kejayaan semakin hampiri
Biar di kota ataupun desa
Kita semua pasti merasa bangga

Keranamu kami mendakap tuah
Keranamu kami bangsa berjaya
Keranamu kami hidup selesa
Limpah budi kemakmuran negara

Keranamu kami bebas merdeka
Keranamu nyawa dipertaruhkan
Keranamu rela kami berjuang
Demi bangsa kedaulatan negara

( repeat from beginning )

Keranamu Negara Malaysia
Terima kasih Malaysia !


ok finish wishing everyone at 12am ...


-The end-

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Merdeka Eve

Merdeka Eve ... I'm having class half an hour from now. IT that is. Another day, so freaking cold -_- Adoi ... takpe [it's okay]

Yesterday as I blogged, I went to the town, rite? But, you know what? I went up the bus I saw these few people there, Chi Chi, Diana, a guy and this Russian. But, this fella is really pain in the arse. All along she loves starring at people, I dont know why. The way she stared at Rabbit was a funny one, coz she looked damn hiao. Fine, coz I dont care, then saw her staring at Melly .. what the heck -_- yesterday, after I sat down, she starred at me ... oik your grandfather's bus lar now ... -_- babi

Cute ne ...

If you guys remember, I took pics of a bridge before and it's like Luzern's history whatsoever, but I took it from the outside ... this time I went in and this is how it looks like

This is the other side of Luzern, much further away

Damn nice .. so windy and cooling and chilling ...

Pyjama nite Part III

Class finished at 3.15pm today, 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time because we started earlier. Fine then, Yu Wen wanted to go to the bank to transfer money and stuff so okay we went. Who knows it started raining again [it was raining before that but it stopped]. Only 1 umbrella but 1 is better than nothing. We walked walked walked and walked later on and was hungry and cold, so we bought hot dog hehe :D So damn nice .... freaking cold and practically, my whole jeans was wet when I got back here -_- so ... damn freezing ...

Sawadee ka, sa bai dee mai? Pai nai ka, kap kun ka, ai ba, hiu mai? :p haha that's all I know :p

Guten tag, wie geht es Ihnen? Ich bin trinke nitch.

These 2 guys, Victor and Gigolo Rabbit poser siut

Biggggieeeee ...

Dont even know whose legs are those ... :S

Hahhahahaha ... siao!

This is the best shot for that nite ... dont you think so? Just take a look of their expression damn outrageous .... full of feelings ... hehe :p

The End ...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pyjama nite Part II

EVery week we have German test ... most of the time it's on MOnday ... I just got back today ... got like 42/45 ... silly mistake with my konjugation on have ... adoi nvm ... last week I got 35/36 week will be more difficult ... it's bout asking questions and state the time .. hmmph I think both official and unofficial

I slept like damn kau early 12+ ... :) a rest day for me after finishing chapter 2 which was really pain in the arse -_-

The 2 highest position in student council who organized this event ... yeay ... and with my ice seminof vodka :)

Yea and this is Galih ... staying in 408 :p

This is Mickey Mouse .. :)

Dont you think he looks like Popeye hahaha

The poser ... president's pose :S

My neighbour - 407 :D haha ... sawadee ka :)

That's all for now, ich bin gehe schlefe jetzt ... I'm going to sleep now ... goodbye good nite

Selamat tidur

Aku sangat mengantuk ... tido sejam semalam, jadi ... aku mau pergi tidur sekarang, takde tenaga untuk blog lagi, jadi .. selamat tidur ...

I am so sleepy, slept like one hour yesterday, so .. I am going to sleep now, no strength to blog anymore, alright .. so ... good night

bonne nuit ... gute nacht ... oyasumi ... selamat malam ... good night

*to be continued*

Monday, August 28, 2006

How Un-Malaysian are you?

Got this from Andrew. It's a survey on how un-malaysian are you, of course it's not exactly true, but just did for the fun of it.

Congratulations , you are 43% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Michelle Yeoh!

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

Enjoy ...

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Pyjama nite Part I

After the student bar like a month ago, it's the second student bar that I attended. This time, I did help out with the deco. While doing that, was so nice of Jo to offer the tomyam he cooked .. but then wualamak too spicy. This time, it's called pyjama nite.

As far as I'm concerned, many people do not own a pyjama. So, does it apply to me. Personally, I think that Eunice has the best piece, she wore lengerie. Nice siut.

When we just arrived ... so this is my pyjama hahaha ..

