Thursday, November 30, 2006


We are done! Today slept in! :) We are now freed from jail

We went to Migros last week and Xmas deco was up but then ... aduh ... it looks so old :S

The last one look damn weird!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ice Cream Mania

Ahhh ... done with pricing, reading branding and there's culture left ...

But .. break time before dinner ... before continuing right up until 7am I mean 2pm and I will sleep tonight ... of course there will be rest in the middle if not I'll go insane haha

The week before last week on a Saturday, we went out ... and we had Movenpick Ice-cream ;)

Yu Wen ordered this .. mango ... I have tried their mango before and yup .. nicee compliment with the biscuit thingy ;)

This is mine ... swiss chocolate, I seldom take chocolate .. but this time I did ... ein Kugel Schokolade ... ;) one scoop of chocolate

Si Mabuk's ... no I didnt try dont ask me why but it looks nice

This 1 was ordered by Mickey Mouse and I can confirm that it's damn nice! I tried this though

*shoulder ache* cheerios ... :D

Monday, November 27, 2006

Zuzu zutai

Haro .. Hello ... Sawadee Ka ... Guten Morgen ... Bonjour ... Anyung ... Ohaiyo Gozaimasu ... Selamat Pagi ..

Break time .. it's 4 plus ... marketing :s mama mia ... viel Glueck, bonne chance and bla bla ... selamat berjaya .. kita anak malaysia :p

I forgot about this pic .. anyway this is Sofra, the one I mentioned about before that sells Kebab and Pizza and other stuff as well and it is the only resort for supper and it is based on delivery, before 11pm that is.

Merlot ... ;) enjoy~
I dunno when was this but the last time we went to Zuerich, we managed to dine in this Asian Restaurant called Mister Wong place and this was what I ordered

This was what I ordered

We went to Olten one fine day to visit those branded factories .. I didnt buy anything coz I'm not into branded stuff, just went there to see see look look but I would say that it's not bad ... cheaper than outside of course .. After we came back, they celebrated Uncle's birthday then obviously there were loud music. But, we were in the smoking zone talking at first, Yu Wen, I and with Pakcik a little while. As soon as we entered the room, it was smokey and omg so damn freaky Si Mabuk was already drunk and we were so freaked out due to his size and he could not even stand up properyly. That's why from Uncle's bed we gradually went over to Galih's bed at one corner pathetically. At first I just suspected Si Mabuk was already drunk then Mickey Mouse told us ... okie that confirms it. Then, when we were eating snacks, this Mr fat arse came to the room and chased all of us out. Then, okie damn dont like, spoil the mood. He asked 3 times whose room is that. None of us replied him hehe until the 3rd time haha. The next day Papa called Uncle and Giant to his room and before that Galih asked me to go to his room. As a result, 10 PDA marks were deducted. Therefore, Uncle is now contributing by doing extra duty haha.

Anyway, Zuzu Zutai!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

BA Party IV

BA party ... group's pic ...

As the party went on and towards the end, Emon Babi came. Since Winnie was back in Malaysia, the weiss babi also do not know anything about this party. Therefore, she did not attend which is a good thing. She said that she does not know about it coz nobody told her. Yeah yeah, the notice was everywhere in the school yet she cant see, which means she is just blind. hehe :p

Penguin .. :p

This was not all of course ... some did not attend, some had gone back ...

Standing on chair [L-R]: Ikke, Hee Yoon
Standing [L-R]: Carmen aka Lone Ranger Babi, Anna, Karishma, Yu Wen, Jacqueline, Melly, Rieko, Tia, me
Sitting [L-R]: JEssica aka Setan, Yasmin, Indah, Amelia, Sirinya

Now the posers ...
Sitting [L-R]: Victor, Pakcik aka anak malaysia
Standing [L-R]: Galih aka Giant Purnama, Arkan aka Mickey Mouse, Zaeem, George aka Gigolo Rabbit, Ivan aka Penguin, Goh

Saturday, November 25, 2006


One quiet, peaceful nite I was studying and did not expect someone to open my door. Not to say that I was all alone, but it was dark and only one lights was on as my roomie was already sleeping. I was on my ear phone and will not be able to hear a single thing if you call me. All along I was looking at my pc trying to find info on revenue management and yield management. Who knows that suddenly one face appeared so near to me. I jumped up straight away as I was sooo freaked out. Little did I expect Yu Wen to come to my room at that hour haha as she was watching her Samurai at that time. Only then I found out that she was standing outside of my door for quite some time but it went unnoticed for a very long time. Additionally, she called me 4 times but I did not hear. She walked in and stood behind of me without saying anything .. again .. I continued doing my work as I really did not know she was there. Later on, she bend towards me to see if I was looking. At that time only I realized and jumped straight away as she was so near to me. Freaked out .... zzz ... haha after that every few minutes I kept looking at my door haha.

After that, she kept gomenasai-ing .... and here it is ...

There ... 380 gomen from anak malaysia :)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

BA Party III

Haha .. Room Number 405 406 and 408 ... 407 is PG student plus has gone back to Thailand. His shirt is from Esprit and only cost 6 CH damn cheap okie! From Foxtown

This is Pakcik and ... kita anak malaysia ... but it's such a sad case because so many people refuse to put anak malaysia in their nickname ... why larrr ... kenapa ... warum ... pourquoi ... tam mai ... dont put budak okie coz it means worker in Indon e.g. michy anak malaysia - *dede©!* - good luck and zuzu zutai everyone

This is the Sofra guy Victor haha .. looks like one as he was wearing orange and was often at the food station hehe [btw, Sofra workers wear orange too]

Zaeem .. our BA representative as I have stated earlier

Mr Gigolo Rabbit ... orang gila -_-

This is Mickey Mouse gila ...