Dont worry, we did not drink those bottles at the back of us ...

Still chilling around ... have not started drinking yet, WInnie asked ... so ... just after 5 mins ...

Tequilla shot ... ouch blurred

Nevermind ... there's a take 2 ... but pretend ... haha and this was our 2nd shot ... right after the 1st one

top student - grace. But we are not the main point. Main focus is on that guy at the back, oh my he looks so retarded -_-

For a moment, I'm not Malaysian .. so mempersiasuikan[embarassing] ok! When he just came out, both Yu Wen and I was sitting at the sofa and immediately we turned backwards .. our face was basically facing the sofa and our back was facing the crowd. -_-

Chilling out ...

Tadaaaa ... done

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Few days did not update here, being very lazy ... as usual ... but then again, it's also because that I was really busy with my assignments and all ... and yesh ... Sakai Dolph ... Chapter 2 is really the pain in the arse

Nothing has been happening these few days, that's why I do not know what to blog except that I was busy and still busy with my assignments ... and those Koreans are really bunch of idiota .. cut queue at the very last minute when I have queued up for half an hour, it's so bloody unfair -_- but arrgh ..

After having some thought of what to blog, then ahhh ... I remembered my photo on this wine .. Cabernet Sovignon ... 2004 from Chile ... :)

I forgot how it tasted like because I tasted so many of them already, just imagine, one bottle of wine cost only 3 CH = RM10

Then, as I was looking through my Acebob, I found more of pics ...

Taken when we were waiting for bus ..

While ...

Was in the train while on the way to Zurich

In town few weeks ago ...

My quackness ... so impressive ... good artwork ... :)

Sports Day today ... :s Yu Wen and I were so hardworking by playing badminton almost every single day but then ... in the end, we are only going to cheer others :p hehe

Today is a Friday nite, obviously people would be in the mood to party but this guy, the receptionist for today Mr whatever his name is, but we call him Bear Bear 1 ... sounded few people for making so much noise hehe ..

More to come ... stay tune for the next chapter .. :p

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Yoga - skipped

Ahhhh ..... 1,001 words, 2,000 to go ... for my chapter 2, which is really killing me. I read through so many journals, mags, books already and senior's dissertation as well ...

Yesterday, Wednesday should be my yoga class, but I did not attend yesterday due to this assignment ... that was the 1st time I did not attend. Since library opens until 10.30 yesterday, I stayed on and skipped yoga. Plus, I had some ... things that happened last week. So, skipped.

Sports Day is going to be held this weekend. I'm very eager to see the tug of war because Biggie is going to participate, in which he alone can whack the opponents down flat with just him alone. Plus, he has all those strong people over there, including Galih, Jasmine and 2 more person I have forgotten who. In the other side, it's a very weak team. So, good luck yea. We will be having some nice stuff to eat this Saturday (accrding to Ah Boi).

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lunch @ Swiss Room

A couple of weeks ago, four of us went to Swiss Room to have our lunch. Swiss room is where the 1st and 2nd year students serve us, a place to do their practical, likewise to our Connexions, Cafe 87 and Windows in KDU, or Les Amis in IHTTI. It was my very first visit there and personally, I prefer Les Amis so much more because Les Amis gives you much more privacy. It's so spacious in Swiss Room that makes you feel as though you do not have any privacy at all and the place is so freaking bright.

I played volley ball last week for like 15 minutes or so and I got some blue black on my hand after that. Hehe I fully recovered today :p

Main Course ...

and the dessert seriously sucks ...

even the name Swiss Room ... omg ... it's so plain ... at least put la maison also sounds so much better, rite? Swiss Room -_-

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Hey hey, remember about the student bar with the theme Tequilla Sunrise that I went few weeks ago?

Apparently, not long after it was finished ... the whole school went blackout. Everything in the school went offline, including the net, the telephone and etc. My god ... living in the dark. Nothing can be done, as I can't sleep just yet because I have not taken my shower.

Later on, Yu Wen called me to ask if I have boiler as Carmen wants to eat noodles. I have the boiler but then no electricity -_- We found a way then bla bla bla

When I went out, I heard Galih, and by then, he just got back from don't-know-where. Anyway, he hang out in my room a little while, played guitar and talk talk talk.

There .... we were talking then and he brought his guitar from his room and sang some songs, damn nice. He just finished composing a song. Heard it, very nice :)

This is the Indon snacks, eh this was nice ...

Seems like this school can't stop things from happening ... tragedy constanly happening here, first it was the blackout, then it was the server and we just got the school server back after few weeks ... what's next? We don't know, it's unpredictable...


Everyone is mad here. You have to queue up each time there's a meal except for breakie. You see .... it happens everytime it's dinner. Dinner supposingly starts at 6.30pm on weekdays. If you want to be early, you thought 6.20 would be good enough. Answer is ... NO! You have to start queuing up as early as 6pm in order to be in first few because people here are such a nuisance that they just cut queue especially this group of people I know. If one of them is in front of you, you are dead meat. That means you can add another 9 people in front of you too.

DInner yesterday was horrible, at the door stop JUST before entering the dining hall, this girl was soooo irritating that she just cut queue as though nobody is behind her -_- damn shitty -_-

Babi >_<

Monday, August 21, 2006

Parade in Zurich

Last week, there was this parade going on in Zurich. So, I decided to go and have a look ... see look see look. We bumped into Jo and the other Thais at Kastanienbaum bus station, and when we went up the bus, we bumped into Agong, Datuk and Nenek on the bus. Datuk and Nenek is just a nickname, but Agong is his name.

Then, Yu Wen and I went downstairs as YW wanted to withdraw some money. For having the half price card the ticket was CH 11 one way. Since it was already noon at that time, we decided to just stay in Zurich until after seven to go back for free since we have that Gleiseben card [after seven].

Goh could not stop calling us, calling and calling from kastanienbaum right to Zurich. It takes around an hour only to reach Zurich and we stopped at each station along the way.

This was us ... on the way to Zurich, went through dont know how many super duper tunnels ...

After we got down, we met up with Goh for like few seconds to get the umbrella and they went back, as in he and Nancy. We went our own way. As soon as we started walking, we saw this shoe shop which was quite attractive. Heh! Quite nice wei ... see look see look ... drooling all over. In the end, I bought a pair of boots costs like 40 CH = RM 120.

Then, we continued walking around, walked walked and walked more. After awhile, just when I saw Yendi, entered ... arrghhh shops closing. It was 5pm, an hour later than Luzern. Luzern shops close at 4 on Saturdays.

Later on, do not know where and who, we called Galih and he said he's in where where where, we tried finding for that shop but could not. Along the way, we bumped into the Thai girls, Jo, Jacqueline, Kaori, Rieko and Kyoko.

Then, it's the parade ... we saw like so many people dressing up like some idiots walking around the street. Some were like .. o.O some were normal ... some were damn weird and all those strange people. Lots of different outfits, which was so outrageous.

Oh my quack ... this was so disgusting -_-

Haha nothing about him but his hair .... bit funny

His torn clothes ...

The main stage of the parade ... very crowded, we were like hamburgers .. could not walk .. there were people dancing, smoking, drinking, shouting

Tadaaa ... saw the parade? Yah ... so it passed one by one with different outfits different colours

It was so overcrowded that we left the place and went to walk at other place. Walked walked walked and I dont know why the heck did this guy greeted us konichiwa -_- adoi ... fine, and later on some other stuff happened ... and then we went for McD's and we sort of lost our way to the railway station and it was raining already and all we got was just one umbrella

We took this pic on the way to McD's

Finally, we found our way back to the railway station, it was such a relief of course ... phew! So, we could still catch the next train at 19.03

There, we bumped into these 2 posers
Agong and Galih. Galih stays 2 doors away from me. He is our male model of IMI especially the time when we went to the lake ... omg ... pengsan wei [faint]...lacks the height though.

Soon after we reached Luzern Bahnhoft and got down from the train ...

Dunno what was he trying to do ... but well ... just join in haha

And another one ...

As we were waiting for the bus ... heheh ... again


And ... when we got back, after few hours or so, Ah Boi cooked Chic Kut Teh and ate ate ate with cabbage and accompanied with wine. Ahhhh .... so naish

Overall, it was not nice to Zurich but the fact that we got a pair of boots, it was nice. Other than that, it was not, in fact it was just a waste of time.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Student Bar Part III

Alright, I know you are bored seeing pics from the 1st student bar that I attended ... but anyhow, I will still be posting this but it's the last one ... erm maybe last 2 ... hehe sowee ler

Siao kia ... if I'm not mistaken, that was coke vodka, not strong though

All sweating ... after few hours ...

That was ... something mixed with orange

This was towards the end of it ...

A candid shot ..

That's all .. next event will be the festival being held in Zurich