There are also group pix ... coming up ;) But didnt manage to snap their pix as they have gone back already

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

BA Party II

A continuation ... oh I forgot to mention what we ate. We ate snacks, drinks and pizzas ordered from Sofras. IMI students are all Sofras regulars coz that's the only resort for supper before 11pm. Later than that, I shall just say ... ganbateh and good luck haha. Of course, we will never miss out the music. Not to forget the wines, both red and white :) Datuk and Imelda went off early though ...

Rieko ... she's not gonna do in-training .. sayonara

Sirinya ... the 2nd representative for BA

Hehe never fail to take pix .. ;)

Indah and me ... yo!

Erm ... haha it's getting started ..

My ex-classmate in KDU in 2002 and now my classmate in IMI 2006 :p

Almost finishing ...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

BA Party I

Achtung! Attention! This entry is gonna be flooded with pics ...

It was our farewell party last Monday. Not everyone attended of course as some had gone back to their hometown while some were somewhere out there. Anyhow, it was revision week.

I have almost forgotten about it. It was even worse as I woke up at 5 plus and totally forgotten about it. As men men ngong ngong as I was, Galih suddenly asked me what should we wear. I was like heh :o casual and without realizing that he was actually asking bout the BA party. But I felt something was weird and later on, Mickey Mouse asked when am I going down. It added to my confusion and little did I realize that they were actually referring to the BA farewell party.

Personally, it was actually quite boring at first and it was only after quite some time that it started to be better and much better indeed.

There ... left: Yu Wen, right [nearest to furthest]: Datuk, Jacqueline, Karishma, Dianna(?), Carmen, Goh

Zaeem, the BA representative is giving a farewell speech and the one who is nearest to the camera is Setan Babi :)

The vain pots ...
Front: The 2 gay partners ... haha erm not that they are la but they really seem like it, Gigolo Rabbit and Joe
Back: Our Pakcik and Zaeem

Goh and Grace

Jacqueline ... omg .. you have to see the speed that she types .. damn super dang fast! I have never seen anyone typed THAT fast before! *salute*

Mr Gigolo Rabbit ..

Karishma ... we did our Marketing group assignment together ... alles zusammen haha .. and at the back .. Yu Wen

Indah and Yu Wen ...

Tia and Indah ... they were playing some games and who looses will be slapped by the other party and no, it wasnt a mild slap but a hard one :S yup, Indah was already gone at this time haha

Yasmin ... she was late though

To be continued....

Die Prinzen - Alles nur geklaut

For my last German class, we learned this song. I mean, not that we learned how to sing la, but we just listened to the song and we were given the lyrics. Frau Schmidlin explained to us what was this song is all about. It was sung by Prince, and no, it's not a Swiss group but a group from Germany. So, they use German German and not Swiss German. It's saying about things that have been stolen from him, and later on it said about the girl that he likes were playing and yah, both were using each other and finally everything was stolen. Okie I kind of forgotten the whole song, but it's something like that. The paper is not here.


Monday, November 20, 2006

Jer Kan Natdanai

Continue from the previous entry ...

We pai la na and jer kan Jojo at 9.40pm and off we went. There's no direct train from Zuerich Airport around that time. So, we took a train over to Zuerich HB at 10.04pm and from there we took a train back to Luzern and took the last bus at 12.12pm.

We had to wait around 45 minutes for the train and yes, it was cold .. nau mak. No, there's no shelter or anything, okie maybe it can be considered as one, the railway station itself, there's roof but it's quite open as we could feel the wind and stuff. But still, it's way better than waiting up there for the train. Thus, all we did was go inside the phone booth and that was the warmest place we could find. I mean, I always do that whenever it's cold haha. We took pix .. again.

Bonsoir people ... 11.35pm ... waiting for the next bus
Ciak ... erm the chair was cold ... :S

Hahaha very da men men ngong ngong :p

This is Luzern Bahnhoft [railway station]

Lotto :p

XD last pic before we went up

That's all for now .. up next BA Farewell Party :p

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bye Bye Jojo

Date: 12th November 2006 (Sunday)
Where: Zuerich Airport
Who: Yu Wen, Ah Boi, Jojo and me
Why: Pai la na Jojo

Sunday, the 12th of November was the day that Jojo went back to Thailand as he has to attend a graduation. He's gonna receive his degree from Princess haha. So ... umm. The 3 of us sent him off at Zuerich Airport. Well .. no president for 1 month as he's coming back on the 8th of December. After that, we go around Swiss since he could not get visa to go to France. We shall just stay here alright. I know that we have to hand up PDP the next day but then I almost finish already, so yah ... :)

This is the pizza we ordered ... 3 of us shared ... very oily

Then we took pic with Bear Bear .. it's like some food court kinda thing, president was so busy on the phone

After that we went to WC ... and we took pics here ... :p

Almost time up ...

Last pic before Jojo flew off ... :( hahah we sound as if we are not gonna meet each other for the next 10 years :p pai la na .. jer kan .. auf wiedersehen ... la kun ...